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Handmade Zatoichi Straight Shirasaya Katana Sword Sharp For Sale

Handmade Zatoichi Straight Shirasaya Katana Sword Sharp

Please call us at (213)252-1900 M-F: 11 AM - 6 PM PST Handmade Zatoichi Straight Shirasaya Katana Sword Sharp

Attributes of the Weapon:

Blade: The blade of the sword is constructed from carbon steel and features a visible temper line. This blade is unique for swords within this price range because the blade is handmade, evidence of this can be seen in the kissaki (or tip of the sword) which has a tapered design and boshi. The sword comes very sharp, but it has the capability to be sharpened further if desired (we send the swords as are). The blade is full tang and comes with a straight edge design.

Saya (Scabbard): The saya is wooden with a dark stained finish. The saya has been crafted to contour the shape of the blade. And fits seamlessly into the handle.

Tsuka (Handle): The handle is the same stained wood as the saya. When the sword is sheathed the handle and saya look like one solid piece. The handle has been crafted to contour to the tang of the sword, and the shape of your hands. A single pin secures the tang in the handle of the sword.


  • Overall Length: 39.125 "
  • Blade Length: 28.25 "
  • Handle Length: 10.5 "
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Blade: Very Sharp

ABOUT USAt Ace Martial Arts, our staff members are carefully trained to recognize that each order is not JUST a package to be shipped - each order comes from the most important part of any transaction: the customer.We placed our contact/location information on our heading, and many other places in order ensure that we are easy to reach, should anyone need to speak to us regarding their order.Although online prices are less than what can be seen in stores and department stores, we do not want to cut back on the services. We want to still offer friendly and sincere service from our carefully trained men and women devoted to customer service. So please, take advantage of their availability so we can deliver the service you deserve.We are not just a shadow hidden behind some virtual email, we have an actual physical store with people working to provide the best service.Furthermore, our physical location allows for local pickups or exchanges if you require such services. You can just come and pick up or exchange your order if you live in the local vicinity.207 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90004 - - (213) 252 - 1900 - - Please visit our About Us page. SHIPPINGThere are two steps for all orders: [1] Processing time (1-5 business days) and [2] Shipping time (1-7 business days). Please remember to add both when estimating when you should receive your item. All orders are shipped with UPS, USPS, or FedEx. The shipping for your order will be selected accordingly.

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Handmade Zatoichi Straight Shirasaya Katana Sword Sharp

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