Huge 1935 Atwater Kent 509 Console W/tune-o-matic Programmable Clock Timer Vg

Huge 1935 Atwater Kent 509 Console W/tune-o-matic Programmable Clock Timer Vg

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Huge 1935 Atwater Kent 509 Console W/tune-o-matic Programmable Clock Timer Vg :

Huge 1935 Atwater Kent 509 Console w/Tune-O-Matic Programmable Clock Timer VG

FREE Local or Delivery to Kutztown May 9-11 radio Meet

Rare & Beautiful ... Huge Atwater Kent model 509 Nine Tube Console Radio with the rarely seen Tune-O-Matic programmable clock/timer on the front panel. This was the biggest AK console made and second only to the 511 as the most complex and intricate electronically. The 511 was basically the same set [in the same elaborate cabinet] but with 11 tubes. Made in 1935 .. What really set this model aside from other Atwater Kents were the "Tune-O-Magic" features. They allowed you to use the clock to program the time and selection of your favorite radio stations as well as turn the set on and off at preselected times. Pretty fancy for 1935!

The impressively big chassis covered both AM and Short Wave [5.5 to 15.5 MC] and powered an equally impressive 12" AK speaker. The main attraction however was the Telechron clock/timer made especially for Atwater Kent. I've included several pictures of it to show detail. There are 8 pairs of extendable connection pins that are inserted at the desired start time. Each of the first 7 pairs corresponds to a disc on the rear of the tuning assembly, which is aligned to a particular station. Potentially, all pins could be inserted at the same time. The radio would then switch between all stations twice in one day. The off pins are inserted when the radio is to turn itself off. A copy of the service manual showing how to set the stations is included.

Original finish, knobs, grill cloth and parts .. in fact everything is original. A very nice, untouched survivor. The cabinet finish has a few minor scratches and nicks but is generally in VG original condition with intact decal markings on the front panel. The chassis was carefully [and slowly] powered with a Variac and "sort of" works .. very weak reception. I'm sure it will need extensive electronic restoration. The electric tuning function [motor driven tuning] works which is a major plus for the potential restorer. Only one significant problem noted ... the shaft for manual tuning is frozen in place. I've oiled it but didn't want to try and force it free.

The cabinet measures approx 27" X 43" X 15" deep and it weighs a ton [not really but in excess of 100 pounds anyway]. At the moment I am offering local pick up or FREE DELIVERY to the May 9-11 Kutztown, PA radio meet or the June Beltsville, MD "Radioactivity" meet. I would certainly consider shipping this but it will require special packing & handling and would be very expensive! Pick up or delivery would be far preferable!!

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Huge 1935 Atwater Kent 509 Console W/tune-o-matic Programmable Clock Timer Vg :

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