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During the villagers’ revolt against the war on sea raiders, King Cormac was almost murdered in his own keep, revealing the vulnerability of the ruling family. The king quickly decided to build a modern babel; a castle so large and so fortified that none would dare take arms against it. He chose a valley in the center of the kingdom, nearest the source of the revolt. After the woods were cleared and preparations were made, the king ordered a hundred-foot deep foundation laid for his castle. What he didn’t know was the existence of the underground goblin nation in the region; as goblins poured out against the intruders, a new war began. After all but eliminating the goblins, the king’s castle was continued. Ten years later, King Cormac has invited nine of his nation’s heroes to join with him in the first feast of Castle Babel. What the nine guests did not expect was the arrival of a second set of nine, or the news of the King and Queen’s death.Your game is a three-round classic murder mystery – a “whodunnit”, if you will – for 18 players. “Heroes and Monsters” lasts approximately three hours and is best played around meal time, with the meal being served after the first round, and being eaten during the second round. It is as much fun to play without the meal; it is suggested, however, that everyone sit around a table or room, not scattered about.
Each file is emailed to you as a PDF file attachment with the purpose of being opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Everything you need for the game is provided for you to be printed in black-and-white. Save for cutting booklets and evidence to size, everything is ready for immediate usage.In addition to the instructions, you will have the following attachments in the email:
-Character Booklets
-Invitations/Reminder Cards
-Character DescriptionsCharacter Adelaide
If the King couldn’t have a son, Adelaide was the next best thing. Agile, strong, and commanding, Princess Adelaide carried all the grace of her mother with the determination and strength of a warrioress. Seen equally with a flower or a sword, Adelaide is not to be tested.Countess
Countess Alina Von Einhart
Alina Von Einhart grew up in the lonely mountains on the outskirts of the kingdom. At first meeting, most consider her distant and cold. Adelaide, who grew up with Alina, knows her to be direct, honest, and kind. When Alina’s parents disappeared during the revolt several years ago, Alina assumed her family’s role of Countess of Einhart.Adventurer
Sacra Bedeweir
Bedeweir is known throughout the kingdom as the man who slayed Fenrir the wolf, captured the leader of the revolt, and beats his own record of gathered Goblin ears for bounty annually. While his political views keep him out of the army, he is handsomely paid by the king for anything the army can’t do.Knight
Sir. Eustace “The Sheep” Baerdin
Sir Eustace – “Sheep” to his friends and fellow knights – is well known and loved within the kingdom. While his heroics lack the luster of the traditional knight, his wit and sense of humor are unmatched. If the tournament starts and you don’t see Sheep, look in the stands; he prefers jesting with maidens over jousting with knights.Villager
Alma Furnival
Alma Furnival’s village is the only one which did not participate in the revolt – thanks to Alma. Her strong words swayed the crowd against revolt, and when one man dared to push her out of the way, he was fished out of the river the next day. Fiercely loyal to the king, Alma is the west’s eyes and ears of the is said to be the last of the Tuatha Dé Danann. As an ancestor of Mainchenn, Yse can heal or kill with the most unassuming plants. She has never failed to cure or revive any who have come or been brought to her cove. In return, she expects only respect for the earth and its children.Seafarer
Redway Murdac
The Red Herring, as Redway Murdac is known, is the first of his kind. He single-handedly transformed the fishing villages of the west into a series of thriving trade stops with exotic goods. Red Herring’s latest project has been of epic proportions: the construction of a shipyard capable of launching vessels ten times the size of the outfitted fishing boats currently used.Dryad
Estrangia Willowroot
Estrangia Willowroot is a mystery to the kingdom. As a dryad, she shifts from tree to woman form. Seen first by Ysenda, their connections to nature have fostered a great friendship. Estrangia has become the face of the woods of the south, and implores the nation to preserve her sister dryads and her brother tree-ents.Siren
