Haunted Estate Collection Vintage Plaster Wall Hanging "pan" Paranormal Item

Haunted Estate Collection Vintage Plaster Wall Hanging

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Haunted Estate Collection Vintage Plaster Wall Hanging "pan" Paranormal Item:

guy is very much a mystery. I have VERY LITTLE information on this piece, and so I honestly do not know if this might be a darker spirit, I cant guaranteehe is safe for all homes. It is entirely POSSIBLE that this is a wonderful benevolent being, but just as possible that he is NOT.
Please choose this item with care. And PLEASE...if you choose him, be willing to accept whatever may come. This estate sale is serious business and these objects are authentic spirited and/or otherwise paranormal relics. I offer a generous return policy and I do not mind taking a return for a good reason. If you choose a HAUNTED item from me, you will GET a haunteditem. If it is too scary...remember, I warned you. I do not think returningan item becauseit turned out to be exactly what I said it was...is a good reason. This little tiradeof mine is directed at first time/one time buyers. Questions? Ask me!
Ok. SO - this interesting piece is crafted of plaster and finished to look like stone. I think the detail is fantastic. It is not a terriblylarge piece, about 7 x 6 x 4. It dates to probably 1970's or 80's. I THINK this is a depictionof the God Pan. Not certain.
This guy is one of about 25 items that Maggie inherited. Later in this listing, I share what I know about the man who left theseitemsto her. I think it is important for anyone who chooses this item to read what I have to share about him.
Before that....Maggies note, which just leaves questions. I never saw this guy in Maggies house, so he was probably in storage.
She wrote - "Stumped. Trickster, deceptive, but it is it deceit? Someonethought it was Demon, Satin himself. Wrong, but he delights in the misconception. Manifest deep laugh, dont know if Mags just gave up on this one, or if she meant to continue the documentation.
I actually LIKE this piece, for some reason. There is something almost whimsical in the energy?
Woth taking a chance on, I feel...for certain not skittish read about where and how this item came into Maggies possession. This informationis repeated from two prior listings,and will be shared again over the next months with more items, as I unpack them. I have other items to offer in between.
This is one of several objects I brought home from a storage unit a few days ago. I brought home 3 itemsof about 25 haunted or otherwise paranormalobjects...that Maggie inherited all at once from one estate back in the mid 1980's. Several amazing mirrors!!
The estatewas that of a man Maggie had known for many years, but with whom she had lost touch in the late 1990's. She instructedme not to share his surname, out of privacy and respect to his many living relatives. I will call him Doc, here. Doc held several PHD's, including philosophy, archaeology and divinity. He was a working professor at an Ivy Leaguecollege. His fields of study, led him to write and lecture on "the esotericand arcane". He also was a prolific collector of occult, paranormaland supernatural objects. Many of his items went to museums upon his death.
At some point in Doc's life journey...he went to live in a "Spiritualist Community", according to Mags. He took up a life that many mediums take up....setting up shop to connect folks with lost loved ones and/or other spirits.
This is really interesting...Doc was NOT an actualmedium, BUT - he had acquiredenough tools and artifacts, as well as wisdom/knowledge to genuinely deliver on this! THIS mirror, is one of those tools!!!
Maggie spent a great deal of time with Doc between the 60's and early 90's. He interviewed her for his works and she helped him identify spirited or otherwise...items in his collection.
She was surprised and humbled when she learned of the items Doc bequeathed her.
I will be offering some fantasticpieces here over the next months from the Docs collection. I will do my BEST to describe the items and attributes. The written information I have is good, but not as detailed as it might be, had Maggie been led to each piece herself.
I am about to be gone for the evening, "incommunicado"...but questions welcome.Thank you for looking.

