Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch

Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch

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Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch:

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Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™

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The same team who brought you Trinity MT3, The ONE, TheOriginal Slick Wheelie, and My Best Buddy Cargo Trailer XL has done it yet again. In keeping with our tradition of innovation, we have taken the classic ball hitch and revolutionized it. Today, we give you the patented Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ (US Patent 7,988,178).

What is it, and why do I need it?

A major apprehension for many motorcyclists who want to tow a trailer behind a bike is the fear of coupler binding which can flip the trailer. With the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ from The USA Trailer Store, you can reduce or eliminate those fears. The Freedom Ball is a 1- 7/8” ball hitch assembly that you mount by bolting it to the hitch support at the rear of your motorcycle. Unlike traditional ball hitches, the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ allows your motorcycle to lean freely in a turn without binding. When you reduce the risk of coupler binding, you reduce the chance of flipping your trailer or, even worse, flipping your bike and injuring yourself or someone you love.

How does it work?

When you lean your motorcycle to the right or left in a turn, the design holds the ball in the vertical position by allowing the base of the hitch to move in the opposite direction of the bike without causing your trailer to bind - as it could possibly do with a conventional ball hitch. And, unlike a swivel coupler, the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ is not attached to your trailer, so there are no parts to retrofit. That is not the case with the swivel coupler. If you were to purchase a swivel coupler for installation on an existing trailer, you would have to drill and sometimes even cut or weld the parts in order to adapt the coupler to your trailer. You would have to drill, cut, and weld all of your trailers. The Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ is easy. Simply attach it to your motorcycle as you would a standard ball. So, one Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ gives you the freedom to use it with all of your trailers and to share it with all of your friends and family.

Haven’t I seen something like this before?

Numerous hitches have been devised so that a motorcycle can tow a trailer. For the most part, however, they are nothing more than conventional automobile trailer hitches that have been adapted to fit a motorcycle. Others are universal couplers that allow pivotal movement around a vertical and horizontal axis using ball bearings and races; but, they do not allow for appreciable lean. In addition, these hitches are relatively complicated and costly. Conversely, the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ is made specifically for motorcycles, mounts easily, and allows for the lean you need - all for a fraction of the cost!






1¾”(L) x 3”(W) x 6½”(H)


2 lbs. 10 oz.



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US Patent 7,988,178

ATTENTION: In order for the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™ to move properly while in use, there has to be space between the shank and the side walls of the hitch’s base. As a result of these spaces, when riding your motorcycle with an uncoupled Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch™, the metal parts will vibrate causing a rattling sound. This is inherent in its design. To prevent this, simply remove the ball from the bike’s hitch when not towing a trailer.

Don’t gamble with a conventional ball hitch!

Join the hundreds of people who already know the Freedom of the Pivot Ball Hitch!

Gain your Freedom today!

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Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch:

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