Honey I Blew Up The Kid '92 Original Storyboard Art Aldana Wayne Newton Sings

Honey I Blew Up The Kid '92 Original Storyboard Art Aldana Wayne Newton Sings

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Honey I Blew Up The Kid '92 Original Storyboard Art Aldana Wayne Newton Sings:

Honey I Blew Up The Kid 1992 MovieOriginal StoryboardOriginal Drawing by Carl AldanaMeasures approximately 8.5" x 11"
You are offerding on a single original hand drawn storyboard page from the 1992 comedy movie "Honey I Blew Up The Kid" starring Rick Moranis! This page is an original charcoal drawing by artist Carl Aldana! These pages are an amazing piece of movie history! Comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity!
PLEASE NOTE: This is production art that has been handled during the process of shooting the movie. It may show signs of edge wear including corner dings, creases, small tears, smudging or discoloration. Please see the photos for condition of the piece.
Movie Info:

Honey, I Blew Up the Kidis the 1992sequelto the 1989 filmHoney, I Shrunk the Kids. Directed byRandal Kleiserand released byWalt Disney Pictures, the film starsRick Moranis,Marcia Strassman,Robert OliveriandAmy O'Neill, who reprise their roles as Wayne, Diane, Nick, and Amy Szalinski respectively, as well as newcomerKeri Russellas Mandy, Nick'slove interestand babysitter of Adam, the Szalinskis' new two-year-old son, whose accidental exposure to Wayne's new industrial-sized growth machine causes him to gradually grow to enormous size.

The antagonist to Wayne and his family is Dr. Charles Hendrickson (John Shea), who wants the giant baby stopped at all costs and would like to take over Wayne's invention that is now owned by the major corporation they work for, which is in turn owned by the kind Clifford Sterling (Lloyd Bridges).

This film would be followed by one last sequel in 1997, this time We Shrunk Ourselves. A TV show would also follow the film in 1997, calledHoney, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show.


It has been three years since "nutty" inventor Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) shrunk his kids. He and his family have now relocated from California to Nevada and have welcomed a new son into the family, 2-year-old Adam. His wife, Diane, is helping their daughter, Amy (Amy O'Neill) get all settled in at college, for which she is departing. As she is gone, Wayne is supposed to look after Adam and their oldest son, Nick (Robert Oliveri).

Nick has matured since the last film. He is more interested in guitars and has a liking for a girl he meets at his job, Mandy Park (Keri Russell), although she does not feel the same way about him. Wayne takes Adam and Nick to his job at Sterling Labs, where he is the head of a project, even though Dr. Charles Hendrickson (John Shea) is trying to take over it. Wayne begins to experiment with an idea on a machine that can make objects grow. He uses Adam's toy, Big Bunny, as the test subject. As a power surge occurs that distracts both Wayne and Nick, Adam gets out of his stroller, gets in the way of the machine, and is zapped. Suddenly, the machine breaks. Dismayed, Wayne and his sons go home. Deciding to spend some time with Nick, Wayne calls in Mandy to babysit Adam.

Later on, Adam begins to grow via electric waves from the microwave where Wayne is trying to make some lunch. Wayne and Nick try to take him back to the lab, but are stopped by Hendrickson. Diane (Marcia Strassman) comes back home and is shocked to find her son 7 feet (2.1m) tall. She and Wayne drive to a warehouse to find his original shrink ray to shrink Adam back to normal size. While Nick watches him at the house, Mandy comes by and faints after seeing Adam. Having no choice, Nick then has her bound to a chair and gagged, to prevent her from running away and screaming. He unties and ungags her, only to find that Mandy goes hysterical, so Nick ties her up and gags her again. After Nick explains to her what happened and she finally calms down, Adam is then exposed to the television set, breaks through the walls of the house, and is loose on the streets, now 14 feet (4.3m) tall. Nick then unties Mandy and convinces her to help him, promising that he'll pay her overtime. Mandy agrees, and the two go looking for Adam.

At the warehouse, Wayne and Diane search for the shrink ray through tons of crates. They finally find it and leave to return home. However, Hendrickson finds out about the "big baby" and reports it to his boss, Clifford Sterling (Lloyd Bridges). He then gets several law enforcers to put Adam in a truck after finding him and taking Nick and Mandy into custody. Wayne and Diane return home with the shrink ray, only to find the boys gone and facing legal action from Hendrickson, who wants them arrested on the charges of theft, malicious mischief, and child endangerment. Hendrickson also intends that the authorities get Adam to be put to immediate testing, much to Wayne's anger. In the meantime, Adam accidentally breaks free from the truck when he grows to 50 feet (15m) tall due to high voltage lines the truck passes. Meanwhile, Sterling arrives to discuss the situation, and Wayne admits that he may be a flawful inventor but at least a good person, stating that all good inventors make mistakes all the time, and that he is willing to clean the mess up. Sterling agrees with him and gives his support to Wayne and Diane to shrink Adam back to normal size, but not before firing Hendrickson. Wayne suddenly discovers that Adam grows while he is near electricity, and Marshall Brooks tells him that Adam is headed straight for Las Vegas. After finding him, Nick and Mandy are mistaken for toys and he puts them in his pocket.

