Fully Restored Saba Freiburg Automatic 8 Vintage Tube Radio El84 Germany Splend

Fully Restored Saba Freiburg Automatic 8 Vintage Tube Radio El84 Germany Splend

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Fully Restored Saba Freiburg Automatic 8 Vintage Tube Radio El84 Germany Splend:

Fully Restored!

SABA Freiburg Automatic 8

German tube radio, build 1957/58

Splendid Condition


Perfect Working

Amazing Sound!!!

This splendid tube radio has been fully restored. It has new Tubes: 2x EL84, ECL80 and EABC80 have been replaced.

All lights for scale and in the keyboard have been replaced.

Critical and defective capacitors and resistors were replaced. The Elkos for the engine control and start up were replaced. All moving parts have been oiled. The engines have been re-oiled. Contacts have been refreshed, so there is no longer any scratches or noise. The radio has been cleaned inside and out. The wood, and copper parts have been polished, etc…

The Automatic works perfectly on all bands!


SABA Freiburg Automatic 8 tube radio model from 1957/58. Made in Germany.

Splendid Condition.

It works on all bands: AM, FM, SHORT WAVE and LONG WAVE.

The 12 tubes and the original speakers are in perfect working condition.

Tubes: EC92, EC92, ECH81, EF89, EM34, EBF89, EABC80, EF86, EC92, EL84, EL84, ECL80.

Original Valvo EM34 Magic Eye (low working!)

Voltage regulator works from 110 to 220V. It´s ready to plug in.

It is possible to connect external players like mp3 and other.

Original varnish (not revarnished). The wood and varnishing is in a very good condition. No big scratches or scratches. Only a few small chips on the surface.It is cleaned and polished. The automatic works perfectly. The fine-tuning works perfectly, the radio set the station automatically.

Please have a look at the photos, it looks really great!

Principle: Superhet general, ZF/IF 460/10700 kHz

Number of circuits: 8 circuits AM / 11 circuits FM

Wave Range: Long wave, medium wave, short wave and FM

Material: Wood Cabinet

Dimension: 700 x 445 x 310 mm / 27.6 x 17.5 x 12.2 inch

Net weight: 22 kg / 48 lb 7.3 oz


I use top quality packing materials and the radio would be sent worldwide carefully packed. The radio would be sent in a double box and among the two boxes, light weight packing materials that provides protection for the radio without increasing the weight and therefore the shipping cost. The shipping cost depending on the country of destination, would be as follows:

· 25$ for: Germany

· 65$ for: European union

· 140$ for: Russia, Ukraine

· 185$ for : USA, Hong Kong , China, Singapore, Australia, Canada

· 260$ for : Korea

Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

As a privat seller I cannot give any kind of warranty,

no returns accepted, no money back because of transport damage

or other reasons.

The radio is described truly and the fotos are taken

from the radio you will get.

Fully Restored Saba Freiburg Automatic 8 Vintage Tube Radio El84 Germany Splend:

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