Fiddes Mellow Wax Beeswax Based Wax Polish ( Dark Brown ) English Oak 400ml

Fiddes Mellow Wax Beeswax Based Wax Polish  ( Dark Brown ) English Oak 400ml

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Fiddes Mellow Wax Beeswax Based Wax Polish ( Dark Brown ) English Oak 400ml :


Fiddes English Oak Polish (Dark Brown)

Blended Beeswax Polish for Antique & Quality WoodFurniture


Dark Brown

The Mellow Wax Range

Fiddes & Sons also make a range of traditional furniture wax polish called “Mellow Wax” these waxes are formulated from traditional beeswax recipes and made from the finest quality ingredients. The mellow wax is a slightly harder wax than the Supreme range and has a longer drying time; this longer drying time is perfect for larger pieces of furniture because the wax can be spread further before the wax dries. The Mellow Wax range is a firm favourite with Antique dealers, Antique restorers and makers of fine reproduction furniture and used for finishing sealed or previously polished wood.

This Mellow wax range is ideal to compliment Queen Anne, Georgian, Regency, William IV, Victorian and Edwardian period and reproduction furniture.

Mellow Wax range is available in Clear and in 4 distinctive wood shades. (all these are listed in our Shop under Fiddes Products)

Mellow Wax (Clear), English Oak, Georgian Mahogany, Rich Mahogany and Jacobean

The Mellow Wax Clear is suitable for use on all wood furniture. As a Guide the English Oak is suitable for all oak furniture,Georgian Mahogany is suitable for brown mahoganyfurniture, Rich Mahogany is used for red mahogany & rosewood furniture and the Jacobean is a dark wax used for very dark brown to almost black furniture.

We stock in our Shop the Full range of Fiddes Mellow Wax

Endless Greenare Fiddes & Sons stockists and we offer the lowest prices and carry the full range of their products in our Shop

For nearly a hundred years and for over four generations Albert Fiddes & Sons have been producing high quality traditional wax polishes made from the finest ingredients for the furniture and antique trade. Supreme wax polish is a soft polish that is very easy to apply, it nourishes, protects and provides a lasting depth of sheen which will enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

There are 6 colour shades in the Fiddes Supreme wax range from light (clear) to very dark brown, these are all listed in our Shop. Each wax is suitable for all types of wood and ideally suited for Fine Furniture, Doors, Floors, Cabinet Work, Paneling and Picture framing etc, as well as being equally suitable for craft work such as carving, woodturning and general woodworking projects.

The full range of Fiddes waxes are listed in our Shop under Fiddes Products

Fiddes Supreme wax is Toluene free, or methylbenzene as it is better known in the UK. Toluene is a solvent that is commonly used in making paint thinners, silicone sealers, glues and in the manufacture of polyurethane and polystyrene etc. Toluene has a smell like paint thinners and used as an inhalant drug for its intoxicating properties.

We are frequently asked questions about wax polishing and to how to get the best results, it is easy to achieve a great finish, but there is no instant solution. What we can tell you is how achieve the best professionals results. We have written below some notes that we hope may be of interest, but if you have any questions please ask

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Grade 0000 (Ultra Fine)
A handy size pack for applying wax polish
4 x 7g pack of wool pads

Colour details of the Fiddes Supreme wax range is written below, this wax is available in 400ml tins and Trade size 5 litre and 20 litre packs, these are all listed in our Shop

Light Supreme (Clear Wax)

A clear – neutral, no colour wax, which maintains the natural colour of the wood. Suitable for all types of wood.

Stripped Pine (Light Brown)

This wax was originally developed for the Antique Pine furniture trade and is very popular for use on stripped doors, panelling and furniture.

Antique Brown (Golden Brown)

A light golden - honey colour brown, a shade darker than Stripped Pine. Ideal for woods like beech and light Oak, but is equally suitable for any type of wood.

Forest Brown (Warm – Middle range Brown)

A warmish brown wax with a slight hint of orange, a little darker than Antique Brown, although slightly lighter than Rugger Brown. An ideal colour wax for woods like Yew.

Rugger Brown (Medium - Dark Brown)

Ideal for woods like Oak, Walnut and Elm where are slightly darker brown may be required.

Jacobean (Dark Brown )

The Jacobean is the darkest wax in the supreme range and normally used on very dark, almost black furniture to enrich the patina.

Cherry (Cherry Brown)

Ideal for Rosewood and Mahogany, this wax is a rich warm – mid range brown with a reddish tone.

