~giant~hand Blown Glass Art Wall Bowl Or Table Platter~gold Ruby~signed~murano

~giant~hand Blown Glass Art Wall Bowl Or Table Platter~gold Ruby~signed~murano

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~giant~hand Blown Glass Art Wall Bowl Or Table Platter~gold Ruby~signed~murano:

  You are offerding on a one of a kind, original piece of artwork, which was designed and created by an American artist (ME!) in the early stages of his career. 

Thanks for taking a look at this... ​ GIANT HAND BLOWN GLASS​ WALL BOWL OR TABLE PLATTER​

Height-6"      Width-20" Beautiful glass centerpiece! This piece can be displayed standing or hung on the wall! The Artist

I began my glass career more than 13 years ago at Bowling Green State University under the tutelage of Robert “Bud” Hurlstone.  After studying with Bud for three years my love of glass blowing has given me the opportunity to work and study on three continents and in 43 US states.  From a glass studio set on a barge in the infamous Amsterdam canals to the San Juan Islands in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I have studied in the quiet mountains of Stellenbosch, South Africa; and performed on the rocking plains of Manchester, Tennessee for the Bonnaroo music festival. My world travels, and the countless lessons learned along the way, have all culminated to bring this glass art to you...anywhere you may be. (more on my history below) ShApE This piece was made in my studio, by me, just days ago.   This platter is giant in size and would look fantastic anywhere.  I only the best glass and glass color available.  The base of the piece has been fire polished for high quality function (no wobble) and aesthetic purposes.  The bottom has also been signed and dated, by me the artist, for authenticity.  All of my work is made with both brand new vibrantly colored and crystal clear glass to bring you the finest art possible.This piece is guaranteed to be free from cracks, chips, or any structural defects.  Rest assured if you receive the piece in any condition other than I have stated you will receive a full refund (see below). Add Me To You Favorite Sellers at the Top Of the Page!!!



This is a take on an Italian design that has been used for centuries and one of my signature platters.   This piece was made with an amazing selection of colors that will accent any home or office.The bubble was started then golden ruby wrap of glass was added which was backed by an undulating sea of topaz and amber to create the effect you can see on the outside of the platter.  What a stunning array of color!  I begin making the piece with just a small amount of crystal glass and from there I can start adding color and pattern.  After shaping the molten glass I puntied (switched working ends) the piece  to create the scalloped edge you see here.   (please note any large white spots are reflections from the lights) (Click on photos to enlarge)


I know the shipping on this piece seems quite high so allow me to take the time to explain why.  This is a very fragile item and must be treated as such to comply with insurance regulations with the USPS.  Each piece will be

  • Double boxed
  • Double padded-inside and outside box.
  • Priority shipped
  • Insured

All these things add up and this is the reason for the higher shipping price.  I am working on a way to decrease my shipping price and I will lower them as soon as possible. (Please note shipping materials may vary slightly from piece to piece.  Beansmanglass is doing it's part to help the Environment by using recycled packing materials i.e. peanuts, styrofoam, celofoam, etc....)

I will ship internationally.  Please message me for a quote.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

If you don't love your new piece or find it in any condition other than I have promised just ship it back to me within 14 days and I'll refund your purchase price...100%!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and supporting American artists.  If you are offerding, Good Luck and remember when I do become famous you can say you had one first!

Contact me about commisioned work for your home or office.

Here's some pictures of installations i've done around the USA.  


  ....how glass found me....

I was born and raised in Akron, OH.  After a short acting career in Hollywood, CA I returned to Bowling Green, OH in 1999.  I had already started a degree in Theatre and another in Interpersonal Communication, however my "trip" to Hollywood quickly changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my life.  After I returned I found myself roaming from building to building looking for something that caught my eye to fill the void left by Theatre.  Would'nt you know it one day I made it to the art building and looked through a small window,  on the other side they were blowing glass.  Like a bad Willy Wonka rendition I ran in and wanted everything I could see.  I asked about this and that and finally asked "Who's in charge?", the other eager students pointed me in the direction of Robert "Bud" Hurlstone.  After an array of questions I finally popped the big one........".......can I come back and watch some more?".  He agreed and the next hundred or so hours of my free life I commited to watching Bud blow glass.  After many more hours of pestering I finally was asked to JOIN the class, and the rest as they say is history.

(click on photos to enlarge)



~giant~hand Blown Glass Art Wall Bowl Or Table Platter~gold Ruby~signed~murano:

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