Griffith Spice Jar Labels For 3-5/8" Jars Decal Fronts

Griffith Spice Jar Labels For 3-5/8

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Griffith Spice Jar Labels For 3-5/8" Jars Decal Fronts:

This is a set of labels made to fit the smaller Griffith Laboratories milk-glass spice jars. There were several styles and sizes of Griffith jars; these were made from a set that is about 3-5/8 inches tall (counting the lids), with a black fired-on label on the front and a brown paper descriptive label on the back. I rebuilt the front labels and scanned the back labels. The back labels are going to look old, as a result; they weren't perfect, and had wear and were foxed a little. If you intermix some of these labels with your old ones, I think you'll be very happy that they don't stand out as obviously new. The front labels on the originals were fired onto the glass. These are going to be water-slide decals that you cannot fire and that will soak or scrub off, but if you seal them properly (I enclose directions with all orders), you can safely wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them.
The spice names are the original 16 from my set. The front labels measure about 2-1/2 inches tall and about a inch wide at the widest point.