Historic Native Gold Electrum Comstock Lode, Nevada

Historic Native Gold Electrum Comstock Lode, Nevada

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Historic Native Gold Electrum Comstock Lode, Nevada:


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Native Gold var. Electrum

Comstock Lode, Virginia City, Storey Co., Nevada

5.1cm x 3.6cm x 3.46cm

Description/Interesting Notes:

A fantastic example of native gold and silver from this historic locale!!! The discovery of the Comstock Lode was made public in the late 1850's and spurred the first major "silver rush" in Nevada!!! Nevada's silver boom days were effectively over by the 1870's!!! Specimens from this locality are extremely rare and examples containing native gold are exponentially more so!!! This specimen hosts a significant, hackly mass of native gold var. electrum on matrix in association with a small amount of chalcopyrite and other unidentified sulphides!!! "Electrum" is a naturally occuring alloy of native silver and native gold!!! The native gold var. electrum has a unique golden hue with a few areas of slightly lighter, silvery-gold color!!! The native gold measures over 1.25cm and is substantial and prominent!!! Nevada is known as "The Silver State" due to its rich silver-mining history and it all began in this famous district!!! Nearly all of the material from Nevada's historic silver boom was smelted making specimens extremely rare today!!! This specimen retains an old handwritten label as well!!! The pics hardly do it justice!!! Must be seen in person to be fully appreciated!!! Good luck and be sure to check out my other exciting mineral sales on !!! STAY TUNED!!! MORE sales WILL BE ADDED SATURDAY NIGHT FOR A SPECIAL 5-DAY sale, ENDING THURSDAY JULY 11th!!!

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