Goji Berry (lycium Barbarum) Live Plant (tree)

Goji Berry (lycium Barbarum) Live Plant (tree)

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Goji Berry (lycium Barbarum) Live Plant (tree):

GOJI BERRY (Lycium barbarum) LIVE PLANTS


You are offerdingone Goji Berry live plant.:

(Goji plant dormant during winter leaves will all drop. Once weather turn warm it start growing new leaves now it will thrive soon)

We have longest listing in for FruitingGoji plant.

It is large sweet Goji fruit self-pollinated variety easy to have Goji berries every year (spring and fall).

Some produce leaf no fruit.

Buy with confidence from US.

“Lycium barbarum” also known as" Wolfberry ". The berries have the highest antioxidant level of any other fruit

plants, we growing it with organic Soil and fertilizers. You can grow and enjoy at your garden.


Once established goji berry plants are easy to grow and maintain. They can grow in almost any soil type, light-sandy, medium-loamy, heavy-clay or any combination of the three. Even soils of poor soil structure and nutrient content will grow goji plants, but soils of better quality will allow for better flowering and fruiting characteristics. A well drained soil is a must as goji berry plants will not grow well in wet or soggy conditions. Goji plants have an aggressive root system and are quite drought tolerant after they are established.

The goji plant prefers full sunlight for maximum fruit production, but will grow adequatelyin partially shaded areas.

Goji berry plants can survive winter temperatures as low as -26 celcius (-15 F) and summer temperatures as high as 38 celcius (100 F). The goji berry can survive in zones 3-7, out of this range it is too cold or hot. The goji plant can be grown indoors if outdoor conditions are not favorable, but hand pollination will be required to pollinate the flowers.

The goji berry grows into a large shrub reaching heights of 7-10 feet with vines that can reach 10 feet. Pruning of the main stem and branches will keep the plant shorter, thicker and help with increased flowering and fruit production. In early summer the plant grows numerous small trumpet shaped flowers which are pollinated by bees. In later summer these flowers develop into bright red berries. The plant continues to flower and fruit until the first heavy frost. The goji plant begins flowering in the second year with maximum fruit production in the 4th or 5th year.

You can see our one years plant picture has a lot of red Goji berry, Take this Grad A Goji and enjoy itanytime.

Don't miss it.........Happy offerding!!!

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Goji Berry (lycium Barbarum) Live Plant (tree):

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