Ham It Up V1.3: Rf Upconverter For Sdr (funcube, Rtlsdr); Mf/hf Converter R820t2 For Sale

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Product Details Manufacturer NooElec Model Ham It Up v1.3 Quantity
  • 1 fully assembled RF upconverter
Technical Details Full Project Documentation at opendous.org Independent Review at hamradioscience.com RTL-SDR Project RTL-SDR Subreddit Applications Software defined radio Product Information

Now shipping v1.3!We believe this is the best SDR upconverter available. Here is why.

Major version changes:

  • Input, output and LOfilters reconfigured for substantial sensitivity and selectivity improvements
  • New ultra low-noise linear power regulator (LP5907), withvoltage noise under 10µVRMS!
  • Optional battery-powered operationfor DXing on the go! (easy-to-assemble AAA battery holder sold separately, or roll-your-own solution with the easily-accessible battery power input vias)
  • Newside-mount LED indicators, easily visible with or without an enclosure (Green = upconvert mode enabled; Yellow = USB powered; Red = low voltage)
  • Fully-assembled broadband RF noise sourcebuilt-in (Note: SMA output jack excluded to comply with government regulations, but can be purchased separately)
  • u.FL socket (also known as IPX and UMCC)available foroptional clock injection from an external clock source, should a higher-accuracy clock be desired
  • 5 otheru.FL socket mounting footprintsfor simplified testing, troubleshooting and demonstrational purposes
  • Additional mounting holesto facilitate custom installations
  • Sturdy right-angle SMA connectorsto improve spacing tolerances and ensure physical compatibility with our machined aluminum enclosures (enclosures sold separately)
  • Redesigned for asurface-mount oscillatorto eliminate potential oscillator-desocketing issues

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to changes implemented in v1.3, enclosures built for previous Ham It Up models are NOT 100% compatible. Specifically, new end-panels are required for full compatibility with older enclosures. Along with v1.3-specific enclosures, we also carry end-panel sets to allow for installation of Ham It Up v1.3 into older enclosures. If you cannot find these in our store, please contact us!

Standard features:

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