Green Blue Pink Red Cherry Brown R Copper Pearl Basecoat Clearcoat Car Paint Kit

Green Blue Pink Red Cherry Brown R Copper Pearl Basecoat Clearcoat Car Paint Kit

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Green Blue Pink Red Cherry Brown R Copper Pearl Basecoat Clearcoat Car Paint Kit:

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KemBase Pearl (PGC) Basecoat Clearcoat Kit
Kit with a FULL gallon of base (choose any color below), & clear, with activators and reducers

Up for sale is a kit containing the following:

  • One full unreduced gallon of the pearl basecoat color of your choice from above
  • Two quarts of urethane reducer for the base
  • One gallon of UC-410 2K MS Performance Urethane Clear
  • One quart of activator for the clear
  • Sticks, Strainers, and mixing cups

An incredible value!

Photos don't do these colors justice! The true pearl brilliance is difficult to capture on camera. This series of colors is made with high quality automotive grade pigment and pearl dispersed to optimum color strength for maximum performance. Photos shown with 3 coats over a white sealer or medium grey depending on color of base. The base mixes 2:1 with KemFx UR Series urethane grade reducer and the clear mixes 4:1. Both activator and reducer is provided in the kit. Tech sheets outlining mixing and use will be offered with each order or download them now in our resourcecenterby clicking here:Auto PaintPrimer surfacer and colored primer sealer is also available but not included in this kit listing.

Be sure to let us know which of the colors you would like at check out. You can either add a note during paypal checkout using the "save message" linkor send us a message on .

Great for use on bikes, choppers, cars, airbrush, guitars, and other hobby items. This is an incredibly vibrant metallic color that makes an awesome finish that lasts.

Also available in other sizes. Checkour store for listings.

KemBase combines proprietary urethane reactants with premium solvents, U.V. additives, and the best pigments available to create the cool colors that cover quickly and look fantastic. Our basecoat system is easy to apply with conventional spray guns or airbrush, dries quickly to a smooth surface, easily taped, and has fantastic adhesion.

Great For:

  • · Custom Paint
  • · Hot Rods
  • · Motorcycles
  • · Flames and Graphics
  • · Hobby Projects
  • · Airbrush

CHECK LOCAL REGULATIONS FOR COMPLIANCE WITH YOUR INTENDED USE. This kit is not compliant for use in may areas in California and all of Canada and possibly other locations as regulations change. If you plan to use the product in an area that requires low VOC contact us for a special Low VOC version of this ASKED QUESTIONS*************

How much is it to add primer to this kit?

The cost depends on which type of primer you need. We offer a wide array of primer tailored for specifc applications. Here are some general recommendations:

Epoxy Primer - Required for corrosion resistance and adhesion over bare metal.

Urethane Primer Surfacer - Best for filling in small imperfections and easily sands to a smooth uniform surface.

Urethane Sealer - Great choice if your paint is already in fair condition and you don't need body work. Available in a wide range of colors to reduce base color needs and reduce visibility of stone chips and gouges.

Adhesion Promoter/Plastic Primer - If you are painting over bare plastic it is best to use a primer designed to adhere and flex with your plastic

Pricing for each type can be found in our store under the UreKem Primers link or simply click here UreKem Primers

Can I use your products with another brand's primer, clear, reducer, color etc?

It is impossible for us to test our products with every other brand of paint product so we can not guarantee it will work. Therefore, we only recommend you use our brands of products as a system.

Is this kit enough paint to do my car?

How much paint is required depends on the color you choose, the size of the vehicle you have, and how much of the vehicle you are painting. Generally speaking a car kit is typically enough to the outside of a mid sized vehicle plus 2 door jambs. If you have a larger vehicle, or you plan to paint inside the trunk, under the deck lid or hoodor engine bay you need more paint. We recommend purchasing extra to have on hand in case you need it. You can return un-opened containers for a refund less the shipping we had to pay.

Is there a faster shipping option?

Sorry, we ship liquid paint products by ground service only therefore we do not offer an expedited service. See the shipping chart below for estimated order arrival times to your area.

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Green Blue Pink Red Cherry Brown R Copper Pearl Basecoat Clearcoat Car Paint Kit:

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