Grinz Ball Dog Treat Toy, Best Gift Ever, Hysterically Funny, First Time In U.s.

Grinz Ball Dog Treat Toy, Best Gift Ever, Hysterically Funny, First Time In U.s.

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Grinz Ball Dog Treat Toy, Best Gift Ever, Hysterically Funny, First Time In U.s.:

Recent arrival, first time EVER in the U.S.
The ultimate Grinz dog toy...they bounce, they float, load 'em up with doggie treats for double the fun

Brilliant South African Designer has a flash insight, and says, to his dog,
"Dog, how about let's not get serious, just for a moment."

Endless fun, hilarity ensue from the very first fetch.

- Lucky dogs in many countries approved this page -

- Riveting RED
- Pulsar PINK

We are SO excited, not to mention lucky, to have gotten these in. We also just want to say, like, take the ball and run with it.

Imagine the most fun thing you've ever owned. And not just fun for you, but your esteemed doggie pal.

So much fun, in fact, it should be called an Endorphin Ball, as feel-good chemicals flood your brain from uncontrollable laughter.
Having a gift-giving dilemma kind of day ? No worries, you're totally covered with a Grinz Ball.

Anyone with a dog will be totally impressed with your gift-selection expertise. They'll think you're gifted or something.

- Christmas stocking stuffer

- Executive gift for your favorite boss

- Thank You gift for friend, office coworker,
esteemed boyfriend, glorious girlfriend.

- Birthday present

- Party gift

These are totally new to the U.S.

According to our best Supercomputer calculations, 99.99976 % of your friends will never have seen or heard of a Grinz Ball. Their doggies ? Just as clueless.
YouTube Video Clip It's a treat ball, too.

1. Drop your majestic canine's favorite treats into the back portal .

2. Await dogscovery.

3. Laugh, irreverently.

And expect thousands of hours of transcendant, comical fun at the local dog park.
About the inventor :

Porky Hefer (real name !) is a brilliant South African designer who, after being in advertising most of his life, one day up and decided to start his own product design firm.

Quote: "Trust your gut to do that funny idea, and never stop evolving. Do something better, make something new. I want to be known for being limitless in solving problems and thinking up ideas. Anyone can do it." VIBRANT COLOR CHART

Wooooof. Aaaaarf !
These are brand new, of course, and packaged
in an attractive sealed blister pack.
Diameter: 2.5 inches
Weight: 3 ounces

The chart shows these as 'Medium', but that doesn't mean much.
These are hard enough not even a Pit Bull could shred them.
Alligator maybe, but not any dogs we know of.Colors available:
RED, PINK Let us know in your paypal or in an email which colors you'd like. Too, if you're ordering more than doggy one ball, feel free to get whichever mixed colors you prefer..

And, wouldn't you just know now .... we ship worldwide.

Count on ......

SUPERSONIC, and on good days, LIGHTSPEED shipping

Items usually fly out of here straightaway, and with great fanfare
(fireworks, marching band, dancing girls, that kind of thing),
so your friendly mailman should be ringing your doorbell soon after.

Buyer Quote :
"Tell the truth-it was in the mail BEFORE I ordered, right ?"

"Seller employs delivery methods years ahead of our time"

"Dude, the quickness of your response borders on scary, but I certainly appreciate it."

And this, just in:
"Can't believe this. Immediately after I hit the 'pay now' button,
my doorbell rang. The package was at the door. Go figure."

(except for occasional remote warehouse dropships to save time, of course)

Awesome double rainbow, as seen from our 3rd floor computer room window
( Dec 22, 2010 )
We were sponsoring the weather that day.

Usually orders zoom out of Mission Control here either same or next day as
receipt of payment (before about 3 p.m. PST usually makes it out that day).

California residents expect to add sales tax at checkout for the gods of commerce here.
Our elected leaders of all that is need new limos, jets, other stuff now and again. Hope that's ok.

Easily done !
And, postal USPS basically only charges domestic U.S. ship costs
to foreign APO addresses, no matter where you are out there.

We've shipped stuff to just about everywhere on the planet. Do keep in mind that some
countries may assess customs duties or fees upon arrival (often not, but sometimes yes).

For your considerable amusement, here's a not-that-long-ago countries list ........

Quantum Leap Unlimited

Hollywood, California

Terrestrial orders only at this time

Grinz Ball Dog Treat Toy, Best Gift Ever, Hysterically Funny, First Time In U.s.:

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