Huge 150+ Pc Wiccan Pagan Altar Set Up W/ Case, Great Winter Solstice Gift

Huge 150+ Pc Wiccan Pagan Altar Set Up W/ Case, Great Winter Solstice Gift

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Huge 150+ Pc Wiccan Pagan Altar Set Up W/ Case, Great Winter Solstice Gift:

Ω… HUGE Complete Altar Set-up/…Ω

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This listing holds items I carefully collected and crafted for rituals and casting. It can be great for beginners looking for a

complete altar to assist in learning how to practice, or for those looking to expand their collection of ritual tools.

All items fit nicely with room to spare in a beautifully dark stained wooden chest,

with brass rivets and a handle for easy movement or storage for your objects.

Chest is a sturdy build and measures 17" from base to handle when shut (12” approx with lid opened), 7" deep and 12" wide.

**It can be laid flat for use as a small portable altar as well!**

These are Ceremonial tools I personally gathered and/or made by hand to create an inspiring and sacred space. Everyone practices in their own way, and gathers their guiding energy and inspiration from different smells, colors, sounds, textures, gods and goddesses, etc. This listing provides a basic set up for the beginner looking to discover and build a protected and comfortable space for their workings, as well as those more familiar looking to expand their tools. These specific spiritual tools helped me learn and experience different ways people can cast, and I want to share these ceremonial items with others looking to grow as well.

Hand Dipped Stick Incense:a sampling of approx. 60 high smoke yielding, hand-dipped stick incense• Cedarwood•Prosperity• Clove• Jasmine• Banishing• Black opium• Sweetgrass Sage & Cedar Blend•Juniper• Firewood• Eucalyptus.• Several Ounces of Dragons blood Resin Incense for Cleansing and Protection.Hand written label and stored in a 3" tall Antique Bottle from my collection.
*Dried Magnolia Seed Podfor fidelity, peace, strengthening relationships• Dyed Crows Feather/Hawk Totem• Quartz grade A point, 2.5" long.•Small jar of Eucalyptus Oil, several fl. Oz. labled in Handwritten Calligraphy• Seven Sisters Altar oil .5 fl oz Bottle•Green Stone Pentagram incense holderwith 5 holes for stick incense at each elemental pointof the beveled pentacle design.The stone is a slate 6” across, and was dropped,but it is a great and sturdy surface for hot charcoals, placing tongs safely to avoid damaging your altar cloth.The stone is cracked, but it was generously glued and repaired to be perfectly usable again.╪Herb Sampler :╪17 dried herbs, with 16 sample packs, approx .5 oz of:
•Lavender Flower• Dill Weed•Basil• Blessed Thistle• Cinnamon Chips• Patchouli Leaf• Red Sandlewood• Elderflower• Sage• Bay Leaf• Juniper Thyme• Rosemary• Chamomile
• Mugwort (1oz)•California Sage and Lavender Smudge Bundle(Personally handmade)used for cleansing.╪Chime Candles╪20 chime candles, 4" tall
•Light use as god and godess candles•6 white•5 black- 12"• Gold taper candle, for practice in candle magick or a god or goddess candle.•Crystal 2"W taper candleholder.•2 ceramic Chime candleholders - 1" tall

╪ Ceremonial Tools:╪

•Triple Goddess Altar Cloth 23” x 23"Black linen cloth with fringed edging. Gold and silver silk-screened decorative Celtic designs,in the center it displays the Pentagram inside the Triple Goddess Symbol. Machine washable.
• Willendorf Fertility Godess, Mother Earth statue
• Silver Plated Chalice with pentagram engraving, 6" tall.
• Star and moon celestial bell - 1.5"
• Wood handled Athame with sheathe - 8"
• Boline - opened it measures 7" in length, closed 4".Sharpened by hand for ease of cutting herbs, thread, roots, Etc. ***Very Sharp!!!***
- Miniature Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentacle –measures 2" deep, 3" tall and 2 3/4” wide. Includes handle, airtight lid, and three legs. The perfect size for a personal altar when performing small spells or rituals involving burning of herbs, resin or other flammable elements, lid and the thickness of the cauldron make utilizing the fire element safe and more convenient when restricted to casting indoors. **Always keep sand on hand for smothering charcoal/flame**.
• Charcoal resin incense burner made of brass, 3" diameter with wooden protective coaster. engraved.
• 8 charcoal briquettes for use in Incense burner or Cauldron
• Stainless Steel Charcoal Tongs with small pentagram engraving - 5.5" long
• Black stained wood Altar Tile 3" wide with pentagram brass inlay
• Clear glass bowl to hold salt - 4" across, 2" tall.
• Ceramic cake offering dish with metallic glaze 5.5" across, 2.5" high
• Ceramic libation bowl, kiln fired and glazed - 2.5" tall
• Small Scrying Mirror in Velvet Bag
• 15” long Willow Wand, a branch I carved, sanded and engraved by hand with decorative markings: Protective Seal of Solomon and a Pentacle placed on the knot where the weight of the wand is centered. Stained and finished with linseed oil
• 11" brass candle snuffer with wooden handle.
• Dragons blood ink 1oz for Book of Shadows inscriptions
• 4" porcupine quill for writing or natural element
• Mesh drawstring bags for storing loose items.
• Randomly Selected Polished Gemstones
• Pewter Pocket Pentagram• small corked bottle with several pins for cleansing spell

╪ Resources ╪•Herb Mini Encyclopedia•PDF email to extensive Grimoire for References and guidance

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Huge 150+ Pc Wiccan Pagan Altar Set Up W/ Case, Great Winter Solstice Gift:

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