Hard Plastic Case 11x11x8 Box Military Gp First Aid Kit

Hard Plastic Case 11x11x8 Box Military Gp First Aid Kit

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Hard Plastic Case 11x11x8 Box Military Gp First Aid Kit:

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Manufacturer: EPC

Engineered Plastics Company of Philadelphia PA

Type of case:Injection Molded Plastic Case

Military General Purpose First Aid Kit Box

Empty Case NO First Aid Supplies Are Included

My actualApproximate Measurements (in inches, Length x Width x Height) are:

Case OD:11 x 10 1/2 x 7 1/2

Case ID:9 3/8 x 8 7/8 at top Tappered to 8 5/8 x 8 at bottom 7 deep

Shipping dimensions:11 x 11 x 8

Shipping Cube:49

(Shipping Cube is Girth plus Length)

Weight in lbs:3-4



Green paintedHardware

6Cam Latches

2 are fixed and hold lid to main body

1 carry handle

Weather Gasket Seal set in Grooved lid

Red Cross is painted on

First Aid kit raised lettering is molded in.

Appearance of case or lot:

Brand New Unused but listing as Usedbecause of the poor condition if original packaging.

Original packaging is water damaged from outsideon storage and rained on

They are Packed 4 to the Master case,
Multiples of 4 would be best for combined shipping

Damage: none

Quantity Available:500+ (at time listing was created)

About My Dimensions

Inside Dimensions are max of the case without anything in it, No Foam.

Outside Dimensions are max with all bumps and handles.

Shipping dimensions is the max OD rounded up to the next inch as the shipper will do.

Weight is as shown with whatever is in it and may not be an accurate reflection of the true weight of the case if it were empty.

These dimensions are my eye on a tape measure (not a micrometer).

This is aUsed Shipping Box / Case

From military or industrial surplus sources.

It is sold in usable condition.

Unless specifically noted, all hardware latches, hinges, ect are in working order.

They usually have writing and remnants of old shipping stickers and markings on them.

The picture may be a representative from the lot or the actual case you receive.

Manufacturer Description and Info:


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Hard Plastic Case 11x11x8 Box Military Gp First Aid Kit:

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