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Why an ocean of prayer Flags around Mt. Kailash?

Its has been said, " You have to make connection with people for success ". Now this too applies with the ascended Buddhist masters and the deities. You have to make connection. Thus in the Buddhist teachings there are highly specializedritual and tools to help make the connection. The Buddhist masters knew that its faster with the AID of a teacher and a sacred TOOL or RITUAL to activate theunlimited mind. So highly specialized statuary,shrines and uniqueTerma as found here for example are seen as nothing more then aids, guides and pointing the way toward your spiritual success.

Now with all that said the collection of these ritual tools are being released for the more advance students of GOOD LUCK ROAD teachings. For you and for even the new discoverer you have not only a rareopportunity here with this great old antique levitation Buddha but in that discovery you are always going to receive a tool that was great spiritual value over looking values placed by it rarity alone.

Placement and use of these objects is more important thatmonetary values received. Thus again, I always ask thatinstitution and museum collection stay away from offerding so this Buddha can continued to be used for what it was designed for as attributed to the teachings. I will remove offers if this object will end up under a glass exhibit since that was not the wishes of the previous owner for any of these things...



The BUDDHA ISHOLDING A TRINITY OF WISDOM as the JEWELS OF THE INNER, OUTER and SECRET ARE BEING HELD IN HIS WISDOM and PURPOSEHAND. Thus my teacher would tie ( lasso )the RAINBOW CORD to these jewels which was attached to a very old BUDDHA HEAD with an ALL SEEING JEWELEYE abovehis head representing enlighten awareness. Now duringmeditation the student would hold the other end of the cord with thearchaic Buddha head inthe right hand FACING THE BUDDHA and SEATED LIKE THE BUDDHA in the same pose whichrepresents PATH and METHOD. Thus the combination before the LIFT OFF of INSIGHT soto speak was found in the UNION toward asymbolic meaning ofENLIGHTENMENT as " PATH andPURPOSE are ONE ".

Thatfellow students is exactly how it was designed to aid and teach and the rest of the information regarding this statues secret design elements will be discussed below in the photographic observations below.....


Who where thesemystics with the powers to expand the mind and levitate the body.

They where called the flying mystics of Tibet and they flew all over the Asian continent.

Everyone knows that the Tibetan masters can levitate and fly. Marco Polo, the first Westerner to formally record an encounter with the Tibetan lamas, reported witnessing the phenomenon over seven hundred years ago. The modern adventurer Madame Alexander David Neil also wrote of her sightings of lamas on the wing. TheDrukpa Sect witnessed aufocraft and dragonsascending to the sky and called themselves thedescendents of these dragons. The flying mystics understand supernatural powers calledby some namestantra or tantric and some of these mystics had magic carpets or other objects they used to perform levitation and flight.

Traditional Tibetan literature similarly tells of Buddhist mystics who have taken off in joyful flight. Buddha himself is said to have done so on several occasions, as did Indian masters such asNagarjuna andPadma Sambhava. The legacy was adopted by Tibetan mystics in the eighth century, with as a prime example, and continued over the centuries. The eleventh century yogi and poetMilarepa is another famous flyer.

The historical anecdotes in Tibetan literature and oral tradition that speak of mystics with powers of levitation and flight find their way into Tibetan art and rarely is seen in statuary forms.


Several sales have been listed for your awareness and discovery of the hidden secrets the ancient ones wanted all of us to know. They where masterfully carved into stone, crystal and sacred geometries with more then one meaning as you can find here while they last. Thus the INNER, OUTER and SECRET was also designed into the highly specialized ritual Buddha's and tools that all it takes is to OPEN YOUR EYES and DISCOVERthes sacred geometries and forms and hidden clues by design!

This rare bronze statue of a levitating BUDDHA mystic is a pureartefact of proof that these "stories" and "legends" have real creed and that the powers to activate these gifts are very real in the Buddhist texts and teachings. Email your questions for past uses and sharing more.

Many a ritual,initiation and awakening to these kind of powers that everyone has is within amudra and a mantra.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation" (cf. spiritual transformation).[1] Its use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.[2]

Mantras (Devanāgarī मन्त्र) originated in the Vedic tradition of India, becoming an essential part of the Hindu tradition and a customary practice within Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

In the context of the Vedas, the term mantra refers to the entire portion which contains the texts called Rig, Yajur or Sama, that is, the metrical part as opposed to the prose Brahmana commentary. With the transition from ritualistic Vedic traditions to mystical and egalitarian Hindu schools of Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra and Bhakti, the orthodox attitude of the elite nature of mantra knowledge gave way to spiritual interpretations of mantras as a translation of the human will or desire into a form of action.

For the authors of the Hindu scriptures of the Upanishads, the syllable Om, itself constituting a mantra, represents Brahman, the godhead, as well as the whole of creation. Kūkai suggests that all sounds are the voice of the Dharmakaya Buddha — i.e. as in HinduUpanishadic and Yogic thought, these sounds are manifestations of ultimate reality, in the sense of sound symbolism postulating that the vocal sounds of the mantra have inherent meaning independent of the understanding of the person uttering them.

