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Fine Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Bowl With Mark - 16th Century For Sale

Fine Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Bowl With Mark - 16th Century

Brian Page Antiques Brighton Chinese Japanese Antiques & Antiquities


Being a well-established and legitimate business, we have our own card processing facilities and can accept direct payment by Visa or MasterCard without the need for expensive payment intermediaries. However, as this is a "Buy It Now" item we have made this item immediate payment, which the system forces to be by Paypal.
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Brian Page Antiques

Guarantee: We guarantee each item to be from the period as described.Our guarantee has no time limit. We sell only our own stock.
Nowadays many dealers, especially internet sellers, show items for sale not belonging to them, either because they have no actual stock of their own or they are selling items, often of unknown origin, for clients on a commission basis. Such sellers often have very limited, highly conditional, or non-existent guarantees.
With 45 years experience of Asian Art & Antiques with retail premises here in Brighton and a worldwide reputation second to none, we are pleased to offer our customers our guarantee without time limit.
A genuine antique is, of course, genuine for all time and not just for seven, fourteen days or a month and so sellers not offering such a guarantee as ours should possibly be avoided. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UK & EU BUYERS: We have already paid EU import taxes on this item, so you will NOT be charged import taxes, unlike when you buy from outside the EU !

Fine Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Bowl with Mark - 16th Century

This fine porcelain bowl was made during the 16th century. The inner surface is decorated in underglaze blue of good colour, with a floral design in its centre and a key-fret band around the rim. The outer surface is undecorated apart from the base where there is a seal mark.There is the expected minor "fritting" to the glaze at the rim.

Diameter 12 cm (4.75 inches). This bowl is in fine condition and has a good ring when tapped and is free from any restoration or repair.

Fine Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Bowl With Mark - 16th Century

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Fine Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Bowl With Mark - 16th Century: