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Hawaii ..... Beneath The Waves Dvd ..... Hawaiian Television Aquarium Tv For Sale

Hawaii ..... Beneath The Waves Dvd ..... Hawaiian Television Aquarium Tv








now, here's all that boring stuff about shipping and etc.

Shipping Insurance required on all invoices totaling $ 15.00 or more ... sales showing $ 1.00, or less, shipping charge includes insurance if the item value is over $ 15.00.

By the way ... combined shipping (5 day period) does exist within My Special Paradise.

Underneath The Mango Tree

Sung By Billie Love



PURCHASING ..... All purchases must be paid, in full within 5 days. We prefer payments to be paid through PayPal. Those that do not pay, for the items they have won, will be blocked from future sales / listings. This is done in hopes to ensure that when you offer on an item, you actually have a chance to win the itemwithout some idiot coming along and playing games. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!

PACKAGING ..... We take great care in packaging/shipping all items! Mainly because there are some real stoopid sellers out there that have shown us how not to pack items! It makes no sense to purchase an item and receive it damaged due to cheap shipping methods with no safety measures taken to assure the item has a chance to arrive to you in the condition it was in when you paid for it.

My Special Paradise SupportsSmileTrain

SHIPPING .....items aregenerally shipped on a DAILY BASIS, Mondays thruFriday ... however, if I am incapacitated, due to a spinal injury from 1986, a gift from myabusiveex- ..... it may take up to 48 hours to ship your item(s).I am a disabled person that refuses to live on disability payments ... been there, done that, thanks, but no thanks!As for Saturdays ... our country Post Offices are only open for an hour, or so, on Saturdays, so ... I do try my very best to deal with that the best I can. Please understand that I am also a buyer, and I know how important it is to get your item as quickly as possible, and in good condition ... for this reason, I DO NOT SHIPFIRST CLASS. First Class offers no insurance, no tracking, and it sometimes takes weeks to get your item, in God only knows what condition! So, please do not ask for First Class ... you may like the price, but everyone, and I do mean everyone, hates the delays that sometimes runs more that 30 days! I primarily ship PRIORITY INSURED ... and I do seek the cheapest way of using Priority! I have an excellent reputation for being an honest er that goes that extra mile for other ers, and I am very proud of that reputation, but things can go wrong, and, if they do, I only hope that you will be understanding and contact me with your concerns. I also have a great reputation of refunding EXCESS SHIPPING CHARGES ... if you find that you paid more for shipping than what I paid, and you did not get a refund, please contact me ... I am not perfect, I can make mistakes too! In regards to INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ... the Postal Services, here and abroad, sometimes sucks pimentos! If I put a magazine in a Priority Mail Envelope, I can ship for under $ 15.00 ... BUT, I can not insure the item! If I put the same magazine in a box, for safer shipping, they want to charge a small fortune for shipping! Get it? Got it? Good! So, when you see a huge shipping price, it includes insurance, and ... if I can get it shipped any cheaper, I will refund amounts over .99 cents (in whole dollars), guaranteed!I have lost a lot of money when it comes to shipping, and I am trying to rectify that problem. No business can succeed when items are uninsured and have disappeared somewhere between Hawaii and outer Mongolia. For that reason, TRACKING IS MANDATORY! If you do not get a tracking number ... please inform us of this! By the way, items not listed as being sold internationally are listed that way due to one of two reasons ... high shipping charges and/or insurance limitations made by your country. now charges sellers a percentage of the shipping charges, therefore shipping prices have been raised to accommodate those fees.

COMBINED SHIPPING ..... One thing many buyers do not think of, and I was guilty of this too, is that the Post Office charges by weight and size of the package, which makes it a necessity to add a handling fee per item. Combined shipping does not mean free ... it means that you pay less shipping for other items bought at the same time, and all are shipped together in the same package. Of course, one would not pack a fragile item in the same box as a heavy item, so that would be the exception to the rule. Another exception to the rule would be size. If you bought a bottle of Perfume that would fit in a small flat rate box, you would have a shipping charge of about $ 5.95. However, if you added another bottle to you purchase, then we are talking a larger box, and the shipping charges would be higher. A very good example would be something that happened recently ... a woman in Japan bought a bottle of cologne ... I sent her an invoice for $ 15.70 shipping ... the price to ship in a small flat rate box to Japan. Then she said she wanted to buy another cologne, which was a larger bottle, and could not be shipped in a smal box, but would have to be shipped in a medium flat rate box ... but ... she wanted comined shipping with the smaller bottle. Well, I explained that it was not possible, and we sent her a screen shot of the USPS prices for a medium flat rate box ... we re talking $ 43.00 plus insurance! She opted not to buy the other bottle of cologne, and we totally agreed with that decision. Not all items are available for Combined Shipping ... so contact us before offering, then we can discuss the shipping charges for all that you wish to purchase. Remember, we do our best to ship as cheaply as possible ... but we will only ship in a manner that your items are insured, do not take weeks to get to you, and arrive in good condition because the item was not shipped in a box that was too small to protect your purchase. As for combining different types of item ... e-mail me ... let me know what you want, and how many, plus your zip code or destination country ... I will then create a private listing for you. This is something I do all the time for people.

HANDLING FEES ..... we should mention here that handling fees include packing materials to assure safe delivery to you, as well as traveling charges to the Post Office. Do not allow sellers to charge you handing fees for something they slip into an envelope and send to you ... unless there is something used to keep that envelope from being bent or folded. We suggest you make sure that your items are insured, even more so when it comes to breakables, collectibles, and anything costing you over a certain amount, an amount of your choice. We automatically tell buyers that anything over $ 15.00 must be insured ... no exceptions! And that fee is automatically incorporated into the shipping fee, by rules. When you see an item that we say ships for $ 1.00 ... that includes all insurance charges! There is a lot of money spent on operating an business. Fees to , fees to PayPal, State Taxes, Federal Taxes, Shipping Supplies, and the list goes on and on. For these reasons I state that EXCESS SHIPPING is refunded over 99 cents in whole dollars. That 99 cents goes towardsthe cost of shipping labels, tape, ink, stiff boards, bubblewrap, and so much more.

FREE GIFTS ..... We do send every visitor a complimentary bag of Hawaiian Island Tea, a random flavor is chosen.We may also include a sample of a Gourmet Hawaiian Hard Candy (random flavor) with your purchase, depending if a box or envelope is used for shipping. All of these items are things that we partake of on a daily basis, and offer for sale ... because we enjoy them so much, and want others to enjoy them too. Just because you do not live in Hawaii, that does not mean you have to do without some of the wonderful flavors of the islands. PLUS we do have a reputation of slipping in a little something extra, a surprise, every once in a while. Its just a little extra good karma sent your way, because that is what gifts are ... GOOD KARMA! But only if given unconditionally, with no expectations other than to bestow a smile upon someone's face!

REQUEST ..... By the way ... if there is something that you have been searching for, perhaps something you missed buying on a vacation to the islands, or have heard of, or have got to have more of ... let us know and we will see if we can attain it for you. Hey, you're worth it!

response ..... response is extremely important to both Sellers and Buyers ... and ... should be given with caution. If you are unhappy with a Seller, or a Buyer, and you have no intentions of ever doing business with that person ever again ... come hell or high waters can leave a NEGATIVE response. However, if you intend to keep doing business with aSeller, in the future,do not leave a negative ... why? Because mostsellers block Buyers that have left them bad response! So, you really need to be careful what you leave in the way of response. Yes, I block anyone that leaves me bad response ... unless I actually do deserve the negative! I can give you an excellent example. I sell a lot of Marilyn collectibles ... including my own tributes to her. I had a buyer that I liked... seemed to be a very nice young man ... until he blew-up over what he deemed to be rediculously high prices for magazines. Now, I explain to people that the prices I paid are the prices I sell for, plus / PayPalfees.Anyhoots ... this person blew-up ... was extremely rude... so, to end the abuse, I blocked the person. Months later ... the person e-mails me because of a Franklin Mint Reflection repaint has caught the Buyer's eye. This person tells me that I should not be so sensitive, and let by-gones be by-gones, so he can buy the new statue. He doesn't apologize ... he just continues to try to make me feel guilty.The bottom line ... the guy remains blocked ... not because I do not like him ... but because I do not need the drama!So, people, BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE YOU DO BUSINESS WITH ... DO NOT BURN BRIDGES THAT YOU KNOW YOU WILL HAVE TO TRY TO REBUILD AGAIN IN THE FUTURE! Oh, by the way, treats NEUTRAL response as a negative! So, be careful with that one too! P.S. I leave response once I receive response from someone.

BLOCKED buyers ..... Now to the uncomfortable stuff ..... if an item is not paid for within 7 days, and the Buyer does not reply to an e-mail, automaticaly opens a case against the buyer on the eighth day. If the buyer still does not pay for the item (within a week), then places a Non-Payment Mark against the buyer. Some sellers will not sell to those that have these marks against them ... we automatically block anyone we have had problems with ... that includes other sellers. We have no time to waste on dishonest, or problematic, people. As a seller/buyer, in support of other sellers/buyers, we do not allow an account with Non-Payment marks against it to offer on our sales ... in this way, all Buyers can feel secure in offerding and winning the sale, and not losing an item due to a dishonest Buyer. And, believe me, there are plenty of jerks out there ... and we block them as soon as we run into them! Mainly, because they cost all sellers wasted time, and financial losses that other buyers have to pay, through raised prices, or sellers could not continue selling. Once a person is blocked from buying anything from My Special Paradise, they remain blocked for a year... if a buyer is blocked due to harassments, and etc., that buyer remains blocked forever ... A SELF PESERVATION TACTIC! Keep in mind that sellers also block high-maintenance buyers, as well as those that appear to be problematic. we tend to block people that anger us ... so that we will (hopefully) not have any further problems with them ... such as acts of revenge. I should explain something here of great importance, and if you judge me as a nut case, that is your problem, but we still need to tell you. All of my close friends know, for a fact, that I have a spiritual force that guides me, and tells me truths. Laugh if you will, but all of my friends have seen the proof, many times over, and there is no question in their minds about it. This is one of the reasons that I try to be as fair as possible with everyone. Believe me, I have a few enemies around the world that literally hate me ... because they know I have something that they do not think they have ... and they think I am charmed, that everything always goes my way ... which is not true at all. I have my ups and downs, just like everybody else! I have times when anything that could go wrong ... goes 100% wrong! However, when it comes to the important stuff, like survival ... I am truly blessed ... even though that blessing may come at the very last second! And, let me say this ... everyone has an angel ... you just have to listen when they talk to you! Back to .

THANK YOU MESSAGE ..... can be a wonderful, and fun filled, experience ... and I sincerely hope your continued visits to My Special Paradise will be gratifying, and filled with the Spirit Of Aloha. Mahalo for your time, and attention. Be Well and Stay Safe!

Hawaii ..... Beneath The Waves Dvd ..... Hawaiian Television Aquarium Tv

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Hawaii ..... Beneath The Waves Dvd ..... Hawaiian Television Aquarium Tv:

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