Id1167z - Roy Brown - Good Rockin' Brown - Cdchd 1072 - Cd - Uk

Id1167z - Roy Brown - Good Rockin' Brown - Cdchd 1072 - Cd - Uk

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Id1167z - Roy Brown - Good Rockin' Brown - Cdchd 1072 - Cd - Uk:

About this Item
The subject title can sometimes cut off important information regarding item listing details. Below is a more detailed summary of this specific item for sale:The item format is a CD
The Artist Name is Roy Brown
The Title is Good Rockin' BrownCondition Used
The Media Condition is Mint

The disk is absolutely perfect in every way, mint means it has never been played, and may still be sealed. 

The Sleeve Condition is Mint

The sleeve is absolutely perfect and looks new in every way and may still be sealed. 

Other Comments
NEW SEALED Media Condition-Mint. Sleeve Condition-Mint.

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If we reference a hairline, it means it is a light line/mark on the disk, hairlines are  different to a scratches. A  hairline is lighter and has less impact on the playing quality, whereas a scratch can  cause clicks, pops or interference when  playing. 

Please contact us to check and verify details of the item before purchasing if there is a very specific image, edition or variation you are looking for.

The Tracks of this item include:
1. Good Rocking Tonight Alt 3:03
2. Lollypop Mama 2:31
3. Special Lesson 1 2:49
4. Woman's A Wonderful Thing 3:00
5. Roy Brown's Boogie Version 1 2:47
6. Please Don't Go 3:00
7. Mighty, Mighty Man Alt Take 2:22
8. Deep Sea Diver 2:57
9. Cry Baby Blues 2:46
10. Miss Fanny Brown Alt Take 2:43
11. Farm Town Gal 2:52
12. The Man Who Sings The Blues 3:03
13. Bye Baby Bye 2:48
14. Jailhouse Blues 2:30
15. Looking For A Woman 2:35
16. Whose Hat Is That 2:27
17. Wine Women And Song 2:36
18. My Mama's Boy Friend 2:33
19. Midnight Rider 2:38
20. The Gal's Drunk Again 2:41
21. Long About Midnight 3:02
22. Miss Fanny Brown Returns 2:56
23. Roy Brown's Boogie Version 2 2:56
24. Whose Hat Is That Alt 2:33
The image shown here is NOT an image of the actual item for sale. iHaveit have over 1million items for sale, for this reason we use stock images for reference purposes only, which may not be the same image representation of the item being sold. Please message me if you want to check and verify the image details.International Shipping
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Id1167z - Roy Brown - Good Rockin' Brown - Cdchd 1072 - Cd - Uk:

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