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"getting Sold On Ebay" Book By Norb & Marie Novocin Estateauctionsinc Yqz:

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Welcome to EstatesalesInc! We are one of the Top Sellers of Antiques, Collectibles and
Quirky items on . We have been selling since 1998 and ALL of our sales start at .99 cents.
We are proud of our " Ratings" and our staff strives for 100% customer satisfaction, our
response rating will vouch for that. We work with consigners from Coast-To-Coast and work
hard to make sure we have top quality items.
We are "Your Quality Zone" - search "YQZ" to see our current listings.

"Getting Sold On - The Treasure Hunter's Guide To Making Money"
IS FINALLY HERE!!Introducing The Novocin Family — Selling & Having Fun On Since 1998 In December 1998 our income was non-existent and required immediate action. We had about $50 of disposable income which we needed to multiply into $500 weekly just to scratch by. That's when we met !
FIND OUT HOW WE DID IT AND YOU CAN TOO!! >>>>> UP FOR sale <<<<< "Getting Sold on " Fun To Read Book
by Norb & Marie Novocin known as Estatesalesinc on
"The Treasure Hunter's Guide To Making Money"

Enjoy this short video intro to the Novocin Family:

Our family hase been selling on since 1998. We have fun working together and we learn something new everyday. One thing we learned four years ago was there was many other folks like us who wanted to be in business for themselves and have fun doing it.Our book Getting Sold On will help ambitious people navigate their way to greatness. For those just looking for a good and fun read...you won't disappointed. About the AuthorsNorb & Marie Novocin, are 18 year veteran ® sellers. As Platinum level PowerSellers, they have completed over 110,000 transactions on ® since 1998. Over 34,000 times their customers have shared accolades of a job well done, thus helping Norb & Marie maintain a 100% positive response with a 5-star DSR rating, the highest you can get. Not only are they ® experts, but they have managed to raise three sons, one out on his own now, Dr. Andy, the mathematician and two still at home, Judah, their 20 year old gentle giant and Casey, their 17 year old future brainiac. Their adventures together extend back to the tenth grade in an advanced algebra class where they met and became high school sweethearts. After dating for four years, at the ripe old age of 19, they got married and started pursuing their dreams together. Over the years they found themselves traveling from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic to Florida and back up to the Mid-Atlantic. The whole time Norb was the consummate entrepreneur, complete with the huge ups, and devastating downs in a smorgasbord of work. He dabbled in real estate, operated a book publishing business and an apparel company, designed computer graphics, worked sales, did day trading, and ran a ministry. His last venture was as co-founder and chief operating officer for a popular fledgling Internet company. Then everything changed, in late 1998 they "discovered" a small website known as ® where you could sell things via an sale format. It just so happened that this discovery lined up with one of their down periods in business and they decided to try their hands at this new venue. Well the rest is history, now they are considered to be amongst the most successful sellers. About The Book Getting Sold on was written to meet the needs of both experienced and non-experienced ers. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, this book is for you. Imagine learning from a seasoned professional who continues to sell on a weekly basis and is respected as a leading Power Seller. Getting Sold on puts that experience into your hands. Chock full of real life antidotes, examples, step-by-step tutorials and loads of fun treasure tales. Written at the demand of our friends, family, and others, who through the years had been amazed each time we excitedly told one of our numerous “Treasure Tales”. It wasn’t long before these folks and even people we had never met, face to face, including our representative, clients and others who have followed our sales, encouraged us to write this book and share the secrets of our success. Now those secrets are revealed in this fun and easy to read guide. WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID: Getting Sold on is an engaging and informative read that also inspires. Experienced and newbie sellers alike will profit from reading and studying Getting Sold on . Just as the subtitle promises, it is indeed The Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Making Money.
Betsie “eBetsy” Bolger
Voicemarketing Radio Syndication
Education Specialist Trained By As a newcomer to the world, this book was fabulous! I was frightened, excited, mesmerized, and inspired, all at once! The insights and instruction that Norb and Marie share give me the sense and confidence worth a year of experience in the business. I can’t wait to read it again.
Rick Macdonald
Restaurant Owner, Consultant I became absorbed in the pages, laughing along the way while enjoying what they had experienced with their many adventures. I can highly recommend it for those wanting to get started on . And for those of us “Seasoned” sellers, I know you will not only enjoy this read but you will learn a few tricks of the trade that even I had overlooked. I had the pleasure of having Norb as a guest on my *radio show August 7, 2009. This was when I first learned more about the lovely couple “Marie and Norb.” I posted on the radio show segment, “They are a great example of the heart and soul of ® with their sale listings and ® beliefs.” It’s been a pleasure watching them grow their business online and reading their friendly ® selling tips on Twitter. And now the release of their book Getting Sold on ®! I became absorbed in the pages of Getting Sold on ®, laughing along the way, enjoying Norb and Marie’s many ® adventures. I greatly appreciate the tips they’ve included in this edition and highly recommend this resource for those new to ® as well as “seasoned” sellers who desire a fun read that will teach them some new tricks. Marie and Norb, indeed a fine example of “The Heart and Soul” of ®, are still thriving, keeping the sale flow alive. Selling on ® since 1997, my motto is “There is plenty of ® for us all to be blessed and prosper!” We can appreciate Marie and Norb’s wisdom while standing by their side and also becoming ® selling successes. I thank them for their experience which will help everyone grow and prosper!
Danna Crawford
CEO/Owner: Power Selling Mom, Inc. Founder: Virtual Online Learning expert? newbie? Sold on ...teaches, explains the “business” on making an business. Whether or not you’ve been selling on for years, or just thinking about it, this book puts the how-to steps in place.
Joseph Savage
Moderator of the Facebok Group - Working - Tips & News Conversation

