Igt S 2000 Double Diamond / Coinless / Ticket Printer / Slot Machine W Stand

Igt S 2000 Double Diamond / Coinless / Ticket Printer / Slot Machine W Stand

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Igt S 2000 Double Diamond / Coinless / Ticket Printer / Slot Machine W Stand:


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$ 749.00


This a very popular casino game.

Coin Less

Ticket Printer / Same as Vegas Tickets with Bar Code Paper

New Black Matte Casino Stand

20 inches high / 23 inches deep / 27 inches across

This stand will hold a 250 lb to 30 lb slot machine

All our machines have gone through a 100 point inspection, machines cleaned, old glass panels replaced, new lithium battery installed onthe computer board, old memory cleared on computer board, lights replaced and much more.

You will also receive a barrel style door key and re set key to clear the jack pot.

Also per policy on slot machines, we can not sell slot machines which accept coins such as quarters or currency.

We also have a complete tech support team. Our technical support department is open daily from :

10: 00 am est until 8: 00 pm est and on week ends.

Our parts departmenthas thousands of IGT parts, eproms, glass panels, reel strips, meters, pull arm mechs, computer boards, locks, light bulbs, hoppersand much more to service your machines.

Black Matte Casino Stand

About Us

Vegas Slots 777 has been in business for over 12 years. We purchase gaming equipment from casinos and cruise ships from California to Miami.

We do not claim to have twenty technicans as many of our competitors post on their websites, we only have four. We donot have a 800.000 square foot warehouse, we only have a 5,000 square foot warehouse.

We do have on hand over 1000 slots, pokers and a warehouse full of parts and glass kits.

If you purchase a machine from us, we will take care of any problem.

If you purchased a machine from one of our competitors over the past few years and your machine does not work, call one of our service techs and we will assist you free of charge to get your machine up and running. We have been in business for over 12 years and about 90 % of the distributors of slot machines have left the market and have shut down,

Also, if you have a favorite machine and do not see one on , e mail us and we will look for one and list it on for you.

We also have a short ten minute video on how a slot machine works and how to set it up when it arrives. E mail us and we will send it to you.

Also if you need an IGT Service Manual, we will provide one free even if you purchase a machine elsewhere, just e mail us.

We have a Casino Glass Warehouse on Dean Martin Road between Tropicana and Flamingo, a Slot Machine Parts and Computer Board Warehouse off of Nellis Road and Cheyenne in North Las Vegas near Nellis AFB and our Slot Machine Warehouse in Dayton, Ohio.

Department of Justice Registered

We hold a current registration with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). This means we are operating a legitimate business with the approval of the government.

Be smart and ask for a DOJ certificate. We will gladly fax our DOJ registration papers to you upon request.

Digital Pictures Emailed to You

We know that the Internet can be a scary place to shop and we are always trying to find ways to take the fear out of it. Digital pictures are the answer.

Vegas Slots For Sale will be glad to photograph and email a digital picture of the exact machine you are interested in buying so that you know, in advance, its condition before completing the sale. This is one of the reasons we have such a high satisfaction rating with our customers -- there are no surprises or misunderstandings after the sale.

Casino Base Cabinets - Regulation Size

We build these mahogany finish casinostands in our cabinet shop.

These are regulation casino size and many of our cabinets are sold directly to casinos.

To purchase, visit our other sales.

Cabinet weight70 pounds.

  • Holds up to a 500 pound machine
  • Will hold any IGT, Bally, Williams, Atronics, or Aristocrat slot machine
  • Measures 27" across, 22" high, and 20" deep (regulation casino size)
  • Front door hasdouble recessed hinges
  • Front door has a high security door lock
  • Scratch resistant mahogany laminate
  • Cigarette burn resistant mahogany laminate
  • Also available in matte black laminate
Game Tokens / .984 MM

This game machine uses only GAME TOKENS. You can visit our store and purchase these precision proof quality .984 mm un-circulated precision proof nickel plated tokens.

We have new tokens available in 100 count bags.

Power Requirements

This machine runs on normal 110 V household current. The power cord will run out of the back of the machine. No special adaptor or wiring are needed. It is a good idea to plug the power cord into a power surge protector since there is a computer board inside this machine.

Computer Board Eprom Clear RAM

We clear RAM memory on every computer board so that your machine will never freeze up because your CMOS eprom chip has its memory full.

When you purchase one of our machines, the computer board is set just like it left the factory. Therefore the millions of millions of previous plays are not left on the memory. To the best of my knowledge no other re seller on does this feature and without it, your machine could be dead in the water a few months after you purchase one. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Warranty And Service

We are an industry leader, providing a one year warranty on parts and labor. We have a staff of five gaming technicians on site to provide technical support, service or parts. An additional one year extended warranty is available.


All our machines are professionally crated in a triple wall 600 pound test corrugated container, poly planked, foam injected and banded. There is no crating charge for machines picked up.


