Google Page One With Only 30 Backlinks. Best Seo Backlink Strategy To Rank High

Google Page One  With Only 30 Backlinks. Best Seo Backlink Strategy To Rank High

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Google Page One With Only 30 Backlinks. Best Seo Backlink Strategy To Rank High:

“Discover The Secrets You Can Use Right Now To Beat The Panda With This Auto-Pilot Cash Strategy And Create a Steady Income From 1 Day Set-Up Websites...”

"Google Sniping AIN'T Dead!"

Before You Buy...This is not a service. This is my SEO strategy to rank websites with few Links.

Here is a proof of rankings of one of my websites using this srategy:

If you have been around long enough to remember, cira 2008 Sniper Sites were all the rage.

They were essentially low maintenance, ultra-targeted one or two page tiny sites that would rank fast for lucrative buyer keywords.

Sniper sites have worked very well for a few years, and people made actual fortunes out of those simple 1-2 page websites.

Fast forward to mid 2001 and the dreaded Panda Update, thousands if not millions of Sniper/Made-For-Profit sites vanished from the face of Google in mere hours.

I Personally know of several close friends of mine who lost their page 1 rankings on the spot and were obliterated into the abyss of page 100+

And if you ever built a sniper site it's highly likely that you have been affected to... if that's the care or if you are still struggling with ranking your sniper sites on Google, I have good news for you...

But First... can you tell me if any of these apply to you:

Did some of your sniper sites drop in the rankings significantly (like 'overnight') recently?

Are you struggling with ranking your simple affiliate/adsense websites since the Panda update?

Are you reluctant to backlink your website the way you should in fear of being obliterated to the dreaded Google sandbox?

If this sounds like you, you're really going to get a lot from this... You see...

This is your Chance to Create Quick, Fast And Easy One-Day Websites That Will Bring You Cash For the Rest Of Your Life!

You see my research into the Panda update allowed me to understand WHY some of my sites were crushed.

And even better, I know now HOW I can reverse the trend in my favor by doing some simple tweaks that take less than a day.

I know this might sound crazy... some of you probably gave up already on ranking ultra-targeted affiliate and adsense sites... and trust me, if I were you I would be skeptical too!

But here is exactly what I've discovered:

It's still possible to create 5-6 page affiliate sniper sites in less than a day that will bring you cash on auto-pilot without further maintenance.

On page SEO has radically changed and there is a 'sneaky' way to format your site architecture that will literally force Google to rank your sites higher in the serps.

There are certain types of backlinks that you MUST AVOID at all cost to keep your site in the good favors of the search engines.

It all sounds wild... but it truly does work.

Here's Why It Works So Well

As you must have realized by now, blasting 1000's of profile backlinks to a thin affiliate site in order to get high rankings simply DOES NOT WORK any more.

You know that, I know that. We wouldn't be here if it did.

But there IS an answer... it's just not what most people think. Here is what i mean:

The Google Panda update is all about QUALITY backlinks and QUALITY content.

If you ignore this fact for one second, your sites are pretty much doomed.

Now this doesn't have to be time-consuming... you can easily outsource everything... meaning you only have to deal with your website when the checks start coming in!

Pretty cool huh?

I know this might sound like a lot to chew... especially if you've been taught about the wrong ways to build and market your websites.

It's why I decided to put everything together in a program that you can take advantage of.

I know you want to build profitable and high ranking websites... starting today!

Introducing... Taming Of The Panda!

I created the Taming Of the Panda when I realized how many people are still using outdated linking strategies and find it hard to rank for profitable keywords on Google.

And judging by the response I have received, I'm pretty sure this can help YOU too.

You see, I've put these training together so that you can create fast-ranking, no-maintenance websites that will bring cash in your pockets... FAST. You'll discover:

Exactly what type of backlinks you must use in your SEO strategy to reflect the latest quality updates on Google that you don't waste your money (and your rankings) on outdated backlink packages that people are still trying to 'force-feed' you.

Where and how to find lucrative buyers keywords that are relevant and still trending within the search so that your sites are profitable for the long-term.

How to build one-day websites from the ground-up that Google will love forever so that you don't fear for your sites future at the next update.

Why estimating competition based on the number of competing sites is a fallacy and what you should focus on instead to evaluate your competition so that you can rank tour sniper sites in weeks rather than months.

How and why you should use nested and LSI keywords to please the panda and laser-focus your website on a handful of keywords.

The exact sniper themes you should use to get maximum CTR for your Adsense / Affiliate sites and grab fast page one rankings effortlessly.

Why you only need about 5-6 pages of content to create set-and-forget websites that will bring you cash for the long run.

The rare Wordpress plug-ins you must install so that your content gets automatically interlinked and posted to the types of sites Google Actually love post-Panda.

The best way to structure your site content and Onpage SEO so that your sniper sites can pass the 'Panda" test and zoom fast to page 1.

The only kind of backlinks what are still Panda friendly (don't order another backlinks campaign before you read this)

How and where to outsource Panda Sniper sites so that you can scale up tour business and make all the cash without actually doing any of the hard work.

And although it might sound like your investment is going to tons of money... it simply won't.

Access to Taming Of The Panda is VERY low... For Now.

I know, you might be thinking that there must be a catch.

After all, i could easily keep this information for myself and quietly keep on profiting from my Sniper Sites.

Or I could charge you $97 bucks since this will put tons of money for the long term in your pocket.

But the truth is, I have been hit by Panda too.

I know how tough it can be to rank a website these days if you don't have the right strategies in place.

And I know how it feels to be missing on the money you need to help your loved ones and take care of your family.

I really want to help people make money for themselves. Helping you to actually succeed in good for my reputation. And it helps me help more people.

I am not saying I'll keep the price that low forever though.

But you won't need to worry about that. Acting fast has its rewards!

My 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!

You can get access to Taming Of The Panda totally risk-free.

I am throwing in my Iron-Clad 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee, so if you feel this product is not for you let me know and I'll send you a refund, no questions asked!

That sounds pretty fair, right?

Here is What You're Getting Today:

Inside the course you will find:

Very Exciting Brand New Information (76 pages) where I reveal how you can create ultra-targeted and low-maintenance Sniper affiliate sites which will zoom to page 1 fast and put rapid cash in your pockets.

Here is What To Do Now:

As you can see, i did my best to make this as easy as possible for you.

The strategies outlined inside are extremely simple and you can look forward to having your first sniper site online in less than a day from now.

Yasser Elnahas,

P.S. You are still here? This means that you understand that in this post-Panda Google time, strategies that worked last year do not work anymore. You also understand that creating targeted, fast ranking and profitable websites is one of the best strategies to make money online. You owe it to yourself to give the Panda Sniper strategy your best shot- especially since this is 100% risk free.

Google Page One With Only 30 Backlinks. Best Seo Backlink Strategy To Rank High:

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