Ring Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Flower One Size Fit All 5 6 7 8

Ring Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Flower One Size Fit All 5 6 7 8

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Ring Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Flower One Size Fit All 5 6 7 8:

Welcome to Farm Direct Pearl
(Lowest Priced Quality Pearls from Pearl Farm)

Genuine cultured freshwater pearl ring.Super lustrousauthentic pearl accented by silverfilled flower themeframe.Open ring. One size fits all. Stylishand elegant. Great for gifts. Own this beautifulringtoday!
Pay only ONE shipping charges for the whole order (highest applies first)!Main Stone: cultured freshwater pearl Grade: AAA+
Size: 7mm Color: white Packing: beautifulfelt blackring box
SKU#: 070R000WHT65FL
View my other gorgeous jewelry items PaymentPaypal Preferred. Payments must be made together to receive shipping discount. ShipmentBy USPS first-class airmail (3-7 days for US customers, may take longer during holidays)
Shipment is usually arranged on the next business day after receiving payment.
Express shipping available upon request. Return PolicyReturns accepted within14 days from the date of arrival. Item need to be in its original condition in original package. 100% refund for sale price. Shipping & insurance are not refundable.

TestimonyPositive response from our customers:BE ONE OF THEM TODAY!!Pearls are lovlier than ones I paid 100 times more for and returned. Bravo----zxethree(80)Really sweet necklace...nice pearls...nicer than picture...all A++++ THX!A perfect transaction w/this super seller!! Many thanks!! A++++++++++++----member34609435 (1219)Absolutely beautiful---great communication and a pleasure-will do business again----jahcx3 (37)Fast shipment, well packed, communicative vendor beautiful product----garfield1405 (84)

About UsFarm Direct Pearl sells mainly natural or cultured freshwater pearls from our own pearl farm. Since these pearls are brought to you directly without any middlemen involved, you can be guaranteed of the lowest price for the highest quality. At Farm Direct Pearl, we tell you the truth that no other jeweler will tell you. See our FAQ part below for any question or doubt you might have.At Farm Direct Pearl, we divide our quality pearls into four grades: AAA, AA+, AA and A. Since there is no standard grading system worldwide or nationwide and each jeweler use its own discretion in rating the pearls, it is important that you buy pearls direct from a farm or from a jeweler that is honest and sincere. A jeweler's AAA might be equivalent to our AA+. You are encouraged to take our pearls to retail stores for comparision on size, luster, nacre, or shape, which are the main elements that determines the price of a pearl product.Please keep it mind that it is the combination of the four major measurements that determines the price. Some pearls maybe AAA in shape, but AA in blemishes....We do our best to reflect the variance of quality through our pricing and we always do our best to give you a detailed description on each individual item.


1. Why is your price the lowest? Is there a standard grading system in the U.S?Our price is the lowest because we are the grower of freshwater pearls. All pearls we sell are grown in our farm and are hand strung together by our experienced workers. It is beneficial for you to buy directly from us because there is no standard grading system nationwide or worldwide for pearls. Each jeweler grades its pearls according to his own discretion. One jeweler's AAA might be another's AA. We know pearls well and we are honest in evaluating and pricing our pearls. Middleman mark up prices significantly.2. Natural pearls vs. Cultured pearls vs. Imitation pearls?Both natural and cultured pearls are grown by oysters and are therefore considered valued jewels---gifts of nature. The difference is that natural pearls begin by accident while cultured pearls are initiated by man. Imitation pearls, on the other hand, are man made by mechanical processes and have no real jewel value. Unfortunately due to sophiscated manufacturing and polishing techniques, it may be difficult for the average consumer to distinguish a natural or cultured pearl from a good imitation by sight. 3. What shape is most desirable?Natural or cultured freshwater pearls are seldom perfectly round or even nearly round, more often than not they are baroque, slugs, or have wings. At farm direct, we sell only naturally shaped pearls unless otherwise stated.4. Why some perfectly round pearls are so inexpensive?Some perfectly round pearls are made of pearl powder. An easy way to tell is to look at the individual pearls on the necklace. If each pearl is of exactly same shape and luster, it must be made of processed pearl powder.5. What determines the price of freshwater pearls? Pearls are priced according to its size(diameter), shape, luster, color, nacre conditions:A. Diameter---the bigger the diameter, the more expensive it is.
B. Shape---the rounder the pearl, the more expensive it is.
C. Luster---the better the luster, the more expensive it is. The luster of a premium pearl is like a mirror and is sold individually.
D. Color---rare colors are more expensive. Black and turquoise are not the natural color of pearls. White, pink, lavender is most common.
E. Nacre---the thicker the nacre, the more expensive it is.6. How do I clean, store, and care for my precious pearls bought from Farm Direct?It is important to treat your pearls properly to ensure a lasting beauty. Use a soft wet cloth to clean pearls, to avoid scratches, never use abrasives or harsh cleaners. Keep pearls out of sunlight and away from heaters to maintain its moisture. Wait for our makeup, perfume, aerosols or skin care products to dry before wearing your pearls. Remove your pearls before bathing, swimming, hand washing or any kind of workout. Water will dull the luster of your precious pearl.7. How can I be sure I am getting what I am paying for?US Gemological Laboratory is an independent organization that offers pearl identification service. You may send your pearl piece to USGL and get get USGL official "Gem Identification Card" after paying a fee.8. How do I identify NATURAL pearls without using US Gemological Laboratory Service?Farm Direct sells only NATURAL OR CULTURED pearls from our pearl farm. There are four ways to identify a pearl:
A. Rub two pearls together. If it feels coarse instead of slippery, it is real.
B. Look at the holes. If you can see darker color near the holes, it is the accumulation of dye that tell you it is either a dyed natural pearl or an imitation pearl. Black, turquoise, gold etc are not the natural color of pearls.
C. Most natural pearl have color overtone besides the dominant color. And each pearl's color is slightly different.
D. Feel the pearl. Put the pearl on your palm. It is real if it feels cool.

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Ring Genuine Freshwater Cultured Pearl Flower One Size Fit All 5 6 7 8:

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