Horology Horlogerie Uhrmacherei How To Make Repair Adjust Clean Clock Watch Cd

Horology Horlogerie Uhrmacherei How To Make Repair Adjust Clean Clock Watch Cd

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Horology Horlogerie Uhrmacherei How To Make Repair Adjust Clean Clock Watch Cd :

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All the masterworks in English, French and German

Over 130 eBooks + 2 Videos

The Opera Magna

of the Master Horologists of All Time


Texts in English, French & German

by Etelond Publishers

The DISC includes the following:

VIDEOS (black & white) 1. How a Watch Works, Waltham, 1900 2.What Makes a Fine Watch Fine, Waltham, 1900 HOROLOGY TEXTS IN ENGLISH CLOCK & WATCH MAKING 1. A Practical Course in Horology, H. C. Kelly, 1922 2. Lessons in Horology, J. Grossmann & H. Grossmann, 1905 3. Modern Methods in Horology, G. Hood, 1904 4. Watch & Clock Making, D. Glasgow, 1893 5. The Watchmaker's Handbook, C. Saunier, 1881 6. A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches & Bells, E. Beckett Denisont-Lord Grimthort, 8th ed., 1903 7. Clock & Watch Work, E. Beckett, circa 1900 8. A Treatise on Watch-Work, Past & Present, Rev. H. L. Nelthropp, 1873 9. New & Complete Clock & Watchmakers' Manual, M. L. Booth, 1877 10. The Watch, Its Construction, H. F. Piaget, 1860
11. The Watch, H. F. Piaget, 3rd ed., 1877
12. Treatise on Clock & Watch Making, T. Reid, 7th ed., 1849 13. Horology, or a Popular Sketch of Clock & Watch Making, E. Grafton, 1849 14. The Artificial Clock Maker - A Treatise of Watch & Clock-Work, W. D. F. R. S., 4th ed., 1784 15. The Watch & Clock Maker's Handbook - Dictionary & Guide, F. H. Britten, 9th ed., 1896 16. American Watchmaker & Jeweler - An Encyclopedia, H. G. Abbott, 1898 17. The American Watchmaker & Jeweler, J. P. Stelle, 1872 18. The Watchmaker's & Jeweler's Practical Handbook, H. G. Abbott, 5th ed., 1892 19. The Watchmaker's & Jeweler's Handbook, C. Hopkins, 1866 20. Watchmaker' & Jewelers' Practical Receipt Book, Anonymous, 1892 21. Jeweled Bearings for Watches, C. T. Higginbotham, 1911 22. Modern Letter Engraving for Watchmakers & Jewelers, F. H. Rees, circa 1890 23. An Account of an Astronomical Watch, F. Wollafton, 1771 24. On a New Astronomical Watch & a Pendulum Governor for Uniform Motion, W. Thomson, 1869 25. Observations on the Graduation of Astronomical Instruments & Divison of the Circle, J. Smeaton, 1875 26. Description of the Electro-Magnetic Clock, C. Wheatstone, 1840 27.The Construction of a Perfect Watch, M. Grossman, 1891 28. English-French-German Horological Pocket Dictionary, M. Grossman & M. Loeske, 2nd ed., 1908 TOWER & CHURCH CLOCKS & BELLS 1. The Tower Clock & How to Make It, E. B. Ferson, 1898 2. The Evolution of Tower Clock Movements & Their Design over the Past 1000 Years, M. Frank, 1922 3. Lectures on Church Building with Some Practical Remarks on Bells & Clocks, E. Beckett Denisont-Lord Grimthort, 2nd ed.,1856 4. Some Considerations on Public & Church Clocks, V. L. Vuliamy, 1828 5. The Tower Clock of the University of Chicago, E. B. Ferson, 1903 6. Portion of the Papers Relating to the Great Clock for the New Palace of Westminster, House of Lords, 1848 7. Bells, Mears & Stainbank, circa 1900 8. The Tongue of Time or the Language of the Church Clock, W. Harrison, 1853 BALANCE & ESCAPEMENT 1. Watch & Clock Escapements, The Keystone Publisher, 1904 2. An Analysis of the Lever Escapement, R. H. Playtner, 1895 3. A Practical & Theoretical Treatise on the Detached