*golden Giggles Reborn Toddler Girl By Adrie Stoete**

*golden Giggles Reborn Toddler Girl By Adrie Stoete**

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*golden Giggles Reborn Toddler Girl By Adrie Stoete**:

Golden Giggles Nursery

"God's Precious Gift"

Name: Kaleigh

Date of Birth: June 23, 2013

Place of Birth: Golden Giggles Nursery

Weight: 10lbs 11oz

Length: 29"

size: clothing size 12-18 months depending on brand


******This sweet Baby Girl Kaleigh is the very loved classic kit "Iris" sculpted by Adrie Stoete. She was one of the first Toddler reborn kits available to us and now she is no longer being reproduced so this will be the last "Iris" toddler I will ever reborn .. so if you love her don't let her get away.

*****Kaleighs's pictures were taken in indirect natural light and pure natural light outside and inside at different times of the day :)

very detailed hands

BEAUTIFUL "Iris" who I named Kaleigh :) Iris is NO LONGER BEING REPRODUCED and this is the last one I will ever reborn so don't let her get away if you love her!


Amazing Realistic face & body!!!!

Premium Doe Suede Body weighted perfectly for a older baby

Premium Vinyl

Golden Giggles Signature 'Alive' skin tone developed over a period of many days and many thin layers

Highly detailed Hands & feet


Hand applied wispy human hair upper and lower lashes

Gorgeous German Glass Eyes *ASTONISHING REALISM*

Precious manicure with ivory tips and sealed

First and foremost I would like to thank the Lord for all of His blessings and for allowing me to be apart of the amazing world of reborns and for the talent He has blessed me with. I give the Lord all the praise, honor and glory because without Him I am nothing. I am also thankful for all of the wonderful people He has allowed me to meet and stay friends with through many adoptions and shows. What a huge blessing in my life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come take a peek at Kaleigh. For the last couple of years I have really devoted a lot of reborning to mainly toddlers .. although I absolutely love the babies I just have a real passion for these bigger ones with more expression. I love the personalities that come through as I am reborning each one and of course how much fun they are to dress! Kaleigh is no exception. The Doll Dream kits are PREMIUM in every way. The vinyl is a dream and the sculpts are truly magnificent in details. I really love this little girl!

My name is Melissa Thomas and I am the reborn artist behind Golden Giggles Nursery. I have lived and breathed these amazing little babies for 7 years and I take great pride in my work. I use only the finest materials available to me and spare no expense. Each baby is created with special care and great detail

I have spent so much time on Kaleigh from the whole reborning process to the many hours spent taking pictures. She is so much fun to pose and she has a special little look about her.I use the Genesis heat set paints on all of my babies because these colors are totally permanent and will never change color over time and these paints allow you to create astonshing depth and realism in the skin.

I have spent many days on Kaleigh's skintone. She has a beautiful pale complexion that was achieved using many thin layers of paint. And using my own technique I go on to paint depth and transparency into the skin which to me is what turns the 'doll" into a real live looking baby.

Kaleigh has delicate mottling, that is just beneath the skin and I have lightly painted tiny veins on her face, legs, hands and feet for an amazing realistic appearance. I worked very hard on her coloring and was so pleased with it. She has a beautiful complexion and no detail has been overlooked. When you look into her sweet little face it will look like you are looking down into the face of a real alive little Toddler. It's simply amazing!!


Kaleigh has gorgeous German glass eyes in a gorgeous dark brown .. . They are so real looking! and they compliment her skin tone and hair perfectly.In my opinion German Glass eyes are the most realistic eyes on the market. Her lashes are wispy and incredibly lifelike. She has bluish/purple undertones and capillaries around her eyes and I also hand painted her eyebrows in soft mini strokes to frame her precious face.

Kaleigh's hair was rooted by the fabulous Bonnie Kephart. Her talent is just amazing and her hair is absolutely perfect .. one hair at a time. Also I only use THE BEST hair for my toddlers. Her hair has also been double sealed with a waterproof strong glue on the inside of her little head to prevent it from coming out when her new mommy wants to style her hair. :)

Kaleigh's hands and feet have been highly detailed and given a fresh manicure with ivory tips and then sealed with the genesis Glaze to give them an subtle shine.

She is a big baby and I have weighted her around 10lbs .. her legs and arms have been partially filled with glass beads and topped off with polyfil to add the right amount of weight. I also weighted the inside of her jointed doe suede body with bags of polypellets surrounded by the softest polyfil for that cuddly feel.

She is also a big girl and of course can sit up all by herself with no wobbly head :)

I have adopted out many toddlers all over the worlds and take great pride and care about the way they travel home. You can be assured she will come home packaged beautifully with many extras that make her arrival that much more special.

Please check out the slideshow below of some recently adopted toddlers and again thank you so much for your continued support. May the Lord Bless you


If you would like to learn more about me and my work please visit my "about me" page. Please click this icon which is at the top next to my nursery name where you will find my website and link to facebook :)

Her new mommy is going to find her arrival very special!

Official Re-Birth Announcement

Two Gymboree outfits

BEAUTIFUL Smocked Dress with matching shoes

her own pink Bible


stuffed animal .. the pink bear in the pictures is a prop :)

MORE SUPRISES will also come home with Kaleigh!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!!! !!!

Please note my blankets, pillows are props for my pictures but
she does come home with her own stuff animal and blanket

*Please Note*

I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone how much your emails and comments mean. They are what inspire me to create these precious babies and I feel that these emails are confidential
and not something to be posted on an sale for everyone to read.
So please know that everything you write is private and thank you for all of your kind words!

I must be contacted within 2 days of sale ending and must receive payment within 3 days. If you need more time with payment just email me. I am easy to work with all I ask for is communication :) I ship Priority mail and Priority International. Insurance is included

Priority - $25.00

Priority International - 65.00

Canada (Priority International) - $65.00

*golden Giggles Reborn Toddler Girl By Adrie Stoete**:

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