When purchasing items from "Maggie's House", please consider youracquisitionas an ADOPTION!If you are unhappy with your item, I ask that you return it to me for a full refund.Ihave been blessed with some of the most wonderful , here that I could ever have hoped for. Please purchase with good intention and an open mind!About Maggie's House Estate Sale
In 2011 my dear friend Maggie, a respected and beloved spiritual medium left this world peacefully, at the age of 89. Maggie spent a lifetime accumulating unusual items, items that shebelievedhave active attachments. Items that called to her, or came to her doorstep. She lived in the same little old house in my neighborhood for the last 52 years of her life. In her younger days she was an avid estate sale hunter and sale goer. She actively sought out items that she felt needed a "good home". She also did readings and home visits. She never charged for her services. Many of the items were given to her for safe keeping or as gifts. Spending the day or evening at Maggies house was always filled with mystery and activity, some of it confounding and sometimes,admittedlya little spooky! I met Maggie in 1994 while volunteering at local womens center, where Maggie was a devoted volunteer. Getting to know her was life changing experience for me. I came to view the universe in a completely different light. I spent the last years of Maggies life keeping her company and helping out with things around the house pretty much every day. We would spend hours and hours talking about many of the items in her collection and the history....and...the particular spirit attached to them, or what she was trying to figure out about a particularly mysterious item. She said sometimes these spirits communicated right away, others....she had to wait to find out who they were. It was fascinating. She was a brave and wonderful woman. About 2 years before her death, Maggie asked if I would take her beloved collection when she was gone and re home her tenants. Living with this collection has been VERY INTERESTING! It sometimes feels like my whole house is haunted, but I know it is not. It is the spirits "visiting" their beloved belongings. Maggie told me she believed that most of these spirits are not bound to the earth, some are, but most simply like to visit and spend time. A "visit" can last years or only weeks at a time, but they always come back time and again. I am not explaining it as well as Maggie. Each estate item I will list for sale certainly has value in and of itself, but they all come with a "bonus". When I say - spend one night in my house! And people have...and there are many more non skeptics out there now! Maggie had only one living relative, a grand daughter. This young woman is very sensitive and sweet but being around spirit activity is veryfrighteningto her. She and Ihaveagreed that i will sale off some of this collection and use the proceeds for a private, butbenevolentendeavor. I am not a good photographer. Please ask for more photos or information if you like. Ask me any questions. I havecopiousnotes and lists on this collection and will do my best. I am NOT a medium. I am, however, as Maggie put it, very open and sensitive. I have had direct interaction with many, many spirits visiting my home. Most....and in all honesty...not all.....but most...seem to be harmless. Many of the items will come in "spirit" boxes. Maggie stored many many smaller items on bookshelves in these boxes. I am bound by this site say that I am selling only an item. I make noguaranteesof any intangible attributes. I will always take returns and offer full refunds if you are notsatisfiedfor any reason with your new addition. I welcome questions and will do my very best to answer, but some of these items have nowrittenhistory and I can only relate my own experience or what has been told to me. Please be serious and responsible when considering taking one of these very special items into your home. Thank you!What Maggie taught me and what I am now a firm believer in is this. When our physical bodies cease to function, the essence of us, our spirit, our soul, continues on with the journey. In life, as human beings, we become attracted to and attached to our "stuff". We have objects that we covet. It may be an item that holds good memories, or a gift from a loved one. Sometimes we keep even the items that may hold sadness for us. The blanket of a departed child or a belt that was used to hurt us. A departing spirit often becomes attached and/or attracted to an item that was somehow significant in a death. A stolen wallet or piece of jewelry, a cup that held the poison or the hammer that struck the blow. I believe it is more common place than any of us can imagine, how many inanimate objects have the constant or frequent accompaniment of a departed soul that the item was important to. Maggie was certain that more often than not, there is a definite purpose to an attachment. The object may be destined to go to a person who needs the benefits of a certain energy, sometimes many years down the road. Other times, a spirit is lost and seeking comfort and guidance. And quite often...a spirit is simply drawn to a beloved item from a former life because they like it. Maggie believed that most can freely pass between "realms" and are rarely stuck here. That being said, many of the items in Maggies collection are stuck or...choose not to leave for one reason or another. Our sense of time cannot really be related to "their" sense of time.
I am required by this site to state that I make no claims of or promises of intangible attributes and I am selling an object only. The content of the listing is forentertainmentpurposes only. Please be 21 to purchase.

Haunted Estate Collection Vintage Plaster Wall Hanging "pan" Paranormal Item:

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