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Ghosty - Ty Beany Boo, 6.5-inch (hard To Find) For Sale

Ghosty - Ty Beany Boo,  6.5-inch (hard To Find)

Ty Beanie Boo: GHOSTY (6.5-inch)
Ty style number 36019
Due to production quality problems, the regular size Ghosty Boo was not sold in the USA.
Ty allegedly destroyed the entire USA shipment of 6.5" Ghosty Boos after only a few were sold by retailers in the UK.
This particular Ghosty is in very good condition but the front of the swing tag is creased (see photo).
Photo is the actual Ghosty being saleed.
Ghosty comes from a pet-free, smoke-free environment.

Payment must be made using PalPal within7 days of the sale win. Single items willbe mailedvia USPS First Class in a plastic poly mailer,or Priority Mail in a box (purchaser's choice). We ship only toU.S. addresses, and within 2 businessdays after receipt of payment.

Shipping cost is $4.95 (USPS First Class) or $6.50 (USPS Priority mail). Item is sold as is. No returns.

Our item condition ratings:
New -new from aretailerand storedin a pet-free,smoke-free environment.
Like new - acquired from resellerbut appears to be in new condition.
Very good - used, with no obvious flawsexcept as noted.
Good - used, with slight signs of wear.No obvious flawsexcept as noted.

Thank you for viewing our listing. ~Leon and Sondra

Ghosty - Ty Beany Boo,  6.5-inch (hard To Find)

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Ghosty - Ty Beany Boo, 6.5-inch (hard To Find):

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