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Gold Ore Nuggets Natural Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum Ore 10 Grams For Sale

Gold Ore Nuggets Natural Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum Ore 10 Grams

Mexico/ Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper Ore! Just so all you ore customers know, I wrote this ad, (and all my other ore ad's, all have been copied) the whole ad has been copied by almost every other ore seller out there on . I guess I'm a great writer. Maybe I should try my hand at commercial advertising! Too bad I'm unable to stop it (the plagiarizing) as most now have re-worded it, re-arranged it, (some quite cleverly!) but just know, I'm not copying, they are copying me :) I can prove it to because they can go back and look at the date I wrote my ad, and others who copied me the date they revised it. I guess I'll take it as a complement.A message to the other ore stores out there who are copying and revising my ad:
I take you all copying my ad, and you all who are copying but revising it a little, any and all of you who are using my words, as a huge compliment. It says to me that you all trust my research, my knowledge, my expertise, above your own. In a sense, you are saying to buyers out there that they can look at my store as the original, and yours as the generic, or the copy-cats...Now, one thing, you can't really copy this part and be able to say its true. Only I get to ad this part, you know, this part, saying I'm the original and you are the copy-cats.! Gold/Plat/Silv/Copper Ore
1986 (pretty sure about date located) I will always give facts as facts & all other info as I truly know it. Thanks for your understanding. You are offerding on high grade Gold ore. This particular ore is from Mexico. Found under shale in sediment beneath the sea. These high grade ores are millions of years in age. Many have fossils you can see. The history and beauty of this ore is evident! The gold, silver, platinum, copper ore in the photo is the exact one you will receive. I've taken several photos so you can get a good look at this nugget. The metals found in this ore is Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper. All of my ores (as advertised) do hold precious metals. All of my precious metal bearing ores do not necessarily have visible (naked eye, w/o loop) metals. Look at the photos, this is super high grade museum quality Gold ore, a collectors dream find! Learn all about precious metal bearing ores before you offer, I wouldn't trust words of most sellers, find out on your own, please read the following instructions on how you can learn all about ore:
For those of you who do not know much about collecting gold ore, do a search on google and look up a few keywords like, ore, gold ore, silver ore, refining ore, free milling, panning and smelting. And please look up the famous, and most misunderstood word because its been dubbed 'fools gold' by old timers who'd thought they'd striked it rich (for lack of better wording) back in the day. It's a common mistake when people who buy gold ore then see pyrite, think they've been dooped. Pyrite is often found in precious metal ores along with copper, iron, hematite, chalcopyrite (copper, iron sulfate mineral) sphalerite (zinc iron sulfate), gelena (lead sulfate. All of these are often found in quartz rock, volcanic rock, different mineral material found under shale or in sediment. All which are millions of years old. It's a fascinating process. If you buy your ore and display them on shelves or throughout your house, they are a great conversation piece. I get dozens of questions when friends come by. GOLD ORE IS A GREAT, FUN, AND NEAT WAY TO INVEST YOUR MONEY! ABOUT YOUR INVESTMENT:
I sell many pieces of gold ore on my site. All are actual GOLD ore, ( or other various types of precious metal type ores; title description will explain) some you need to refine if you are wanting to get to the precious metals, some have visible gold, silver, platinum and various other precious metals. All I sell, if you are buying as an investment, I highly recommend you keep as it is, (because most of our gold today does come from crushed ore, industry is crushing it all) and unless you are buying huge amounts (tons of it) your best money to be made, is to hold on to it. Keep it with a card, saying what type ore it is, where it was found, what year, and any other specific info you have. If you buy ore, but do not have information, it's like any other thing you'd buy for collecting and re-selling, it's going to be worthless. You'll at least need 2 things, what type ore, where its from. The more info the better, but those two are mandatory. I promise, with my ore, you'll have both of those. Most pieces, I will have more information. NOW WATCH, ALL THESE OTHER ORE STORES OUT THERE WHO KEEP COPYING MY AD'S (either almost word for word or extremely similar) THEY'LL ADD THIS TOO. Just remember this ad is from my store 1st..written by ME.... All of this. It's crazy how I'll look at other stores while searching, just to see, as competitors do.... and there's my ad taking on slightly new form.The gold, silver, platinum ore in the photo is the exact one you will receive. I've taken several photos so you can get a look at this beautiful gold ore nugget from every angle. I want you to know exactly what you are buying. I take 30 minutes to an hour on photo shoots with my nuggets. I'll take around 30 pics from every angle in various lighting.... natural, with or without flash, low and high lighting, etc. then I'll crop each one, then I choose the best 12 for your viewing. I've noticed, I'm the ONLY ore store, better yet, the ONLY one selling ore period, who takes the time, who has that kind of confidence in my ore, who does this. On top of that, I'm noticing, other ore stores THEY DO NOT offer returns....WHY NOT? I love my pieces, they truly are each unique and full of personality to me. I know each one. It won't bother me at all to refund your money and take it back. But please if you do return it, I need it back exactly the same and quickly. If you've told me you would like to return it, I give you 2 days after that day (so its almost like 3 days) to send me the tracking # so I can see its on its way. As soon as I receive it, I will refund your money no questions. If your buying from others, look to see if they'll allow you to refund in full. If they won't, why not? URGENT:
