Fender Brown Face Concert Amp 1961-1962

Fender Brown Face Concert Amp 1961-1962

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Fender Brown Face Concert Amp 1961-1962:

This is a great amp. I've had it a few years and bought it exactly like you see it in these pictures. Speakers look original, have 1961 dates, may or may not have been re-coned - they sound good. only allows 12 free pictures so I did not take pictures of both ends or the bottom. There are 12 small holes -- about 1/4" around on the bottom -- obviously they were for casters. The holes can be doweled for a cleaner look but are spaced in such a way to where there is no structural weakness. One of these holes sits where the 4th glide should go. I will try and dowel it so the 4th amp glide can be installed (so the wood screw has wood to 'bite' into)-- now the amp has only 3 feet/glides so if you lean on it, it tilts. As I said I'll try and fix this before I ship the amp.This is exactly how I bought the amp a couple years ago. I did not have this amp serviced, but it sounds like everything is working great so I didn't take it to my tech for service. When I tap on some of the preamp tubes I get some noise -- so as always it's wise to have the amp serviced. It looks like most of not all the caps in the 'cap can' have been replaced - so someone serviced this amp in it's 52 years.The amp does not have a tube chart but you can get them right here on . I have another Concert amp and that one is a 6G12A -- pretty sure this one is the same 6G12A. My other Concert does not have original speakers but is very similar in every other way.All of the transformers/choke date to 1961, from the 28th week of 1961 to the 40th week of 1961.It looks like someone put on a 'modern' Fender handle at one time (hence the 2 holes on the top near the handle) -- but the correct handle is now on this amp looks period correct and is not a repro. The speakers look like they have been out of the amp, but I did not remove them (so the possibility of a re cone exists). I say this because they are not soldered as per 'stock' and there are screws that do not match holding the speakers into the baffle board. Also, the jack does not look original -- but the cloth wiring harness looks like it is original.Now the sound....It's a tad cleaner than my 4x10 Tweed Bassman -- but very similar. While my Bassman may be a tad louder when really, really cranked and very distorted I'd say the usable clean headroom on the Concert may be louder before break up. Not 'antiseptic' like some Silverface Fenders can get -- just a very sweet and warm clean tone with a hint of growl. Four tens can really move a lot of air and in that way it's very close to the Bassman. This amp loves a tube screamer -- I imagine it would work great with any kind of pedal that gives a boost to the front end.I was noodling around at lower volumes on this amp and it's got a really sweet jazzy tone. Seems like the bass control on both channels is more sensitive than the bass on my Tweed Bassman -- at lower clean volumes you can really hear the difference between, say '3' on the bass control and '6'. I think this would be a great amp for a songwriter -- seems more flexible than the 'flat out crank it up' Tweed Fenders can be -- more all around flexible for different types of music.This amp really is kind of an evolution out of the Tweed Bassman on it's way to a Super Reverb, it even uses two of the same -- or very similar -- transformers.The 'vibrato' works and sounds great. I particularly like the low and slow speed with full intensity -- kind of a real swamp Ry Cooder-esque whomp-whomp-whomp sound that is very evocative.This amp comes with a repro brown footswitch.The bottom line? A real Tweed Bassman is 3 to 8 grand -- depending on condition, etc... A fake 'modern' Tweed Bassman will cost you two grand-ish. I've seen what Concert amps sell for on and these amps are a BARGAIN. Why not have the real deal made in Leo's Fullerton factory - instead of some imitation?While I don't want to accept returns (since I'm selling this to thin the herd) I've made a lot of tone 'boasts' so I'll accept a THREE DAY return period, only. So the buyer should plug it in and go to town when they get the amp and make sure you like it in a big hurry -- because no returns will be accepted if you do not contact me within 3 days. If returned the buyer pays to ship it back.Sales to USA and Canada ONLY. I will send this amp very carefully boxed GROUND for $100 total -- including shipping and insurance and all packing materials. IGNORE 's shipping calculator -- I will not be bound by itCheck out my response -- I am a kind of tone freak and most of the amps I've sold on have resulted in very happy musicians agreeing with me about the sonic qualities of the amps they bought.This amp is also for sale by word of mouth locally.Note I will ship to Canada.(Via USPS).
NOTE RETURNS ACCEPTED ONLY FOR 3 DAYS after amp arrives at your location -- boilerplate mentions 14 days -- this is INCORRECT -- 3 day return period only. IGNORE where says 14 days.I forgot to mention there are 3 vertical holes drilled in the middle of the back panel -- I have no idea why they are there -- but they clearly show in the pictures. They too, could be doweled and touched up -- or a new owner can get a new repro bottom back piece if they so desire -- they are available for under $50 with the right color tolex to match the amp.

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serial number is 0472'x'

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Note on shipping. $100 seems like a lot of money but with vintage amps I like to double box. IF, after buying 2 boxes and packing material and paying for postage and insurance -- it costs less than $100 to ship this 45 pound amp -- I will refund anything that is less than $100.I've got a feeling I'll wind up spending $125 or more -- so it will be a fair deal for the buyer.

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All the caster holes in the bottom have been doweled with pine dowels. A future owner could, if they wanted to -- 'color match' the wood by taking a photo of the bottom wood color to a paint store with a computer color match system, then carefully touch up where the dowels are .

Fender Brown Face Concert Amp 1961-1962:

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