Level Escapement, M. Grossmann, 1866 4. Practical Lessons on the Lever Escapement on Its Tests, Error, Their Detection & Correction, T. J. Wilkinson, 1916 5. On the Construction & Theory of the Dead Escapement for Clocks, V. L. Vulliamy, 1846 6. Balance & Escapement Traits, M. Lee, 1922 7. Escapement for an Astrological Clock Invented by H. Kater, J. F. W. Herschel, 1840 8. The Watch Balance & Its Jeweling, C. T. Higghinbotham, 1907 CLEANING, REPAIRING & ADJUSTING 1. The Clock Jobber's Handybook, P. N. Hasluck, 1889 2. The Watch Jobber's Handybook, P. N. Hasluck, 1889 3. On the Springing & Adjusting of Watches, F. J. Britten, 1898 4. Rules & Practice for Adjusting Watches, W. J. Kleinlein, 1920 5. Practical Course in Adjusting, T. Gribi, 1901 6. The Watch Adjuster's Manual, C. E. Fritts, 1894 7. Isochronism of Balance-Springs, Waltham Watch Papers, 1862 8. Friction, Lubrication & the Lubricants in Horology, W. T. Lewis, 1896 CLOCK IRREGULARITIES 1. Avoiding Irregularities in Clock Motion, G. Graham, 1726 2. Two Methods to Prevent Clock Irregularity of Motion, J. Ellicot, 1752 3. How to Keep the Clock Right by Observations of the Fixed Stars, T. Warner, Improved ed., 1876 4. Observation on a Clock, J. Shelton, 1762 5. Length of Isochronal Clock Pendulums in London & Jamaica, G. Graham & C. Campbell, 1733 HISTORY OF CLOCKS, WATCHES & HOROLOGY METHODS 1. A Description of a Clepsidra, C. Hamilton, 1745 2. Old Clocks & Watches & Their Makers, F. J. Britten, 2nd ed., 1904 3. Former Clock & Watchmakers & Their Work, F. J. Britten, 1894 4. Chats on Old Clocks, A. Hayden, 1917 5. Curiosities of Clocks & Watches from the Earliest Times, E. J. Wood, 1866 6. Account of Improvements in Chronometers, J. S. Eiffe, 1842 7. Clocks & Watches, J. L. Overton, 1922 8. Time & Clocks - A Description of Ancient & Modern Methods of Measuring Time,H. H. Cunynghame ,1906 9. Time & Its Measurement, J. Arthur, 1909 10. Time & Timekeepers, A. Thomson, 1842 11. Time & Time-Tellers, J. W. Benson, 1875 12. The Old Clock Book, N. H. Moore, 1911 13. Clocks - Ancient & Modern, W. S. Eichelberger,1906 14. Time Telling Through the Ages, H. C. Brearley, 1919 15. The Watch & The Clock, A. Taylor, 1883 16. Watch Factories of America, Past & Present, H. G. Abbot, 1888 17. American Watches, J. C. Watson, 1877 18. History of the American Clock Business for the Past 60 Years, C. Jerome, 1860 19. The Story of E. Howard & the First American Watch, Howard, circa 1900 20. A History of Simon Williard, Inventor & Clockmaker, J. W. Williard, 1911 21. G. A. Hearn's Collection of Watches, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1907 22. History of the American Waltham Watch Co., H. G. Abbot, 1905 23. The Perfected American Watch, Walthan Watch Co., 1875 24. Evolution of Automatic Machinery for Manufacture of Watches at Waltham, E. A. Marsh, 1896 25. Lancaster's Part in the World Watchmaking Industry, J. J. Bowman 26. Old Scottish Clock Makers from 1453 to 1850, J. Smith, 2nd ed., 1921 27. Wrinkle in Practical Navigation, S. T. S. Lecky, 1918 28.Memoirs on Longitude - John Harrison, J. Horrins, 1835 29. The Principles of Mr. Harrison's Time-Keeper, 1767 30. The Complete Nautical Astronomer, C. H. Cotter, 1974 31. A Brief Account of the Chronometer of Parkinson & Frodsham, Royal Observatory Greenwich, 1832 32. Notes on the Management of Chronometers & the Measurement of Meridian Distances, C. F. A. Shadwell, 1861 33. Mechanical Philosophy - Horology & Astronomy, W. B. Carpenter, 1857 HOROLOGY TEXTS IN