Call or e mail us for an accurate freight rate quote. We get a 72 % on several common carriers. The average delivery charges are from $ 175.00 to $ 250.00 depending on the location.

Zone One : East Coast $ 200.00

Zone Two : Mid West $ 200.00 ( OH, MI, KY, IN AND EAST PA, $150.00 )

Zone Three : Mountain States $ 225.00

Zone Four : Pacific States $ 250.00

NYC City and Long Island locations are delivered by local expeditors and rates can be slightly higher. Call for actual rates in these locations.

If possible try to have your machine sent to a business address.

On residential deliveries, the freight carrier will call the day before to arrange a 2 hour delivery window.

Machines will not be dropped off unless someone is present to sign for it.

The buyer can pre pay this delivery fee or we can ship freight collect.

No Extra Charge for:

  • Pre-delivery appointment phone call
  • Insurance included ($20 value)
  • Online Tracking
  • Phone Tracking: 800 phone number

Expedited service available:

  • Overnight UPS Freight Service
Shipping / Alaska

We will ship to Alaska but call for a freight quote first.

Canada / International Shipping

We have an Export Specialist on site who will submit and complete all your USA Customs Export Forms, NAFTA Forms, and Country of Original Forms.

We use A and A Custom Brokers in Canada to pay your 5 %GeneralServices Tax, ( GST ). The average cost to have this broker handle this is $ 100.00 usd.

You are welcome to by-pass the broker and pay the GST direct at a local Customs House and save the broker fee.

Average shipping chargesto Toronto is $ 250.00, Ottawa $ 275.00, Montreal $ 275.00, Nova Scotia $ 300.00, Central Providences $ 300.00 and Vancouver $ 350.00 .

It is also best to call for a freight rate quote first.

There is no duty on American goods in Canada however there is a5 % GST ( General Sales Tax ) which which is collected by the broker prior to delivery or paid by the consignee prior to delivery.

Overseas / Container Shipping

We have an Export Permit for Europe, Russia and Republics, South America, Caribbean, Africa and even Iraq through the Jordan Free Port. We will prepare all your necessary export documents as well as the Manufactures Statement of Origin.

We use BAX Global and SEVA containers. Both 20 foot and 40 foot containers are available. These containers will hold from 80 to 140 machines, uncrated.

We will work with our shippers to get the highest discounts and pass them down to you.

Payment Information

For sales shipped to locations in the United States, we accept all major credit cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover as well as Pay Pal.

Call or e mail for our secure Pay Pal account .

Should you have any further questions feel free to call Marty

Legal Information / Legal States




The sale or even ownership of coin-operated slot machines is regulated or forofferden in a number of states, even for personal in-home use. The laws are often complex and may subject violators to criminal penalties. Out of respect for these laws, will not generally permit the listing of coin-operated slot machines on its Web site.

There are three exceptions to this general prohibition:

1. Antique slot machines: Generally, slot machines that are at least 25 years old may be listed on , provided that the seller explicitly states the age of the machine in the listing. However, buyers and sellers in the following states may not participate in antique slot machine sales due to laws prohibiting slot machine ownership in their state: Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee. A few states require that slot machines be even older to qualify for antique status, but a few allow more recent machines. So check your local laws to ensure that your transaction is lawful in your area. Please note that replica coin-operated slot machines that are operable and are less than 25 years old may not be listed on .

All listings for antique slot machines must include the following text: Due to laws regulating the sale of antique slot machines, I, as the seller, will not sell to from members in the states of Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee. offers from members residing in any of these states will be cancelled. Buy It Now transactions with buyers residing in these states will be considered void.

2. Non-coin-operated slot machines: Slot machines that do not accept or pay out coins or currency may be listed on regardless of their age, and buyers from all states may participate in these sales. However, slot machines that can be readily converted to use for coins or currency are treated as coin-operated machines and prohibited in Alabama, California, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Oregon. Therefore, buyers and sellers in those states may not participate in those listings.

3. Non-functional slot machines: Machines that were never functional but made solely for display may be listed on . In addition, coin-operated slot machines that have been permanently altered so that they will not accept any coin or slot and cannot be converted into an operational slot machine may be listed without restriction.

Slot machines that accept coins, example nickels, quarters and or currency, are treated as coin-operated slot machines and are prohibited in the following states: Alabama, California, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Oregon. Therefore, buyers and sellers in these states may not participate in those listings. I was notified directly from that regardless to these illegal states, will not allow the SALES of ANY COIN-OPERATED SLOT MACHINES and or SLOT MACHINES that accept CURRENCY to any STATE.

This slot machine has been permanently altered so that it will not accept any coin or slot and can not be converted into an operational slot machine.


Igt S 2000 Double Diamond / Coinless / Ticket Printer / Slot Machine W Stand:

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