Nevertheless, such understanding of what a mantra may symbolize or how it may function differs throughout the various traditions and also depends on the context in which it is written or sounded. In some instances there are multiple layers of symbolism associated with each sound, many of which are specific to particular schools of thought. For an example of such see the syllable: Om which is central to both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

While Hindu tantra eventually came to see the letters as well as the sounds as representatives of the divine, the shift toward writing occurred when Buddhism traveled to China. Although China lacked a unifying, ecclesiastic language like Sanskrit, China achieved its cultural unity through a written language with characters that were flexible in pronunciation but more precise in meaning. The Chinese prized written language much more highly than did the Indian Buddhist missionaries, and the writing of mantras became a spiritual practice in its own right. So that whereas Brahmins had been very strict on correct pronunciation, the Chinese, and indeed other Far-Eastern Buddhists were less concerned with this than correctly writing something down. The practice of writing mantras, and copying texts as a spiritual practice, became very refined in Japan, and the writing in the Siddham script in which the Sanskrit of many Buddhist Sutras were written is only really seen in Japan nowadays. However, written mantra-repetition in Hindu practices, with Sanskrit in any number of scripts, is well-known to many sects in India as well.

Khanna(2003: p.21) links mantras and yantras to thoughtforms:

Mantras, the Sanskrit syllables inscribed on yantras, are essentially 'thought forms' representing divinities or cosmic powers, which exert their influence by means of sound-vibrations.[3]


With this extreme rare statue you will get THE MANTRA translated for you who's clues arehidden underneath this statueso you can sound it, speak it, feel its vibration as you hold on to the rainbow cord and using the statue as a grounding anchor by design and then you can share the same sanctified teachings of this statue with others. I could share many stories of what my Buddhist teacher was able to do and how he worked with the class in teaching a select few students on how to work with this mantra and the secret teachings of the Tibetan mystics and the levitation BuddhaI will pass this wisdom on to the new owner so that this statue gets to fly around and teach the way it was used in the past.

Clues to the statues sacred geometry can be found above in this Tablet.

Photographic Observations and Comments for your considerations.

Photograph #1

Learning the secrets of the Tibetan mystics can be passed on to anyone ready to receive. This is the rainbow cord with the Buddha head attached that fits in your hand during meditations.

Photograph #2

The detail of the archaic Buddha head with the highly specialized third all seeing eye of awareness on the top of the head is also a stylized jewel. The tinyclay head effigy has a prayer and other filled and sealed consecrations within the head as the rainbow cord is reaching toward the masters.As the attached cord to the BUDDHA it representsKundalini and Rainbow cord teachings of the Buddhist texts.

Photograph #3,4 and #5


ALL KNOWING MASTER BUDDHA with the sacred engraved all enlightenment curl between the eyes. In these images you see how the Buddha eyes appear to light up and are closed at times during certain moments.

Photographs #6,7 and #8

FULL 360

This is a beautiful antique Buddha and the natural bronze aging and patina is outstanding and the detailing of the body and flow of this Buddha in its sacred geometry is over the top perfection. The quality and the weight alone of this Buddha is outstanding and is one of the best you may ever find in so many special ways.

Photographs #9 and #10


Mudraof teaching and enlighten awareness with a highly unique DIAMOND SHAPE MANI JEWEL depicting the FAST PATH to the teachings called theVajrayana or DIAMOND VEHICLE also known asTantrayana which represents the ides that every being is a potential Buddha. Thus theBudha statue in its purest form via aspecific Tantric path is based on the idea that enlightenment can be attained in a single lifetime, and views every element in existence as a means to this goal. The body and the mind, passions and desires, are no more than forms of energy which can be used by directing them towards the goal of enlightenment. Contemplating upon the Buddha is an exercise in meditation to establish inner contact with the aspect that is represented.

Photograph #11

As a similar depiction is found under the base of the statue as part of its consecration.

The master teacher is floating and levitating purposely in the secret design of thisconsecration and within this statue.

Photograph #12


You see the sacred geometry and the platform that the master is levitating upon. Yes this very special Buddha is levitating upon his platform ON PURPOSE as described. As I am holding it in the air the Buddha was designed to perfection. 99% of Buddha statues show a solid footing of the Buddha to the throne or base however the tantric ones are super rare less then 1 % have design elements like this one which purely depictlevitation as you can see the GAP all around the BUDDHA where he is floating above where he is in meditation.

This is a beautiful old bronze statue that is very heavy and feels so perfectly balance. You see the age, incense stains from being on a sacred altar receivingpuja's and rituals and its pure natural aged patina its very old indeed yeah.

The SECRET MANTRA is about a mind set of activation to let go and release all bonds. In simple forms itrepresents that the TRUTH ISBEYOND FORM.

TIBETAN BUDDHISTSTATUE OF THE SECRET TEACHINGSis8inch HIGH / TALL by7 1/4inch LONG and 4 1/4 inch WIDE aroundBASE.Electrifying statue. Youcould learn so much with this purchase then what you may have ever learned in many lifetimes. Do not miss out on this specialopportunity its a very rare object and it will not be here long.Being sold " as is " as pictured.


TOTAL WEIGHT is6 lbs. +10 OZ.




U.S.SHIPPING is $17 w tracking. signatureand insurance. We may go UPS for extra security shipping.

EXPRESS MAIL ONLY CANADA $67 for high security shipping.



All shipping cost for fastAIRwith tracking insurance and guaranteed delivery, payment within3 days and first email within 24 hours or we may relist, THANK YOU. Failure to communicate and we may relist so PLEASE stay in touch.We can combine ordersto save on shipping cost anywhere in the world.



I Levitate,tibetan,flying,mystics,magicians,levitation,buddha Statue,esp,bronze,

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I Levitate,tibetan,flying,mystics,magicians,levitation,buddha Statue,esp,bronze,:

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