Fine Victorian Era Frame, Great Patina, For 12" X 16" Artwork, 3"-wide Molding

Fine Victorian Era Frame, Great Patina, For 12

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Fine Victorian Era Frame, Great Patina, For 12" X 16" Artwork, 3"-wide Molding :

Fine Victorian era wood and "Compo" frame, original Vintage, for 12" x 16" or smaller painting

An excellent Antique Victorian American picture frame. Has a 3"-wide molding. Note: a 12" x 16" painting will fit in this opening exactly, meaning all of the painting will be visible in the opening, except for a sliver resting on the very edge of the lip. If a 12" x 16" painting is placed in this frame, it will have to be shimmed from the back around all sides. But the advantage of this fit is that all of the painting will be displayed. Presently houses a nice antique mirror. I can ship with or without the mirror. With the mirror, the unpacked weight of the frame is 7 lbs. If you decide you don't want the mirror, we'll adjust the invoice at the time of your purchase, and it will cut shipping costs by about one-third. We refund all unused postage, too. Condition: Some minor losses and cracks commensurate with age, but overall in very good condition. I've photographed all the corners for you, and the most serious ding on the frame (see photos).

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    Fine Victorian Era Frame, Great Patina, For 12" X 16" Artwork, 3"-wide Molding :

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