Argon Ar-1 Uv Ultraviolet Discharge Vintage(neon) Glow Light Lamp Bulb

Argon Ar-1 Uv Ultraviolet Discharge Vintage(neon) Glow Light Lamp Bulb

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Argon Ar-1 Uv Ultraviolet Discharge Vintage(neon) Glow Light Lamp Bulb :


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PURPLE GLOW LAMP Vintage Light Bulb

AR-1 W1A

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Purple Violet oooo000000000

1 Argon used=(Purple)Lavender*

Neon = (ORANGE)

Glow Lamp

Vintage Nite Lite

2 Watt S11 Standard (Household) E26 Edison Screw Base 105 - 125 Volt

These Have Been Discontinued

Please visit my store for the companion Lamp in ORANGE


Argon Glow Lamps/Bulbs They have a Vivid PURPLE Glow . The application of these argon glow lamps is as a source of UV radiation since many photographic materials have a high degree of sensitivity in this spectral region . In photography they were often used for non silver printing in contact printers. Utilized as an activator. Today they seem to be more popular to the Vintage *Neon Bulb Collector* . & an activator of fluorescence in minerals They have the standard Edison "E" (E-26) screw base common household lamp socket base and are designed for 105-125 volts. Cyndee$Attic Please checkmy store for a variety or Neon & Argon Glow Lamps .. Icarry a large line of lights lamps &/ bulbs for many applications .




ALL RESEARCH Indicates: Argon glow discharge lamps are a spin-off from the popular series of neon glow lamps, (ie: the NE-40,NE-42 & NE-30) and once had great popularity particularly in the USA. if you visit my store you will find various types of all of them @ Cyndee$Attic For many years GE manufactured a number of argon-filled equivalents of its broad range of standard neon glow lamps.The principal application of argon glow lamps is as a small source of ultraviolet radiation. They have numerous specialized scientific and medical applications, but this particular lamp, the so-called AR-1 (or W1A as it later became known) was sold in large quantities to domestic consumers. During the 1950's one American firm achieved great success in marketing an educational pack of small rocks and mineral specimens having fluorescent properties, the AR-1 lamp being supplied for exciting this fluorescence.The lamp contains a pair of pressed nickel electrodes, the front surfaces being coated with barium and strontium for good electron emission, and a coating of aluminium powder on the rear half preventing occurrence of the negative glow in that region. Argon is the active gas filling, however it was found that the admixture of around 10% nitrogen greatly extended lamp life and enhanced the UV emission. The principal effect of the nitrogen is to improve the bonding of the Ba and Sr to the surface of the electrode. A gas filling pressure of 10-12 torr was found to yield the strongest UV emission. Due to deterioration of the glass bulb employed in these lamps, the UV output unfortunately falls off quite rapidly during life. The rated life of this argon lamp is 1000 hours to 50% output Cyndee$, much shorter than the 8000 hours of its neon equivalent. Smaller argon lamps, where the bulb is closer to the UV source,(also in my store)have lives as little as 150 hours. I am working on setting up a test to rate the UV output of these lamps so they will be rated in percentages. Some people want them just for the purple *cool glow others want them for scientific purposes, so the UV output needs to be higher.. some day when I get some time, I will use a Light meter and a Scintilla-tor Crystal (used in radiation Geiger counters to measure the levels and record them)... thenI will be able to give a more accurate description for those that was NOS & high output rather than just collectible.It's Not OK to copy any part of my research Cyndee$Attic ... PERIOD thank you in advance If anyone has a better suggestion I am always open to ideas :)

Lamp Power: 2Watt Lamp Current: 17 Milliamps Lamp Voltage: 110-125 Volts Cap: E26s/25 E-26 Brass + Vitrite Bulb Finish: Clear Soda lime Bulb Type: S-44 S-14 (in eighths/inch) Overall Length: 89 mm 3 1/2 inches Electrodes:

P-2 shape Nickel with Ba(BARIUM)

front and Al (Aluminum)rear plate coating

Atmosphere: Argon + 10% Nitrogen Manufactured : Circa 1960 by GENERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION Factory : U.S.A. Please note: AS IS AS FOUND UV LEVEL IS UNDETERMINED

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Argon Ar-1 Uv Ultraviolet Discharge Vintage(neon) Glow Light Lamp Bulb :

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