Solid gold nuggets are very rare. Be careful when offerding, don't be fooled by others claiming their ore is solid gold or silver, (this simply isn't the norm and is very rare. I'm doing this to help with my special needs children, I'm earning money to pay for therapies. The kids love my store, if you have kids, this is fun for the whole Family. You can teach them a lot about nature. Take a family trip to a cool mine somewhere. Let them find their own treasures to keep or sell, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of making their own money or enjoy starting their own collection.
THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE IN BUYING QUALITY GOLD ORE and a great neat fun investment as anything you buy to keep in a natural state is a one of a kind, and since most are crushed for gold, the value will grow in time as industry is destroying it all.Thank you for reading the item specifics and description before offerding and buying. And thank you for visiting my store :)***ABOUT MY COLLECTION***These gold ore pieces each have a meaning to me as I know each ones place of origin, what its made from, how many MANY years old they are. I really see each of my pieces as a piece of history, not a rock or potential gold, silver, platinum, copper, iron etc...but almost as a person. This may sound silly to you but that's the best part of collecting my ore. I've had every piece out on display, on hand made shelves in my smoke free home. They each have a note card with who they are and where they came from. Not that I could ever forget! I trust that you will enjoy them just the same. Please feel free to ask me any questions about any pieces you have won. If I have the answer (and sometimes the guess) I will give you my best. I will always have factual information on what type ore you are buying and from where it comes from. You will have its weight (size) if I do have any other information but am not sure about it, I will let you know that I'm not 100%. although most pieces are from my collection of ore, and I 100% know all the info, other pieces, for example, pieces that had come from family and have been in the family (great uncle) for over 100 years, this info has been passed down, I was not there on those treasure hunts and gold rush exhibitions. Wish I could've been! ****PAYMENT and SHIPPING****OUT OF USA SHIP has changed as of Jan 27 2013!!! Please note:
There is no more first class international ship, not at the parcel rate. Due to this fact, for the rest of this month, and on until March 3rd (march 3rd they are offering a new parcel rate option) the prices have gone up, DOUBLED... It went from around (average) 6.40- 6.90 up to 11.90! I will tailor my ship cost due to this unfortunate new postal rate but know I will lower it as soon as they do. (March 3 ) I suggest you order several items to make your shipping worth the cost. OR if you order under 1ounce piece (around 25grams or less) I will arrange you a lower ship of 6.90. When pkg goes from 3oz to 4 oz it goes from 6.90-11.90. Crazy, right! Please pay immediate upon winning offer, if there is a problem with payment please let me know as soon as possible. I understand when life happens. Please communicate with me. Ask me if you are in a high zip code shipping area about shipping cost, please. I have added out of US shipping. I don't mind shipping worldwide. I've checked prices for most places around the world and believe the 11.90 out of US shipping covers cost in most areas. CANADA ship:
You have a much lower out of USA ship cost, please when checking out, do not select worldwide, check CANADA.
If I'm having to cover your out of USA shipping cost by more than 4.50$ I may have to bill you for the difference. Thanks for understanding. ***COMBINED SHIPPING***
I can combine shipping if you let me know upon your winning offer. I do not EVER make money on my shipping. Not any. I've seen so many sellers do this and they'll say it's to cover time supplies etc. for ea extra item they charge an extra 1$ plus or so... If your pkg stays under 1 pound, I won't charge you anything extra because I'm not charged anything extra. I will take your whole order and whichever item has the highest ship cost, it's the whole orders shipping cost. If you have orders that go over a pound, I will start another pkg with same rules applying. I will allow ongoing offerding and allow you to wait to pay until offers are complete, but only up to 7 days total. If you have ongoing offerding but some items were paid 7 days or more, one pkg must go out. This helps with seller requirement rules. I have a lot if pride in my seller ratings and work very hard at keeping them as close to perfect as I can, not just for me, but for you. I want my customers to have the best service. If you have any questions regarding any of this please ask before placing offers, and certainly before offers close. Thank WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER ON THIS!!! response SCORES ARE IMPORTANT! ! ! I LOVE to leave GREAT response. I promise to leave your wonderful response as soon as your satisfied and you've left me mine :) I will do my response at least once a month. I sell hundreds, close to a thousand or over quarterly. I have response as a priority but my response would suffer greatly if I put it at the top of my list. I don't mind a friendly reminder if you've left your FB and you'd like me to go in and leave yours immediately. Just send it by email if your needing your FB sooner. Thanks!

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Gold Ore Nuggets Natural Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum Ore 10 Grams

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