Fisher Space Pen #400 / The Original Classic Chrome Bullet Pen

Fisher Space Pen #400 / The Original Classic Chrome Bullet Pen

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Fisher Space Pen #400 / The Original Classic Chrome Bullet Pen :

Welcome To Cyber Space Pens Fisher #400 / Chrome Bullet Pen

This is a New Fisher Space Pen; Model #400 Chrome BulletSpace Pen. It comes with black ink and a medium point. This is a cap type pen,not a retractable pen.It is acompact pen with the cap on and a full sized pen with the writing point exposed. It is pictured both ways in the photo for a comparison. This pen is 5-3/8" long when ready to write and capped is only 3-3/4" Long. The barrel is .350 that is a standard sized pen and has tapered,ridged grip. It has a gift box and sleeve.This pen uses the standard Fisher “SPR Series” Refills.

The Fisher Pressurized refill was developed for NASA and has been used on EVERY Space Shuttle mission both American and Russian. They are hermetically sealed with a specially formulated thixotropic ink and pressurized to about 35 PSI. Theyare the onlyrefills that will write at any angle because they do not rely on gravity, and have a shelf life of 100 years. The bottom paragraphtells more about the Fisher story. The SPR Refills come in a variety of colors and points. We carry the full Fisher line inour store. Each refills also come with an adapter so they will fit Retro 51 Tornado and Big Shot, Parker and Parker style Pens. Just click on the store icon on this listing and that will take you to our store. Then on the left hand side of the page is a list of categories, Click on SPR Series Refills to see them all. There isa Fisheron my desk, How about yours?

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Fisher Pens (including this one) take the Standard SPR Series Refills. The SPR Series refills are the same Zero Gravity Pressurized refills used by NASA and are available in Black and Blue bold points - Black, Blue, Red, and Green Fine Points - Black, Blue, Red, Green, Burgundy, Brown, Silver, Turquoise, and Purple. Each refill also comes with an adapter so they will fit Parker and Parker style Pens. This refill also converts Retro 51 Tornado and Big Shot Series pens from a Roller Ball to a Ball Point Pen. These are available in our store.

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About Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen is yet another great breakthrough from space research. No other pen has so much to offer. This pen was designed in 1965 by Paul C. Fisher, for NASA, and with no cost to NASA or our government. Ordinary pens rely on gravity to write. Hold them upside down and they quit. There was a need for a pen that would work in the zero gravity vacuum of space, and in extreme conditions. Paul Fisher developed such a pen. For the ink cartridge to write at any angle the cartridge was charged with 35 PSI of nitrogen. A small ball type float was used to separate the gas charge from the ink and it had to be hermetically sealed to hold the charge. With that type of pressure a precision fit stainless steel machined socket with a tungsten caroffere ball and a specially formulated thixotropic ink was used keep the pen sealed and leak free. Fisher Space Pens have been used on EVERY Space Shuttle mission, both USA and Russian. They were also featured on a Seinfeld episode. ..... Imitated but never duplicated..... Because it is hermetically sealed it will not dry out like other pens and has a shelf life of over a hundred years. It does not rely on Gravity, It writes upside down, in the vacuum of space, on wet paper, underwater, in the freezing cold of -30° F, and the boiling heat of 250° F. Fisher Ink cartridges stay leak free and writing longer, cleaner, and more consistently than any other ink cartridges. Fishers are not only utilized by Astronauts but the Thunderbirds, the Blue Angels, the Navy Seals, and the Canadian Snowbirds also use the Fisher pen. Fishers are favorites among Firefighters, Paramedics, and Police Officers. We have even sold them to Tow Truck operators is Alaska that needed a pen to write in sub zero conditions. If you count on a pen to work, you need a pen with a Fisher ink cartridge. The Fisher Bullet Pen was exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art. It has been featured on the Tonight Show, Good morning America, John Ratzenberger's Made in America, and an episode of Seinfeld. Still proudly made here in the USA and I can tell you first hand Fisher Space Pen Company is made up of great people. Fisher has a wide variety of pens to fit almost anyone’s wants and needs in a variety of price ranges. Pens from the economy line that are gas pressurized, Plastic barrels, and not refillable at about $5.00 to the Infinium Series Pens that is warranted to never run out of Ink for a lifetime at about $150.00. Of course, there are many series in between so you are sure to find the pen that fits your needs and style. All of this brings me ask the question, “Sure you could buy another pen, but why would you?” Fisher refills come with an adapter to fit them to Parker and Parker Style ballpoint pens. Fisher also makes pressurized refills to fit Cross style pens. See the complete Fisher line by visiting our store. Just clicking on the store link, then select the category you would like to see from the list on the right hand side of the page.

Watch How Fisher Space Pens are Made in thisvideo:

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Fisher Space Pen #400 / The Original Classic Chrome Bullet Pen :

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