FRENCHBerthoud, Le Maitre du Precision 1 & 2. Essai sur l' Horlogerie, M. F. Berthoud, 1763 Tome I Tome II 3. L' Art de Conduire et de Regler les Pendules et le Montre, M. F. Berthoud, 14eme ed., 1811 4 & 5.Histoire de la Mesure du Temps par les Horloges, M. F. Berthoud, 1802 Tome I Tome II 6. Les Longitudes par la Mesure du Temps, M. F. Berthoud, 1775 7. Eclaircissemens sur des Nouvelles Machines pour la Determination des Longitudes en Mer par le Mesure du Temps, M. F.Berthoud, 1773 8 Traité des Horloges Marines, M. F. Berthoud, 1783 9. De la Mesure du Temps, M. F. Berthoud, 1787 10 & 11. Voyage pour Eprouver en Mer les Horloge Marines Inventees par F. Berthoud, M. de Eveux de Fleurie, 1773 Partie I Parti II 12. L' Art de L' Horlogerie d' apres de Berthoud et Vuillamy, 1827 (many pages badly scanned) Moinet 13. Nouveau Traite General Astronomique et Civil de l'Horlogerie, M. L. Moinet, 1848 14 & 15. I Nouveau Traite General d' Horlogerie, M. L. Moinet, 3eme ed., 1877 Tome I Tome II Saunier 16. Traite d' Horlogerie Moderne, C. Saunier, 13eme ed., 1887 17. Exposition Universelle de l' Industrie en 1867, C. Saunier, 1867 Academie Royale de Sciences 18 & 19. Traite de l' Horlogerie Mechanique et Practique, Thiout L' Aine & Quay Pelletier, Approuve par l' Academie Royale deSciences, 1741 Tome I Tome II Traites Celebre 20. L' Horlogerie, H. Havard, 1923 21. Enseignement Theorique de l' Horlogerie, J. Rambal, 1889 22. Cours Pratique d' Horlogerie a l' Usage des Fabricants des Rhabilleurs, R. De Liman, 1881 23. Nouveau Regulateur des Horloges de Montre et des Pendules, M. M. Berthoud et l. Janvier, 1838 24. Manuel de L' Horloger, L. S. Le Normand, 1830 25. Etudes sur Diverses Questions d' Horlogerie, H. Roberts, 1852 26. L' Art de Connaître les Pendules et les Montres, H. Robert, 2eme ed., 1849 27. Histoire de l' Horlogerie, P. Dubois, 1849 28. Traite Pratique de Dorure et Argenture Galvanique Appliquees a l' Horlogerie, A. O. Mathey, 1855 29. Traite d' Horlogiographie, P. de Saints Marie Magdelaine, 1680 30. Geometrie et Horlogiaphrie Pratique, I. Bulant, 1608 31. Description de L'Horloge Monumentale de la Cathedrale de Beauvais, M. A. L. Verite, 1868 32. Les Grandes Inventions Anciennes et Modernes, L. Figuier, 4eme ed., 1867 HOROLOGY TEXTS IN GERMAN 1. Der Uhrmacher am Werktisch, W. Schultz, 1908 2. Praktisches Handbuch fur Uhrmacher, H. Grosch, C. Dietzschold & A. Huttig, 1907 3. Die Uhrmacherkunst und Die Behandlung der Pracisionsuhren, E. Glecich, 1892 4. Vollstandiges Handbuch der Uhrmacherkunst, E. Schreiber, 1865 5. Geschichte der Uhrmacherkunst, F. W. Barfuk, 1856 6. Die Hohere Uhrmacherkunst. U. Jurgensen & L. U. Jurgensen, 1842 7. Ausfuhrliche Gefchichte der Theoretisch Practischen Uhrmacherkunst, J. H. M. Boppe, 1801 8. Versuch einer Geschichte der Entsthung unb Fortschritte ber Theoretisch Prattischen Uhrmacherkunst, J. H. M. Boppe, 1797 9. Der Uhrmacher oder Lehrbegrif der Uhrmacherkunst, J. G. Geibler, 1793 10. Der Uhrmacher oder Lehrbegrif der Uhrmacherkunst, J. G. Geibler, 1795 11. Die Mittelalterlichen Horen und Die Modernen Stunden, G. Bilfinger, 1892 12. Fragmentarische Bersuch zur Begrunbung einer Neuen Bissenschaft Chronometrie Gennant, M. U. Gebhard, 1808 13. Uhrmacher Lexikon, F. Schade, 1855 HOROLOGY TEXT IN LATIN Horologium Oscillatorium, C. Huygens, 1673

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Horology Horlogerie Uhrmacherei How To Make Repair Adjust Clean Clock Watch Cd :

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