F. Wheatley "cries Of London Series; Plate 10 Old Chairs To Mend" Engraving 1795

F. Wheatley

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F. Wheatley "cries Of London Series; Plate 10 Old Chairs To Mend" Engraving 1795:

UK Artist F. Wheatley "Cries of London Series; Plate 10, Old Chairs TO Mend" Print engraved by Giovanni Vendramini 1795.
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Additional details:- Approx. 17 1/2" W X 21 1/2" H (10 1/4" X 13 1/4" for image)- Weight: 3 lbs (Shipping weight will be 6 lbs)-Good Condition (Paper is worn due to age and frame has chip on lower left side.)
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F. Wheatley "cries Of London Series; Plate 10 Old Chairs To Mend" Engraving 1795:

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