Germanic , Viking , Celtic , Roman Era Swords And Seax

Germanic , Viking , Celtic , Roman Era Swords And Seax

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Germanic , Viking , Celtic , Roman Era Swords And Seax:

for thetime beingthese will be only made on order after recieving payment , nothings lying around and I prefer not investing the time or material cost out of a limited budget to create a pre-existing stock atleast for the time being so expect 2 weeks before I get it in the mail .

18+ years or older to purchase . dont have an issue with responsible teens carrying steel . but liability and state laws dont share my enlightenment

Standard policy about overseas sales , Northern Autonomous Zone , Europe , Japan and Australia/NZ , offer were legal , USPS insured Priority because customs isnt nearly as reliable as my local Post Office , I livenear a small "whitebread" town ...... mine works , better then UPS actually

Feel free to ask about other blades , I am somewhat knowledgable .

- the Wiki Seax entry however is very undetailed as to the evolution of the seax .... actaully calls them a 5th to 11th century weapon when theres plenty of archeological evidence showing them in existence atleast as far back as 200bce , and doesnt show any of the correlations with the Iberian "falcata" .....

this now is a good site .... a very good site

Pictures shown are of personal blades or ones made as gifts for Kith and Kin

I can and as you can see have made many other blades and the Price for such will vary . custom woodburning is available as is leatherwork

This will come with a sheath made out of poplar , which yields a very attractive and solid sheath

These prices reflect construction using mild steel , which doesnt retain the greatest edge , and in 18 inch lengths and longer is prone to taking a bend when being used on heavier limbs and firewood, but is otherwise much sturdier to most of the Imports , I use a full tang construction with the handles very securely mounted ,

for those of you interested in a very usable "Brush Knife" seax this below is a rebuilt machette , full tang , maple handle , shows the hanger mounts ... gave this to a friend and still need to get around to making him a shoulder strap for it price for these ... $90 , they will vary abit from whats shown and I can build a later "Hauswehr" appropriate for the late middle ages onwards , price is for theSeax and scabbard , leather gear will vary depending on complexity

Prices are for these made with a "spatha" hilt which is abit of a historical one off in its construction as theres no archeological finds exactly like these , I can do the simpler early handles and if there desiredknock $10 off the stated price , prices will rise in the future

Sax - "12" inch blade , $100 ,this is a great length for carrying all day at SCA events , Reenactments or Daily life ..... albeit I prefer a 9-1/2 inch pugio based blade made out of more modern industrial tool steel for my daily blade , and my event Langsax shown in the pile at the bottom has a 15inch blade ....

Langsax - Like shown below with an 18 inch blade , $125 for one in this length , fairly handy to carry at events but I recomend the "12" length , I build these usually with 3/16 flat stock to make the blades more rigid ... takes longer to grind an edge .... and I hate grinding steel ...

Lousy photo (backup camera)

"Very" Langsax..... 26 inch blade , 3/16th thick mild steel ,generous 2 hand grip $140 for a monster like this , this was a semi novelty item madeby a friend under my supervision and with my heavy assistance to the design actaully made him do all the grinding and cutting ...The Germanics did make some of there Saxes in the form of full size swords , actaully more indegenious then the later double edged blades - Shipping will be higher on these ..... $5US will cover it , ask about international

I make shields for personal use , will probably do a posting in the future , the one in this listing I sold on herea fewyears agoand it took 4 months sitting on a $75 buy it now ... not overly satisfied with that ..... if your interested ask , price will vary depending on how I build them and if I face them , and with what

Belt as below can be commissioned and will be around $85 as shown - for the belt /baldric and "frog".. price will vary on size and complexity , the below is "mine" and is shown with a older blade and my older method of attaching the rings , I now use a stud and a seperate skeletal "frog"

Above knife is an old project that went to a friend , made from a industrial bandsaw blade ..

Misc pile of blades Below , the Brass hilted short sword was my first sword .... was once a paki rat tail katana .........

Theres a WW1 german "Butcher Blade" Bayonet Ive rebuilt years ago , My Pugio and a few saxes

The other short sword and the largest sax are made of Aluminium and built for "stage combat" , and ive found a source for excellent alumnium 7075 bar stock for making more- $120 for a combat ready ( not hopefully lethal) spatha made of the stuff

Top rehandled , resheathed , WW2 German "Butcher Blade" bayonet ... not for sale but just showing of some of my other projects ..

Bottom , 1944 dated US 18 inch machette .... broke at the handle cutting on a willow tree ... was rather sad...... so It needed to be reborn , "Hauswehr" Late Medeival , Rennaisance ... Hel works up to the modern day as a carry knife ... needed a German Peasent War , Rendezvous and WW2 "Brush Knife" anyways ... theres many machettes suitable for cannibalizing to build these - interested ask , I can use this type of frog with a Seax aswell but its not to my knowledge "period"

Germanic , Viking , Celtic , Roman Era Swords And Seax:

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