Gem Quality Ancient Hawaiian Poi Pounder Of Very Fine Dense Basalt - Superb Form For Sale

GEM QUALITY Ancient Hawaiian Poi Pounder of Very Fine Dense Basalt - SUPERB FORM

A 10 on a 10 Scale! - Fantastic Patina - Amazing Pre Contact Example!

This is a spectacular poi pounder, if were to place it on a 1 to 10 scale of quality, it'd easily be a 10! This pounder is a dense basalt with traces of usage and paiai on the bottom. If you are looking for the best of the best of Hawaiian Artifacts, here it is! This is a really elegant heirloom museum quality piece that should not be passed up. The wear and patina on the shaft is incredible from generations of use - see photos!

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  • About Poi Pounders (Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, Sir Peter H. Buck):

    "Stone food pounders for mashing cooked taro to prepare poi were of three types: the general form with a terminal rounded knob, ring pounders, and stirrup pounders...

    ...Most of the cooked taro was pounded into poi. Men did the pounding, as it was heavy work. The operator sat on the ground at one end of the pounding board with his legs extended on each side of the board, a pile of cooked taro at the right side of the board and a bowl of water at the left. The board was moistened with water and some taro was placed on it to be mashed with quick, short stroked of the pounder. The work became harder as more taro was added, and the pounder was then lifted high for every blow. Between stroked, the left was dipped in water and passed over the under surface of the pounder to moisten it and keep paste from sticking. A firm dough like mass termed pa'i'ai was produced.

    ...For serving, the pa'i'ai was coverted into poi by adding water to the requisite quantity of pa'i'ai and kneading with the hands until it reached the consistency of a smooth paste. "

  • FINE Dense Basalt
  • Size 7" x 5" inches
  • 4.5 Pounds

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