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A fun family learning game to help become familiar with the scriptures, answer Bible questions and overcome potential conversation stoppers. Read reviews of this product


  • Romans 10:14c says:  "How, in turn, will they hear without someone to preach?" True Christians are known throughout the earth for their house-to-house ministry. Having offered themselves willingly in preaching and teaching activities, each Kingdom Publisher often reflects on the question "How, in turn, will I preach without knowing the scriptures?"
  • House2House board game is a fun, family and interactive learning game that will help publishers to get to know most of the scriptures that can be used in every form of the Christian ministry.
      BENEFITS: Promotes improvement in scriptural knowledge, fosters bible study consciousness and enables strategic thinking. This game also encourages family bonding and is meaningful, purposeful fun.   

        AGES: For every family member (don't let the small children play with the small pieces, which could be a choking hazard)
        PLAYERS: 2 or more.
        PLAYING TIME: 30-60 minutes
        REQUIRED ACCESSORIES (not included): New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, Reasoning from the Scriptures   

        THE GOAL: To become familiar with selected scriptures found in Bible Topics for Discussion (these are located at the last few pages of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures), and How Would You Respond and Conversation Stoppers (these are located in the book Reasoning from the Scriptures). Knowing and using these scriptures can enable any Kingdom Publisher acquire sufficient "Bible studies", "Return visits", "Magazines", "Brochures", "Hours" while covering preaching territories - on the board. For the purpose of playing this game, you will be performing well if you acquire the most score in the following order -   "Bible studies", "Return visits", "Magazines", "Brochures", "Hours."   

    GAME PIECES:    

    • 1 board
    • 1 die     
    • 1 score sheet     
    • 8 pawns     
    • 8 "miss turn" cardholders     
    • 3 decks of green "Scriptural Question" cards (total 240 cards)     
    • 1 deck of purple "How Would You Respond" cards (70 cards)
    • 1 deck of yellow "Conversation Stopper" cards (13 cards)
    • 1 sand timer (30 seconds timer)

        Click here to download the game rules in .pdf format   


    Uncovered Territories: Play with the aim of exploring uncovered territories on the board since this could enable you to further increase your number of 'Bible Studies', 'Return Visits', 'Books', 'Magazines' and 'Time'. Avoid crowded territories, since you may end up being moved backwards regularly (due to displacement).   

    Score sheet: The original copy of the scores should be kept, while you make copies of it for future use.   

        Decks of Scriptural Cards:
        For many, starting with few cards in a deck might be ideal to allow familiarization with those sets of questions and answers. In other instances, you may want to use the whole deck or decks (depending on the skill level or number of participants)   

    Sand Timer:
        The Sand Timer provides the responding publisher with 30 seconds in which to respond. The Sand Timer also identifies who has the current turn (since it remains with the questioning publisher), this must be passed along as the  turn passes to the next publisher.   

    Conversation Stoppers - Losing turns:
      Conversation stoppers, as the name implies, are usually said to stop publishers in their tracks. If a suitable response that may lead to a brief discussion cannot be provided, then that opportunity is lost. Thus, in playing this game if the publisher cannot provide an adequate response, he/she loses a turn.

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House2house Bible Board Game For Jehovah's Witnesses

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