Hand Made Unfinished Song Brand 1/4 Cello,white Cello #10374

Hand Made Unfinished Song Brand 1/4 Cello,white Cello  #10374

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Hand Made Unfinished Song Brand 1/4 Cello,white Cello #10374:

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Hand made Unfinished SONG Brand 1/4 cello,white cello #10374

Best European spruce top

Beautifulmaple back

Hand carved withbest workmanship

Best model and Best big air cubage

BestEuropean spruce top

Best flamed mapleback

Best Spruce Top with the even grain, Natural dried20 years

Best Flamed maple Back , Neck and Ribs, Natural dried20 years

Excellent Condition- no cracks, no repairs, no damage

TheCellowere produced by Song Chung Musical Instrument Co.LTD ,They are made all by hand withperfect workmanship and beautiful sound. We select highest quality nice european spruce top which have smooth grains. The maple back, neck and ribs are clean and beautiful which have good flames, The purfling is inlayed. The peg holes and the endpin hole have been drilled, but it maybe need to drill again, so thatmatched to pegs and the endpin.

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it will be picking with triangular Cardboard box. Please group purchases for best shipping discounts.

Overall length:36 1/2"

The belly length: 23"

Upper bout width: 10 3/8"

Middle bout width:7 1/4"

Lower bout width: 13 3/8"

The middle thickness of the rib is: 3 1/2"

We use EMS, China ’s international expedited shipping service, for the door-to-door shipping.

Song Chung Musical Instrument Co. Ltd., is a family owned and operated company that was established in early 1990s in Hebei Province , China . All our string instruments – violins, violas, cellos and basses are hand-made by Master Song Tieji and his apprentices. We have access to the best wood in China ’s virgin forests that is then naturally dried for fiveto twenty years. And the spruce top, maple back, sides and the scrolls of all our violins are hand-carved. The Song violins are well received in both China and all over the world. Our violins not only produce rich and magnificent tones but are beautiful in their appereances.

We can also provide customers SONG violins of different grades and different sizes(4 / 4, 3 / 4, 1 / 2……). Order quantities will get the maximize benefits. We also can be customized according to your request production of different styles (including Guarneri and Stradivari ) professional and solo violin. Your 100% satisfaction is our responsibility. SONG high-quality violin factory strict testing has been done, without any adjustment can be performed.

If you aren’t satisfied with it in any way, you can return it to us within three weeks after purchase for 100% refund minus the shipping costs. And we offer you lifetime free repair (shipping cost excluded).

Hand Made Unfinished Song Brand 1/4 Cello,white Cello #10374:

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