F016: Chinese Calligraphy Tools, The Water Pot Suiteki With Copper Spoon

F016: Chinese Calligraphy Tools, The Water Pot Suiteki With Copper Spoon

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F016: Chinese Calligraphy Tools, The Water Pot Suiteki With Copper Spoon:


CONDITION :Good. ( Used. No serious damages. ) SIZE : Width 4.1 in : Length 3.4 in : Height 2.0 in : Weight 180 gThis is a Chinese water pot called SUITEKI.
SUITEKI is one kind of the tool for calligraphy. It uses it to pour water into an inkstone.
This is a type to pour water with a spoon. I cannot judge the material of this correctly.
It looks like hard wood. But it may be resin because it sinks into the water.
Anyway, this has a good work and taste.
Because I am not versed in the Chinese antique, I do not understand the correct age of this.
This does not look so old. But work and a style are appropriate Chinese goods.
Please purchase at this opportunity, and add to your collection. In order to avoid a trouble, please be sure to read the following "ABOUT SHIPMENT" etc. COST and ABOUT SHIPMENTSALFedex
EMSSea mail
USA, Canada, Oceania, Middle East
USD 15.40Click hereUSD 24.70USD 20.00Europe
USD 15.40Click hereUSD 28.90USD 20.00Asia
USD 13.40Click hereUSD 18.40USD 18.90Africa, South America
USD 17.40Click hereUSD 38.40USD 24.40Capacity weight for Fedex1.8 kg

The cost of Fedex is estimate. It changes with zones. Click here for details.
I have four shipment methods. Please read the following carefully.
And please recognize the characteristic of each method.

1, SAL ( The cheapest method. But it has many faults. )
The maximum weight is 2 kg (included packing material). More than 2 kg is EMS or Fedex.
And the overweight by combination of some items is also EMS or Fedex.
Handling time is uncertain. About two to three weeks. Sometime one month. Worst two months.
I am sorry. In SAL shipping, I do not accept the claim for delay.
And the maximum insurance to breakage is USD 50.00.
And SAL has no tracking number. But followup is possible (Very long time is required).
And the following country is not supporting SAL.
South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Romania, Mongolian, Morocco, etc.
SAL is lower-priced than other methods. But it has many faults.2, EMS ( Fast and safe method. )
EMS is indemnified to breakage or loss. And it has tracking number.
Handling time is one to three weeks.

3, Fedex ( Fastest and safe method. But correct cost is uncalculable beforehand. )
I do not use Fedex, unless you wish. If you desire Fedex, please let me know.
The restrictions of Fedex is almost the same as EMS except a handling time.
Handling time is one to two weeks. It is the fastest method.
But Fedex can't calculate a shipping cost in advance.
Because the cost changes in the size of packing.
And, because cost changes finely with a country or areas.
About the estimate of cost, Please click here. 4, SEA MAIL ( It is cheaper than EMS or Fedex, and safe. But it is very late. )
SEA MAIL is also indemnified. And it has tracking number.
But shipment to Germany and Canada, etc does not have compensation.
Handling time is one month to two months. Some countries require three months.
It is the method of requiring very much days.

I can combine two or more items for saving of shipping cost.
But, combination of an item is not necessarily saving of cost.
And the period when it can be combined is up to one week from your first purchase.
If you desire combination of some items, please do not pay separately by PayPal.
Because an invoice cannot be combined.
And when a PayPal address differs from the shipping address, please let me know in E-mail of PayPal.About tax
I do not know the tax regulations of your country.
Unless you order, I write exact sales price at an invoice.
If you have the orders about tax, please tell me it after a successful offer.

I recommend PAYPAL payment.

F016: Chinese Calligraphy Tools, The Water Pot Suiteki With Copper Spoon:

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