How To Make Tintype Ferrotype Photographs Civil War Era

How To Make Tintype Ferrotype Photographs Civil War Era

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How To Make Tintype Ferrotype Photographs Civil War Era:

This is an listing for the sale of a CD ROMCD ROM Title: Ferrotype / Tintype Photography

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Originally authored by E Estabrooke in the Civil War era and now preserved on a CD ROM

high resolution page images up to 300% magnification

allows cut and paste of page images.allows high resolution print of any and all pages.

184 pages. Pages 1 to 11 are missing from the original book so scans could not be made for these pages.Contents:Chapter I Positive Photography
Definition of terms- characteristics of positive pictures, reasons for popularity of the ferrotype, brief History of photography.Chapter II the Ferrotype
Its superiority over all other positive picturesChapter III The ferrotype galleryChapter IV the glass room
List of requisites of glass room. Construction of the glass room. Top light, effect of, Side light. Advantages of combined top and side light. Devices to exclude sunlight. Best method of shading light. the camera stand, camera boxes, care of plate-holder, posing chair, head rests, curtain supports, copying stand, table and table cover, ottomans, finishing stand, varnish.Chapter V the dark room
Its contents, construction of the sinkChapter VI Collodion
How to prepare gun cotton, proper solvents for gun cotton, direction for selection of ether and alcohol, excitants, choice of excitants, Bingham’s formula for double iodides and Chapter VII
Silver, Nitrate of silver.Chapter VIII
Developer and development
Proto-Sulphate of iron as a developerChapter IX
The collodion processChapter X.
Fog and other causes of failureChapter XI.
Composition and illuminationChapter XII
Vignetters, Medallions, etc. The medallion ferrotype.The non-reversed ferrotype.
Positive photographic impression on adamantean ferro plates. With a full description of the apparatus and process of production, accompanied by a specimen picture.The non-reversed Medallion Ferrotype.

The chemicals, processes, and procedures in this publication reflect a time in the past when little was known about chemical toxicity or hazards and what hazards were known were accepted in a much more cavalier manner.
There are in these processes and procedures and techniques many chemicals, methods, and procedures that can easily result in serious physiological risks, and even disaster, disease, and death.
From Cadmium risks to making guncotton for flash illumination to handling silver compounds that can easily become fulminates and thus highly risky shock sensitive high explosives, there are lots of ways to kill or maim yourself here.
If you are not a competent chemist, we don’t recommend trying to reproduce these methods without some serious thought and advice from others more competent.
OK so much for the “you will die if you read this and do this” disclaimer

Yes this tome deserves a wow response. It truly does!

The tin-type and these related image technologies changed the world with inexpensive capacity for anyone with a little skill to become photographers and create high quality images of reasonable durability. This is the original lasting image photographic system of economic and social significance. Before this technology there were image systems but they suffered for being too expensive, too fragile, or too difficult to use. Here we have a technology that was cheap, easy, durable, and fairly reliable for anyone to use.
Literally changed and recorded history. Inexpensive and ubiquitous imaging capacity was just the enabling technology for science, engineering and social change needed to move humanity from a slow industrial growth to an explosion of science and engineering and discovery unprecedented in human history. More than just pictures, this is communication that changed history.TECHNICAL HOW TO IN DETAIL
Detailed chemistry, formulae, methods, materials descriptions, make it clear how to make anything needed from flash powder to silver light sensitive emulsions, cadmium transfers, developing and fixing chemistry, everything from the simplest to the more complicated is explained fully so that anyone can do the processes properly. Remember that this is from an era when the goal of such books was to actually educate the reader in practical skills and convey real knowledge, unlike many of today’s tech manuals that are often more oriented to convincing us how smart the author is! This one is a practical manual and instruction handbook on all aspects of the technology, chemistry, science involved so that you can actually build and do the work to make good images.

Throughout the tome there are illustrations of key components and technologies from this wonderful era. Whether a collector of tin-types, museum, or someone determined to create their own images the old fashioned way, the clear explanations and illustrations / drawings here make it easy to understand exactly how things work and what each component does in the system. Bravo for clarity the old fashioned way.

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How To Make Tintype Ferrotype Photographs Civil War Era:

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