Lorelei Kaimana
If beauty had a form, Lorelei would be it. Lorelei has little regard for who passes in her domain. Whether by song or form, she lures any who wander the waters or banks, and pulls them to their graves. It is said that every wave could be Lorelei; every splash, her return to watery form, from which she watches, waiting for her next victim.Gypsy
Fortunata Bauquemare
Fortunata comes from the moores of the east, and that is all which is known about her past. In conversation, she is charming; in reputation, thieving. Fortunata is seen whenever the army moves, whenever traders pass through, and whenever valuables are mentioned. Never caught, always suspected, Fortunata has made a name for herself as the only shadow with a face.Viking
Snorri Moongarm
Snorri Moongarm hails from the far north, and is a bane to all coastal villages. If a village is unheard from in weeks, it is likely to have been visited by Snorri. While she doesn’t kill often, her cruelty incites such a fear of return that victims are rendered silent. Her trademark is a slaughtered bull’s head placed in the highest seat in the village, be it judge or ruler.Mad Scientist
Aylmer Warland
Aylmer Warland is sane; his mind is a machine, his methods are meticulous, his focus un-breakable, and his goals un-natural. In fact, what worries most people is how sane he is. Compared to his sanity, the world is insane. Compared to his sanity, life is random and chaotic. Compared to his sanity, the world needs purged.Vampire
Count Braeylon
Count Braeylon recently arrived to the kingdom, quickly occupying a reportedly haunted abandoned castle. Braeylon developed a reputation for flare, drama, and death. Twice, his entire castle of servants have revolted; twice, a mass funeral was held and Braeylon paid his respects. Unheard of, often unheard from, the Count is left to himself, leading to rumors that supernatural powers allow him to fly, heal, and kill with a bite.Goblin
Darx Sicklaugh
When the king ordered a foundation a hundred feet deep for his new castle, he didn’t expect to find life underground. Most of the goblin race was killed in the battles, leaving Darx without home or family. Said to have powers over thorns, pests, and wind, Darx is often blamed for drought, pestilence, and fires.Ghost
Lord Greathowl the Former
Lord Greathowl was a boisterous, outspoken ruler, greatly adverse to almost any decision the king made. When Greathowl disappeared, no one spoke out, but most guessed the truth; murder. When the king began construction of the new castle, a specter claiming to be Greathowl the Former caused havoc. After a visit by Father Darby, the ghost vanished, but was whispered to be felt present still.Zombie
Rend Bonelurker
The kingdom has fought many fronts during the current kingship; goblins, raiders, and revolts. Baron Lukrae was the most well-known victim of the latter. Personally fueling the villagers’ revolt, he managed to storm the King’s faulty keep only to be stabbed by the queen. Never buried or burned, Lukrae was raised by unknown forces to continue the fight. Immortally undead, Baron Lukrae is now known as Rend Bonelurker, the blood-thirsty zombie who roams the roads.Construct Monster
Prometheus is all the world feared of science; life without conscience, strength without reason. Prometheus was the first great creation of Aylmer Warland; when the corpse-sewn creation came to life, it broke free and began to fulfill its every impulse. Prometheus has a strange attraction to music and fire, and on more than one occasion, has been drawn to festivals and celebrations with tragic outcomes.Witch
Lilura “Lilly” Ahti
Lilly Ahti – spoken of only with hesitancy in all but the most evil circles – is a witch known to have connections to creatures and powers both ungodly and uncontrollable. As a hag, she has connections with the goblins, ogres, and trolls. As a medium, she consorts with the dead. As a witch, she conjures evil in the minds of all these. Lilly is considered the second-most dangerous woman in the kingdom

© Nathaniel Douthit- August 2011 This game is an original work of fiction by the author. Any resemblance to real people, characters or events is purely co-incidental.

Heroes And Monsters Murder Mystery Dinner Party For 18

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Heroes And Monsters Murder Mystery Dinner Party For 18:

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