All items mentioned in the text or shown are listed in our Shop How should I apply the wax?

Wax is best applied to a clean surface, wipe over the surface with either some pure turpentine (not turps substitute) or Liberon Wax & Polish remover on a cloth, this will remove the old dirty wax. I always recommend to use a Tack cloth before applying the wax, this is to remove the microscopic dust particles that will otherwise get trapped under the surface, I normally use Liberon Tack cloths which I find are excellent and not greasy, or at the very least use a damp cloth and then allow the wood to naturally dry. As an old master craftsman once told me many years ago, "remove the dust you cant see before you apply any finish, and that is the main difference between an amateur and professional finish, because the tiny specks of dust will stand out like a sore thumb"

Apply the wax with either a cotton lint free rag or use Liberon 0000 wire wool. I make no apologies for saying liberon 0000 wire wool, because Liberon is the best wire wool in the world and no other wire wool even comes close. Liberon wire wool will not scratch the surface in anyway, in fact it will honestly improve the surface by removing any light marks. Apply the wax sparingly, using light, circular motions going in the direction against the grain. For difficult to reach areas like spindles or carved areas use some cut up cotton rags. Allow the wax to dry for about 10 minutes, don't rush, this is important! wait for the wax to dry, otherwise all you are doing is moving the wax around. Then buff with a cotton rag or use a Liberon furniture brush or a Liberon wax polishing Brush. It is much easier and quicker to buff with a Liberon Brush rather than a cotton rag. Then leave the piece for about an hour for the wax harden and then re-apply another thin coat of wax, again allow the wax to dry and buff again. Then leave the piece overnight and re apply the wax, allow to dry and buff again.

Coloured wax or a clear wax which one is best?
Coloured waxes areused to enhance the natural colour of the wood and they are also good because they can also conceal any minor blemishes like nicks, cracks, and scrapes. Clear wax adds no colour to the wood. Many experts apply a clear wax on top of coloured wax to achieve a higher gloss effect. I have copied below the colours available;

Liberon Black Bison colour range is: Antique Pine, Clear, Dark Oak, Georgian Mahogany, Golden Pine, Maple, Medium Mahogany, Medium Oak, Neutral, Stripped Pine, Tudor Oak, Teak, Victorian Mahogany, Walnut, Yew.

If you wish to see the colours of any Liberon product, these can be viewed on the Liberon colour samples web page:

(Please note; there no items are being offered for sale on the Liberon website, it is only a Colour Sample Page and for information purposes only)

Fiddes Supreme colour range is: Light Supreme (Clear) Stripped Pine (Light Brown) Antique Brown (Golden Brown) Forest Brown (Warm – Middle range Brown) Rugger Brown (Medium - Dark Brown) Jacobean (Dark Brown ) Cherry (Cherry Brown)

Fiddes Mellow colour range is: Mellow Wax (Clear), English Oak, Georgian Mahogany, Rich Mahogany and Jacobean, as a Guide the English Oak is suitable for all oak furniture,Georgian Mahogany is suitable for brown mahoganyfurniture, Rich Mahogany is used for red mahogany & rosewood furniture and the Jacobean is a dark wax used for very dark brown to almost black furniture.

How many coats of wax should I apply?

Depending on the item being polished and how much it being handled, but 3 – 4 coats is normally sufficient for most tasks. The more thin coats applied the better the protection and the deep the shine.

Can I apply wax polish on top of varnish?

Yes, Liberon and the Fiddes wax polishes are both suitable to apply on top of most surfaces like Varnish, Shellac and oil finished surfaces.

Can I apply wax polish onto bare wood?

Yes, wax can be applied to bare wood, but it will not then give a deep gloss finish because the wax absorbs into the wood. I would recommend on bare wood to brush on a thin coat of Liberon sanding sealer, the sanding sealer, seals and protects the wood, it fills the pores and hardens the wood fibres to make them slightly more brittle, this makes them easier to sand and also provides a better base on which to apply the wax finish. Although Liquid Beeswax is normally applied onto unsealed timbers like Oak or Pine beams or large areas.

There are different types of wax polish or should I use beeswax polish?

Beeswax polish is traditional and is excellent, and we even sell in our Shop pure English beeswax to make your own beeswax polish, but beeswax polish tends to show up finger marks, so its not ideal for pieces that are regularly handled or used. Beeswax polish is also slow drying, although this is a big advantage on large pieces of furniture like wardrobes or wood panels, because you can get a nice even thin spread of wax on the piece before the wax starts to dry. We sell in our Shop Liberon Beeswax polish in paste and in liquid form and we also sell Fiddes Mellow wax, this is a beeswax based wax and is the number 1 choice of the antiques trade. For normal everyday use on furniture Liberon Black Bison or the Fiddes Supreme range are the best waxes money can buy, both are very similar, both quick drying, and they both contain carnauba wax to make them more hardwearing.

