Flame Light Blazing Fire Party Lamp Battery Powered Handheld, Table. Wall, Hang

Flame Light Blazing Fire Party Lamp Battery Powered Handheld, Table. Wall, Hang

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Flame Light Blazing Fire Party Lamp Battery Powered Handheld, Table. Wall, Hang:

© AP6.0 Flamelight Battery powered Pre-eminently Portable Battery Poweredj


Bowl Depth: 4 inches
Diameter: 6 inches

Bowl Weight: 7 ounces

Bowl Weight with 4 AA batteries: 10 ounces

Weight of Bowl + handle + batteries: 12 ounces

Photo Above :
Used with wall mount adaptor

These have their own unique place in the Flame Light scheme of things.

More than anything, they solve a big problem wherein you need a flame effect but for any of a hundred different reasons, can't have a plug-in device.

To the rescue: one very robust battery powered unit that'll more than suffice for parties, stage events, show, plays, operas and home use.

They might also make for a fun romantic bedroom special effect, or dinnertime mood enhance-ment (instead of candles, for instance).

In any event, you'll have just one more level of useful display options.

Let the burning begin

Photo Above :

Using it as a handheld

This can be great fun, and
highly effective for plays or
other stage events.

Perfect for Halloween effects,
and night-time parades, as well.

YouTube Video Clip

Aaaaargh...major apologies on the clip quality, but
at least it'll give some visual idea of how it performs.

While not quite as bright as our regular plug-in AC type Flame Lights, this can be a good thing,
since there'll be plenty of occasions when you won't want an overpowering effect in the room to begin with.

And the fact these are compact, self-contained, and quite portable makes them
very attractive for certain uses, and more effective than a electric flamer.

As you shall soon see when you have one in hand, they're extremely well designed,
with a lot of apparent thought put into it making them as utilitarian as possible.

You can zoom from tabletop mode, to wall mount, to hanging chain, to handheld in a flash.

The 'legs' actually double as secure fasteners when attaching the handle (quite clever).

Essentially, what you'll be getting are:

1. Flame Light Bowl

2. Detachable handle

3. Wall mount bracket ( 2 screws are included)

4. Hanging chain (black)

5. Built-in legs for desktop use

These take 4 widely-available AA size batteries. And since you'll be powering both
motor and lights, we highly recommend you use alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

Expect a full day's use out of a fresh set, so you'll basically be covered for a special occasion.
In reality, you can expect multiple days/weeks of use if in fact it's
turned on for only several hours at a time.

Several copies of these have emerged over the last year, some 'almost' as good, some not so good.

You're getting the original high quality version from the factory that originated them.
We're sticking with this model (though more expensive) because it's problem-free.
More importantly, though, the flame color is just about as perfect a flame effect rendering as it's possible to get.

Photo above:

Inside shot showing fan
and triple L.E.D


Photo left :

Retractable legs are useful for either
tabletop use or as a locking mechanism
for handgrip...these come included
and are built in to the base.


Stage events
Theater groups
Biblical Stories (burning bush, anyone ?)
Vacation Bible School Display
Children's rooms
Night-time Parades
Trade Show Displays
Halloween (for absolute sure !)
Christmas decorations
Easter decorations
Make a Fake Fireplace
Hot Tub Rooms
Backyard or patio get-togethers
Room decoration
Porch Display


My 13 year old daughter is playing Lumiere in a school production of
Beauty and the Beast. Are these light enough that I could incorporate them
into her costume and she could hold them up? Let me know what each unit weighs.
- Jim S.
Hey there Jim !

Yeppp.....relatively speaking, these are about as weightless as you can get.
If you're using just the bowl part with 4 batteries installed,
you're looking at only 10 ounces (bowl 7 oz plus batteries 3 oz).
If using with the handle, add 2 ounces, or 12 ounces total.

These have been used before in Beauty and the Beast, Wizard of Oz (witches' brooms),
and many other plays and theatrical productions (see video below).

Mainly used because they're quiet, small, and, of course, lightweight.

Can I use this to make a fake fireplace ?
- Derek L.
Surely ! At only six inches diameter, this is easily concealable in a pile of logs.
Too, you can order up the optional AC/DC plug-in adaptor for continuous use
without batteries. Depending on the size of your fireplace, either 1 or 2 will do the job nicely.

How long do the bulbs last ?
- John M.
Actually the bulbs will probably outlast you and I both....these are the new generation of
superbright L.E.D.'s, which likely are good for 5000-10,000 hrs of nonstop
use each....they're extremely durable.

We sold several thousand of another item using the same type bulb, starting about 3 years ago,
and have yet to get a report back of bulbs going out. Besides which, the bulbs aren't
replaceable anyway (that's how confident the manufacturers are about them).

Hi there. Trying to incorporate this into my costume but I would need to
have it strapped to my head. LOL!! Can you tell me what the unit weighs
WITH the batteries. Thanks so much. Dee.
- Dee J.
Hi there Dee ! Only 10 ounces with the 4 AA batteries installed, hardly noticeable, really.
This is roughly as much weight as a medium size paperback book (200 pgs).
The headset thing has already been tried with wondrous results in a variety of plays.
See the video clip HERE for one wildly irreverent Xmas performance (Sydney Opera House, Dec 2009).

Clever use of battery flamer as a 'fake fireplace :

Thanx to Richard / Netherlands for the picture !


Thanks so much. I will be using this inside two fireplaces for playhouses that are being built
for a charitable cause. This looks like it will give me the effect I am looking for !
Have a great day.
- D.R.

- Dave M.

Probably the best seller I've ever dealt with.....Flame lights were AWESOME
- Deb

What I didn't have room to say was that I'm THRILLED to have finally found these flame lights!
I've been looking all over everywhere for this specific model to replace the one I dropped & broke last year.
Did several "flame light" searches, but didn't find you till late..... I had ordered and
tried many different types, none of which was right, because all threw way too much light
for use in a blacklight setting. 5 were also too noisy.
Anyway this thing is way cool and better than the one I broke. Hot tub room looks much better !
- Jennifer L.

OMG!!! So great. I can't tell you how pleased I am. LIGHT AS A FEATHER TOO!
- Mark


If you need further convincing (a concept we understand quite well....we're the most sceptical
buyers on earth), here's a link with a hodgepodge of raving comments from past buyers on a
variety of our models of Flame Lights (both battery and AC types).

These comments also contain a bunch of novel ideas for using them
such as fireplace displays, trade show exhibits etc.

Special thanx to everyone who took the time to send these in (!)

(opens in separate page)

These take four 'AA' size batteries, and we
highly recommend the alkaline type shown
in the picture at left

Alkalines provide much greater longevity
and power (especially important where
there's a motor involved.

Alkalines simply have more on-demand 'oomph').

Rechargeables are very good, too.

Need a bigger Battery Flamer ?
Got 'em !

Click on picture above to check out a new, and larger battery flamer.
Long lasting, though heavier and bulkier, so not really
useable for costume or headset use.
But good for a big flame effect where you don't have

All our Battery flamers have a built-in DC input jack
just in case you want to plug them in without using batteries


Count on ......

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Flame Light Blazing Fire Party Lamp Battery Powered Handheld, Table. Wall, Hang:

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