Electronic Book: Grimshaw "saw Filing" (disston, Simonds, Atkins)

Electronic Book:  Grimshaw

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Electronic Book: Grimshaw "saw Filing" (disston, Simonds, Atkins):


If you do not know what a pdf file is and don't want to read on your computer, do not complete this sale!!

I hate to be so pointy headed, but lately some have not read the description and later claimed they did not know this was not a physical, bound book, causing problems for both the buyer and the seller. I have sold many copies of this electronic book and have the response to prove it.

Up for offer is a high quality reproduction of the Grimshaw book, "Saw Filing". This electronic book is sold viadownload. Please understand that nothing will ship to your home other than an electronic file that you will receive by download from our web server. This ebook is compatible with both Microsoft and Apple systems. If you can open up a pdf acrobat file (version 7 and later), you can read this ebook.

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Many have heard of the work by Grimshaw called "On Saws". Relatively scarce is this companion volume which tells the reader everything Grimshaw knows about filing saws.

This is the third edition of his work, copyrighted in 1912, although the original copyright is 1882. With 133 numbered pages, complete with index, this book is a fascinating record of saw filing technology at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Grimshaw covers virtually everything that you might be curious about for not only hand saws, but also circular mill saws, band saws, two man cross cut saws, meat saws and many others. Topics with detailed explanations include how to straighten blades, make a circular saw run true, polish a rusted blade using simple materials, select files, use files, fold a band saw blade for shipment just scratch the surface.

A mechanical engineer, Grimshaw wrote this book to inform and advise tradesmen of the day how to maintain their tools. Even if you never intend to pick up a file, there are a lot of topics which will interest and educate you. A great book which you will come back to again and again.

The original volume measures approximately 4" by 6" with a gold embossed cloth bound cover and is reproduced full size. A must for any serious saw filer!

This electronic book is delivered viaweb downloadin secure Abobe PDF format. Purchase entitles the original purchaser to read it for life.Once downloaded and licensedit isnot transferable or refundable.

Compatible with Microsoft and Apple pcs, can be printed with watermark.

Electronic Book: Grimshaw "saw Filing" (disston, Simonds, Atkins):

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