Id34z - Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet - Db 7110 - Vinyl 7 - Uk

Id34z - Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet - Db 7110 - Vinyl 7 - Uk

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Id34z - Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet - Db 7110 - Vinyl 7 - Uk:

About this Item
The subject title can sometimes cut off important information regarding item listing details. Below is a more detailed summary of this specific item for sale:The item format is a vinyl 7"
The Artist Name is Bobby Vinton
The Title is Blue VelvetCondition Used
The Media Condition is Very Good

A vinyl record defined as with a Very Good media condition rating does not necessarily mean it is in very good condition in the conventional sense. In the Vinyl Record industry, very good means the disk can be played end to end without skipping or getting stuck, but visually the disk may have visable wear and or hairlines on the disk. When playing surface noise may be evident, especially in the quiet soft passages and during intro and fade, but the surface noise will not overpower the sound.  The label on the disk is likely to have minor wear and possibly writing on label.   You can contact us to check the condition and to ask for photos.

The Sleeve Condition is Generic

A generic sleeve is typically not the original sleeve. When shipped, we may provide a generic paper or plastic sleeve. A generic sleeve means the item many have initially had an official artwork sleeve but  it has probably been replaced with a generic sleeve and is not the original sleeve provided in this sale.

Other Comments
Media Condition-Very Good. Sleeve Condition-Generic. Sleeve condition Generic means it is not the original sleeve, it is a generic replacement sleeve.

Almost all of our 12 inch Albums will include a basic plain or printed inner sleeve to protect the record. However unless explicitly mentioned in this listing a inner sleeve is not considered as part of this purchase. Any purchase should be made with the understanding the inner sleeve is provided as/is.

Some of our images show stickers or labels on the sleeve. We use stock images, for this reason you need to assume and purchase with the understanding that this item does not include a sticker or label, unless explicitly mentioned in this listing. For example: a sticker could say the item comes with something extra such as a poster. Unless we explicitly listed, items on the stickers are not included, and the sticker or label is simply part of the initial general stock image and may not reflect what is being sold.

Coloured Vinyl Records is becoming trendy. We use stock images and sometimes the images show a coloured disk. Unless explicitly mentioned in this listing, any purchase should be made with the understanding that we have not made any commitment regarding the disk colour, and the colour of the disk in the album image may be different. You are welcome to ask us to check and verify details of the item before purchasing. 

When possible we will add Track Listings of the items we are selling to help buyers know what is included on the item for sale. The track listings are provided automatically  from our central master database and can sometimes be wrong.

Sometimes we sell multi disk records, such as with 2 or 3 or 4 disks in one record,  and sometimes we may sell a 'part' multi-disk album, for example we may only sell  1 of the 2 disks,  or 2 of the 3 disks only if one is lost.  IF we sell part multi disks we will add the part listing details clearly in the sale comments or description, however the track listings will still include the full track listings of all the items of the full listing. The full track listings does not mean we are providing the items when we have made clear it is a part multi-disk sale. 

The iHaveit vinyl record music collection includes new, used, demo, promo, special edition and many other versions of each item for sale.  We have over 1million records in our warehouse and may offer a variety of choices. The record you receive could be a standard edition, demo, promo, or special edition, which may or may not be described in this listing. However the record will be the artist and title offered for sale.  If you are looking for a specific version please contact us to verify before buying.

If we reference a hairline, it means it is a light line/mark on the disk, this is different to a scratch. a hairline is light and has limited impact on the playing quality, whereas a scratch can  cause clicks  or intereference when  playing. 

The image shown here is NOT an image of the actual item for sale. iHaveit have over 1million items for sale, for this reason we use stock images for reference purposes only, which may not be the same image representation of the item being sold. Please message me if you want to check and verify the image details.Consolidated Orders and Bulk Orders
We may offer discounts for consolidated purchases, but this depends if the items are in located in the same store.For sales in the UK you can purchase more than one item from us by simply adding whichever items you want to your basket. You will then see a little blue button above the items which says *Request Payment Total from Seller*, click this and we will be able to combine your order for you.We have over many different store locations. The store location is the first characters in the titles of our listings we have a reference. For example: ID1362z.Locations 3447, and 7258 are in the same location, but all the other stores are in separate locations, such as ID3z is a different location to store 2. If the items you have interest in are located in the same location we may consider consolidating your order to discount the order value.To consider a consolidated order, You are welcome to message the "iHaveit Internal Reference Numbers" and we can consider a consolidated order for you.International Shipping
iHaveit does not directly ship internationally anymore. We have experienced too many international delivery issues in the past and for this reason made a policy decision to only ship internationally via the Global Shipping Programme. The prices included within this listing detail the Global Shipping prices.Location ID 34ziHaveit Internal Reference ID 53185326Warehouse Reference Number 1/52101

Id34z - Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet - Db 7110 - Vinyl 7 - Uk:

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