Id'd Civil War Diary And Bible, Letters, Map, Etc 8th Illinois Cavalry

Id'd Civil War Diary And Bible, Letters, Map, Etc 8th Illinois Cavalry

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Id'd Civil War Diary And Bible, Letters, Map, Etc 8th Illinois Cavalry:

Offered is a very nice, historical and varied lot from the Disbrow family of Alden, McHenry County, Illinois. They had multiple sons in various Illinois infantry and cavalry regiments. Like so many families of that war, not all of them made it home. The effects listed are mostly belonging to Pvt. Alonzo Disbrow, a horse soldier in the 8th Illinois Cavalry. His bible and diary as well as a number of letters to and from family members are included. There are some great items. Highlights include an 1840's era bible with hand drawn crossed sabers with an "8" above them and: "ALONZO DISBROW....HIS BIBLE" in faded ink. His diary has approx: 40 pages on handwritten notes on everything from battling Confederates, foraging, details of larger units moving into battle, artillery, fellow members of his unit killed by rebels, fist fights with civilians while on liberty, the weather, camp life, to recipes for cakes and breads. There are a bunch of blank pages in between. There is also a very nice letter home on his 8th Cavalry letterhead. There is a Treasury Department document to Abagail Disbrow, the mother paying her 183 dollars for one of her sons that was killed in the war. His name was Servis Disbrow and he was with Company "B" 116th Regiment of Illinois Vols. KIA on 12 April 1863. Leather bound journal measures: 5.5" x 3.5." There are (9) pieces total.

Some of the text of Disbrow's diary:

September 7th 1861 Woodstock Illinois, Enlisted in the 8th Illi. Cav

12th Went into camp at St. Charles, Kane, Co, Ills.

Nov. 10th Company H presented Col. J.Y (?) Farnsworth with a saber and sash worth: saber $55 sash $12 1/2.

He also writes of drawing revolvers and sabers. The revolvers being of French patent, and then having to turn them back in two weeks later as "condemned"

Moved into Virginia on Dec19th 1861 and occupied Camp California. Talks of many men on the sick list and having to escort their bodies to the railhead at Alexandria. His company later occupies the city and is quartered in the S.M.E, Church. The horses were in a large brick foundry. They then went on picket duty in a church in house in which George Washington used to worship. He talks of awful wind and rain, and more deaths due to sickness.

In April they board the schooner Ephraim (sp?) and are dropped off in Yorktown, VA. May 4th - Yorktown is evacuated by the rebels, and his regiment is in pursuit.

May 5th - Battle of Williamsburg

May 9th - 26 Miles from Williamsburg. Six Regulars in advance and have a skirmish with the rebels left 2 killed and 16 wounded.

May 11th - Gen Stonemans OS New Kent CH

May 24 - Occupied Mechanicsville

June 1st and 2nd - Battle of fair oaks and Seven Pines

June 25th- Battle of Mechanicsville

Talks of Battles of Gains Hills, Savage Station, Whiteoak Swamp

"Harrison's Landing - The rebels often fire upon our camp from the opposite side of the river with forty pieces of artillery, no damage done. The roar of cannons was terrible upon the still night air.."

Aug 17th - Evacuated Harrison's Landing. The rest of the Army have been gone for a number of days. We form the rear guard.

OCTOBER th 28th 1862 -"With the break of day came a cold rain as usual there came with it an order to prepare ourselves to march with three days rations. Night of the 27th is terrible. The wind fairly howls and with it comes a cold north Easter. nothing for a solider however.

28 - Morning dawns and the storm is not abated in the least. troops, trains, and artillery are passing by continuously. the moving of troops and the rain combined are fair indication of a general advance of the whole army. according to the observations of a soldier.

Talks of a friend getting taken prisoner by the enemy. Talks of drawing 18 fresh horses for his company and more foraging into Virginia.

Nov 9th- The regiment found them at Amesville, very poor country for foraging.

Nov 10th - The rebels advanced upon the second brigade causing the train and extra horses to be sent to the rear as far as Waterloo- the rebels attacked vigorously for an hour or so and then retired

Nov 11th - Moved up to the front and joined the regiment again.

Nov 12th Moved back across the Rapahanic (sp) about two miles and found the regiment encamped when we arrived. had to go three miles for forage, weather fine.

There is pages of more content beyond what I wrote....

All in all, some great content that covers a whole host of due within three days of sale close. All sales for looking at my sale and check out my other old estate sale finds.

Id'd Civil War Diary And Bible, Letters, Map, Etc 8th Illinois Cavalry:

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