Which wax polish is best to apply to Oak beams for an authentic finish?

Without doubt the best wax for use on unsealed Oak and Pine beams or for large areas and projects like barn conversions is Liberon liquid beeswax, it is traditional and protects the natural beauty of the wood against dryness, and in liquid form it is easier to apply than a wax polish because the liquid can be painted on with a brush. Liberon Liquid beeswax is also economical as 1 Litre will cover an area approx 6-8m². We have Liberon liquid beeswax listed in our shop in 500ml & 5L tins. Leave the wax to dry for 6 hours and then polish the beams, the easiest method is to use a Liberon Wax Polishing brush (not a liberon furniture brush) a wax polishing brush is courser, although it is still quite soft and the brush will help to stop you getting splinters in you hand. A Wax Polishing brush is also very good for polishing large areas skirting boards.

Which of the wax polishes you sell is best, the Fiddes or Liberon?

Thats a difficult question to answer because both companies make really excellent waxes, although they are to a degree aimed at different markets, Liberon Black Bison wax is by far the most popular, whist Fiddes is a smaller family business and their products are aimed mostly used by the antique and furniture trade, and in the main Fiddes products are a little cheaper. Although for woodturning, personally I prefer to use Liberon Black Bison

All item shown are listed in our Shop

Fiddes Protex (clear gel)

Fiddes Protex is a soft clear gel thatisapplied on top of wax polish, it nourishes the wood, builds up the shineandit makes wax polish more durable,commonly used on kitchen doors andrustic woodfurniture. Protex is alsoused overwater based paints to create theShabby Chic look on furniture anddoors.Protex is also popular with Woodcarvers, WoodturnersandRocking horse makers!

Scumble Crystals

(25 grams will make about a Litre of solution)

Just add water! as used by the Antiques trade tocreate a naturally aged / weathered effect on wood,

Perfect for use on new oak beams, panels and fireplaces to make them look naturally old!

The technique is commonly called inthe trade "Scumbling". Simply mix the Scumble crystalswith water andbrush on the wood and the wood does the rest!Scumblingis the effect ofthe reactionwiththe natural tannin found inwood, thisreaction / effect will look naturallyold, and can range in colour from light to dark grey to a naturalblue tone.

Fiddes Wood Dye is available in 1L, 2L, 5L and 25 litre containers from our Shop

Used to stain new pine to tone down the new look, use this dye prior to the application of wax, oil. lacquer or varnish.

This wood dye is very economical to use and can be diluted with water if required

The Fiddes range of Pine Water Stains are recommended for use on new or old pine furniture, doors and floors etc where an antique, aged appearance is preferred. Exceptionally easy to use, Fiddes Pine Water Stains are used extensively throughout the Antique Pine and Pine Reproduction markets to create a uniform colour prior to an application of Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish. The dye is very economical to use because it can be diluted with water if required.

(The photograph is shown for illustration purposes only and shows the 125g tub)

Polymite (Cascamite) Wood glue

  • Suitable for all internal and external woodwork
  • Powdered resin wood glue - one shot for durability with total weather and water resistance
  • This is the glue we same supply to the Carpentry, Joinery, Furniture and Boat Building trades

Polymite is an amazingly strong waterproof glue, its probably the most effective wood glue ever made, its ideal for bonding both hard and softwoods and for most projects ranging from a garden gate and exterior joinery to furniture making.Polymite (also known as cascamite) is a specifically formulated resin powder wood glue for exterior joinery and is possibly the only wood glue that is suitable for use underwater, hence why it is widely used for boatbuilding. Although most of our regular customers use this glue for normal carpentry, joinery and furniture making etc, because the glue produces a very strong bond that is much stronger than the wood itself, it also has good gap filling properties that ensures that rain does not enter into the joint. The glue is also very cost effective and more Environmentally friendly than most glues because you are buying just the dry, basic ingredient and not buying tap water!
We have this glue in 125g, 220g, 500g, 1.5kg, 3kg, 6kg and 25kg sizes listed in our Shop

Best Quality - High Purity
Pearl Glue
  • Natural bone / hide glue
  • Traditional glue for gluing antique furniture and Musical instruments
  • Suitable for Wood, Cloth and Leather
  • No Toxic fumes
  • Interior use only
  • Setting time 12 - 24 hours
This is best quality Hide glue as used and recommended by the Antique furniture trade and high class Luthiers.
Pearl Glue is the traditional and extremely strong wood glue that is used for antique furniture restoration, veneering, traditional joinery work and for the making and repair of musical instruments.