(Norb & Marie Novocin)
Estate sales, Inc.


*** IN OUR 18th YEAR ON ***

*** OVER 110,000 SALES ON ***

*** ACTIVE WITH (for your protection) ***

MyStoreMaps improve local and international sales.

*** OVER 35,000+ POSITIVE responseS ***
100% Positive response and we obtain a Top Seller Rating

*** OVER 14,000 REPEAT BUYERS ***


Please note: We put up a very ecclectic collection of items and are not experts in every area,
so descriptions are our best guess as to what something is. While we try to research each item to the
best of our ability, it is the buyer's responsibility to know what they are buying.


is ALL we do for a living, husband and wife (Norb & Marie) working together, while we home school our kids on our farmette in Rural Delmarva. We have worked very hard to build our little business and it is very important to us. We try and do business the old fashioned way and have a rather simple outlook.

Treat all of your customers as if they are family.

Be courteous, answer emails, be fair in all your deallings and try and make friends of each and every customer.

BUT... with 's new star rating and the rate increases in the U.S. Postal rates we needed to define and explain our methods of business.

ONE - Who We Deal With
We sell and ship world wide to anywhere, so please email us for a quote to wherever you happen to be.

TWO - Shipping Charges
We charge shipping based on the USPS system, we will sometimes ship via courier if we can get it to you within the same time frame or faster. We add a reasonable cost for materials, normally that is $2.00 for regular sized packages. For small flat items $1.00. That covers the expense of boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap, peanuts, (We only use new packing materials, life is too short to scrounge through dumpsters). For larger items that take a larger more expensive box, we charge a little more, to cover the special box, example paintings or lamps. For oversized items or items that will take special attention to package, (Build a crate, wrap a zillion things individually, etc.), we ask you to email us for a quote on shipping prior to the sale ending. If you do not, we charge the same amount as if you did. In other words WE NEVER GOUGE SHIPPING COSTS!!

TWO POINT ONE - International Shipping
We charge shipping based on the USPS international system. The rates follow the same guidelines as number two above, though for international customers we add an additional $1.00 to cover the extra paperwork involved in international shipping. If an amount goes over $50 in value we will only ship it with Priority or Express Mail, regardless how small an item. That allows for us to have international tracking. There is no tracking available on First Class Mail.

TWO POINT TWO - Insurance
's policies no longer allows us to charge the client for insurance. But... we still apply insurance to any item that goes over $27.00 in value. We reserve the right to use the insurance carrier of our choice. Sometimes that is Postal or the Carrier's Insurance and sometimes that is a private insurance company such as DSI or U-PIC/Shipsurance. If we use a private insurance company the package will not be marked insured, but it will be.

THREE - Methods of Payment Accepted
We aoffere by 's rules and try and stay abreast of their changes. We accept Paypal. Paypal also accepts the major credit cards, or we also take Credit Cards Directly over the phone, (MC, VISA, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, CARTE BLANCHE, DINERS CLUB, JCB) Bottom line, whatever method is most convenient for you.

FOUR - Time Frame To Pay
We ask all sales to be paid for in the fastest possible time frame. (This is all we do for a living and we need the money to pay the bills and buy more unique and fun items to put up on )

FIVE - Shipping Time Frame
We make every effort to ship in a timely manner. We are home schooling the boys, listing tons of items, and as like any of us are just plain swamped, so we have to schedule a special time to pack and ship. We ship on a first paid, first shipped basis. (We do not ship any item until it has been paid and the funds have cleared.) With the ebb and flow of payments we manage to get everything out of the door within one week. If there is a rush, we will make every effort to work with you in getting it out of the door faster. As you can see from our response, we do not disappoint. OF COURSE, items that need special attention, crating, etc adds to the time frame of those items.

SIX - Communication
Please feel free to contact us at anytime, with any question or comment. Unless we are out of town we make an effort to answer all emails as quickly as possible.


"getting Sold On Ebay" Book By Norb & Marie Novocin Estateauctionsinc Yqz:

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