Hand Carved Ball Jointed Wood Boy Doll & Dala Horse 6.75" By Hitty Artists A&h

Hand Carved Ball Jointed Wood Boy Doll & Dala Horse 6.75

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Hand Carved Ball Jointed Wood Boy Doll & Dala Horse 6.75" By Hitty Artists A&h:

~~Meet Berit and his Dala Horse Olaf~~
I love old used books. There is just something about holding a book in my hands that has been held and cherished bymany before me. When I look at the pages of my 1930’s copy of Hitty, Her First Hundred Years I can’t help but wonder how many other sets of eyes have read these same pages over the past 83 years. And then I wonder how many more will hold and read it after I’ve gone. Yes, old books are special; if only they could tell their story. While I don’t doubt that Kindle type devices will replace hard bound books in the not too distant future, I know for myself that I will always enjoy holding a solid, page turning, printed on paper, book! Recently I was introduced to the sweet Swedish children’s book Karl’s Wooden Horse which was first published in 1944. It’s the simple story of a young boy who falls asleep and dreams that his small wooden Dala horse becomes life size. Together they go on an adventureeven meeting a princess along the way. The story is short and the illustrations are fabulous. As anyone who has followed our dolls knows I LOVE everything horse and this cute tale inspired me to create my own little boy (Berit) and Dala style horse (Olaf) in traditional Swedish form. Berit was hand carved from Italian Linden wood by my husband/partner Ae and designed, painted and dressed by me, Holly. He stands 6.75 inches tall and is ball jointed at the shoulders and hips while his elbows and knees have straight jointing. I have hand-stitched his traditional Swedish clothing from local cotton and wool felt. Berit likes to run and ride barefoot but I have also made him some tiny felt shoes. His felt vest has tiny embroidered daisies. In the latter photos you can seeBerit's traditional coat – this was a bugger to sew and I’m not sure it fits him perfectly but have decided to include it anyway. (In the photo Berit looks a bit likeOliver Twist's the Artful Dodgerinhis long coat and top-hat :-) Olaf too was hand carved by Ae from Acacia wood and painted by me. He is our second Dala and is an indigodapple with lovely muted colors and matt glaze. Please contact me if you have any questions. If you’re interested in reading more about us, take a look at the October 2012 digital issue of Dolls Magazine:
We ship via Registered First Class International mail. The cost is $19 and takes about 14 working days. We can also ship express mail which costs about $40+ and takes 4 to 8 working days. Payment is expected w/in 2 days of the sale ending and we will ship w/in two working days. Our dolls come from a smoke free but dog loving home. That said, the poochie bellas are not allowed in the doll studio.
We get a lot of questions about us and our dolls. Ae and I have been collaborating on wood projects since 2004 and started making dolls for other people in 2008. In 2011, my dear friend Janice suggested that Ae and I make Hitty dolls and sell them on . To be honest, I had never heard of Hitty. I Googled a few photos and decided I really wasn’t crazy about that doll and we also weren’t used to making such tiny dolls. Janice convinced me I would at least like the book Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, so I read it. And she was right! I completely fell in love with Hitty. All I wanted to do was make Hitty dolls and take them traveling around the world and tell their tales. So that’s how we got started in the making of little dolls….

Hand Carved Ball Jointed Wood Boy Doll & Dala Horse 6.75" By Hitty Artists A&h:

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