Floor Of New York Stock Exchange Print By Impressionist Artist Kamil Kubik

Floor Of New York Stock Exchange Print By Impressionist Artist Kamil Kubik

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Floor Of New York Stock Exchange Print By Impressionist Artist Kamil Kubik:

If you are not familiar with International artist, KAMIL KUBIK, please google his name to see what an amazing artist....and person he is. We were dear friends for many years and he gave me numerous pieces of his art so that my entire home displayshis beautiful Impressionist talent. This 17" x 21" (paper size) print....THE FLOOR OF THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE in New York Cityis ANOTHER one of my favorites because it captures the energy...and the INSANITY of the business that goes on in that space. I never tire of looking at it....or any of his art actually. I always wonder how a human being can take a brush or a pastel and create somethinglike this. LOOK at the detail and activity.!! How does anyone do that??? Kamil could not only do it....he could do it in a day. Just like that......from life...to canvas. I have watched him create and it is something to behold. I had commissioned him a number of years ago to paint the NEW JERSEY STATE HOUSE as paart of a special political project I was involved in at the time. Avery goodfriend of mine, who was also a collector of fine art introduced me to Kamil thinking that he might be able to help me. We immediately connected and truly enjoyed each other's company.....probably becauseI am also of Czech heritage. Kamil LOVED that and he easily put together some ideas as to how he might help me and our shared working experiences and friendship began to form. The first painting he did for mewas our State House and I watched him that day as he happily set up his easel and paints and went to work. By the end of the afternoon he had created my masterpiece and it was justgorgeous.......like most of what he has done.

This particular print of this well known, exciting "day at the office" ...somebody's office anyway.....is bright, colorful and makes you feel like you are part of the action.The hands in the air, the machines, the groups of traders conducting their daily business.....is all right there in this Kubik painting. Kamil claimed that he was even a bit intimidated thatday to have been given this special pass into what you see. And trust me....Kamil was not intimidated by much!! He could not believe how much went on during the day there but once he got comfortable, heenjoyed how hard these traders worked and that he was a part of it in some small way. The average selling price of this printconstantly variesbut certainly not less than $300 - $400. I will list thisprint for $200 and it would be a steal at that price. I am obviously hoping for more. It is signed by Kamil.... and is nearly perfect...if not perfect. (I am always hesitant to claim ANYTHING is perfect because what truly is??? But I believethis print isas close to perfect as it gets!) . Please e-mail any questions you may have and I willprovide a brief Bio of the artist at the end of this Description for those of you who may not be familiar with this incredible artist or his international body of work. Be very careful if you find Kamil's prints throughout the internet as there are a number of "knock-offs" that are being marketed for a very low price. I know that can be tempting but if you want something that is genuine and signed by Kamil you can trust buying from me....or any reputable, established gallery that handles Kamil's art. A good rule is that if it's too good to be true....it probably is not genuine. Just be verycareful and Happy offerding!!!



Defecting from his home country of Czechoslovakia in 1948 when the Communists seized power,KAMIL KUBIKwould become known as "Master of Cityscapes"....known internationally for his street scenes, cityscapes, sporting eventsand magnificent florals.....memorializing royal weddings, and Presidential Inaugurations on his canvases. Kamil studied and worked in Prague, London, Sydney & San Francisco, eventually settling inNew York City. He is well known for his artistic contributions to cultural centers such as the Kennedy Center in New York and to charities such as the "Needy and the Homeless". Kamil painted the Presidential Holiday Cards for President and Mrs. Bush in 1991 and again in 1992, helping Mrs. Bush with many of her personal charities. He has been the Official Artist for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and for several US GOLF and Tennis Open Tournaments. He has painted for the New York Yankees and the 1994 World Cup Soccer Tournament. His work has appeared on the covers of MD Magazine, Reader's Digest and Worth Avenue Magazine.

He has been chronicled in Business Week and the New York Times. While owning his St. Jame's Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York City and has received numerous awards,....... "New Yorker of the Year" and "Ellis Island Medal of Honor" to name a few. His Readers DIgest cover in 1972 of the Skating Rink in front of the Plaza Hotel was enjoyed by millions. His Pastel of Carnegie Hall was the first American poster presented by Isaac Stern to the People's Republic of China.Known to be one of Donald Trump's favorite artists, Kamil's paintings are included in the collectionsof:

President& Mrs. George President & Mrs. Gerald Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson

Prince Ranier of Governor Thomas H. Mr. Paul Mellon

Mr. Donald Mr. John Mr. Richard Grasso

Mr. Joe Count de La Mr. Robert Sarnoff

Mr. Larry Ms. Helen Mr. Frank Gifford

Mayor Rudy Mr. Robert Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Estes

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mr. George Charles Allen, Jr.

Mr. Jack Kent HRH Queen .........many many

Floor Of New York Stock Exchange Print By Impressionist Artist Kamil Kubik:

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