This is the same glue we sell to the Antiques trade for antique furniture restoration and to Luthiers for musical repairs, but that’s not just because it’s traditional or because it was original used, but because it still has many unique and desirable qualities that modern glues cannot equal. Our Pearl glue dries hard upon cooling; it does not allow creep between the assembled components and has excellent resistance to changes of humidity and temperature, which are important features for any furniture glue. Another major benefit of using Pearl glue is that the joints can if required, be re-done, because the glue can be re-softened and the joint disassembled by injecting (or soaking) the joint in warm water. This ability to re- soften the glue cannot be equaled or repeated with modern glues like PVA or Polyurethane. However Pearl glue has its limits and is not especially resistant to damp, moisture or alcohol, but if you are restoring antique furniture then Pearl Glue is the main glue that you should use.

Grade 0000 (Ultra Fine)
Available in 100g, 250g, 1kg & 6kg packs from our Shop

Liberon Cotton Rags are Grade 1 cotton rags and are 100% pure cotton, for use as lint-free cloths for buffing wax polishes.

100% lint-free cotton

Liberon Tack Cloths
Pack of 10 Cloths

Ideal for use prior to French Polishing, applying dyes or waxing

Liberon tack cloths are excellent for removing dust from all surfaces. I have found that if you don’t use a tack cloth then you just trap microscopic dust particles under your final finish and spoil the overall finish on close inspection. Whilst you can use a damp cloth to remove dust, a damp cloth will raise the grain slightly, which you need to sand back down and this defeats the purpose.

These Tack Cloths each come in their own sealed plastic bag, so you only use one cloth at a time and the rest stay fresh. Each cloth is reusable time and time again, I put it back in the bag after use to stop it gathering dust and one tack cloth will last me a long time.

Liberon Wax & Polish Remover

(formally called Libnet Furniture restorer)

Liberon Wax and Polish Remover removes old wax, dirt, smoke and everyday grime from antique and modern wood furniture. It is also suitable for use on interior woodwork including doors, beams, dado rails, and banisters and will not harm the original finish or patina, making it suitable for even the most delicate surfaces. Use to remove built-up layers of wax, or wax which may be causing a haze or bloom on the surface.

Liberon Furniture Brush
  • High Quality Pure Bristle Brush
  • For Buffing Waxed Polished Furniture
  • Soft Bristles
  • Curved Shape

Liberon Wax Polishing Brush
  • Suitable for use on soft or hardwoods
  • Excellent for large polishing areas like beams, skirting boards and panels
  • Reduces the chances of splintering often caused by cloth buffing
  • Designed for buffing wax polishes on bare wood

Liberon Drill Brush
  • Fits all standard mains powered drills
  • Made from natural bristle
  • Ideal for buffing large surfaces
Liberon Drill Brush is a top quality circular brush, designed to be used with an electric drill. The brush is made from natural coarse bristles that absorbs the wax to give a beautiful high gloss sheen that produces a harder coating than can be achieved from simply buffing with a cloth. The natural bristles give a much higher gloss finish than a wool polishing bonnet, because a wool bonnet creates heat from friction and can melt the wax rather than polish it.

(Please note, the illustration above is the standard apron and doesnotshow the breast pocket)

Craft - Work Apron

with breast pocket, for notebooks, pen & pencils etc


Medium weight. Close weave 33% cotton & 66% polyester. Extremely hardwearing and more crease resistant than 100% cotton. Machine washable. Large front double pocket Features a wide neck strap and two tapes which tie at the rear

These aprons are made in the UK and are really excellent quality, they are ideal for craft, hobby, trade and business users. We could embroider for example your name and underneath it we could put perhaps either your Hobbyor Profession, your Club name, your Trade, Company or Business name etcthe choice is yours!

Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No7836553.

We offer a fast and friendly service,we sell arange of over 30,000 different productsatcompetitive prices. Buy with confidence;check out ourexcellent customer response. All our productscan be found listed in our shop.

AVAT invoice is included with every sale.

Fiddes Mellow Wax Beeswax Based Wax Polish ( Dark Brown ) English Oak 400ml :

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