In the meantime, Hendrickson, angry at Sterling for giving his dismissal, gets one of the board members Terrence Wheeler (who happens to be a close friend of Hendrickson) of Sterling Labs to authorize an airstrike with the Nevada State Military with the usage of tranquilized cartridges. Hendrickson manages to get the clearance for the strike from the board, despite the pilot's strong objections (since the pilot doesn't believe that tranquilizing a giant baby will solve the problem; the pilot also admits to being a father of a couple of kids himself). Now 112 feet (34m) tall, Adam begins roaming the streets of Las Vegas. The citizens and visitors are stunned to see the gigantic baby inGodzillaesqemanner, but he seems to think that the likes of "Vegas Vic" and all the neon lights are some kind of playground for him. Wayne and Diane arrive in time with Sterling, but there is still a problem: Adam needs to stand still for twelve seconds for the shrink ray to work. In an effort to keep him away from the lights, Wayne gets Brooks to drive an ice cream truck to lure Adam out of Las Vegas and back to Vista Del Mar while Sterling gets all the casino lights to be turned off to ensure that the plan goes smooth. The plan is a success, and Diane convinces Wayne to enlarge her with the shrink ray, stating that although Adam will listen to his parents, as he 'knows' that his mother is larger than him, he will not register her at his current size. Meanwhile, back at Vista del Mar, Adam has approached aHard Rock Cafeand rips off the guitar from its sign, hoping to play with it. Hendrickson arrives in the helicopter and proceeds to shoot him with tranquilizer cartridges. The first shot misses him (due to the pilot's intentional maneuver), but the second hits the guitar, giving Adam a painful electrocuting shock, forcing him to throw the guitar into the pavement before crying in pain. The once-panicked crowd below watches in sympathy for Adam's pain, realizing that he was not a menace but merely an innocent baby. Before Hendrickson has a chance to fire again, Diane (now enlarged) grabs the helicopter and demands Hendrickson and the pilot to back off. The pilot, who is glad for this as he never wanted to participate in the strike, agrees and stands down, much to Hendrickson's dismay. Diane then reunites with Adam, and as she holds him still, Wayne and Sterling shrink both of them back to normal size.

Afterwards, Hendrickson makes an excuse for shooting Adam, saying that the tranquilizer cartridges would not have hurt him, but Diane doesn't buy it and angrily punches him, knocking him out. As the morning sun rises over the desert, Nick, now shrunk again by the ray along with Mandy and the car, finally wins Mandy's heart. Adam is excited to see that his Big Bunny is now over fifty feet tall. As Wayne and Diane share a kiss, the credits roll.

  • Rick Moranisas Wayne Szalinski
  • Marcia Strassmanas Diane Szalinski
  • Robert Oliverias Nick Szalinski
  • John Sheaas Dr. Charles Hendrickson
  • Lloyd Bridgesas Clifford Sterling
  • Keri Russellas Mandy Park
  • Amy O'Neillas Amy Szalinski
  • Ron Canadaas Marshall Brooks
  • Joshua & Daniel Shalikar as Adam Szalinski
  • Gregory Sierraas Terence Wheeler
  • Michael Milhoan as Captain Ed Myerson
  • Leslie Neale as Constance Winters

Information About Carl Aldana:

I was born in Guatemala City in 1938. I spent my first years in that Technicolored Central American country. Lush tropical vegetation was everywhere. The native Indians in their multicolored tribal costumes abounded. During 1944, my recently divorced mother and I came to the USA. We settled in Vallejo, California, a small, blue collar town full of Navy war workers. We had just come from a brightly colored provincial civilization to an energetic up-to-the minute culture, engaged in a world-wide-war and covered with soot from the effort. It surprised me that everything was always grayed by the blue Pacific marine layer. This has been the basis for much of my work, either exaggerating the color or understating it.I emigrated to California from Guatemala in the 1940s. Influences for my work include the women weavers from the Guatemala Highlands, contemporary popular music, the Lascaux cave paintings and living in Southern California. I have triedto assimilate without corrupting who I am, a Latino. The work is about that synthesis.From: Movie Illustration Work:Joy Ride(storyboard artist)
2000Vertical Limit(storyboard artist)
2000The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle(storyboard American President(production illustrator)
1995Three illustrator)
1994Legends of the Fall(production illustrator)
1994Miracle on 34th Street(production illustrator)
1994Baby's Day the Line of Fire(storyboard artist)
1993Jack the Bear(sketch Identity(production illustrator)
1991The Five Heartbeats(storyboard artist)
1990Joe Versus the Volcano(production A Love Story(storyboard artist: New York)
1989She's Out of Again!(storyboard artist)
1987Jaws: The Revenge(production illustrator)
1987Some Kind of Bueller's Day Off(production illustrator)
1986Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Office(storyboard artist)
1984The Last Girl(assistant art director)
1982Halloween III: Season of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas(production is soldAS IS.
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Honey I Blew Up The Kid '92 Original Storyboard Art Aldana Wayne Newton Sings:

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