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I1 Ladies Red Skirt By George, Elastic Waist, Plus 22w/24w, New Without Tags For Sale

I1 Ladies Red Skirt By George, Elastic Waist, Plus 22w/24w, New Without Tags

You are about to buy a red skirt by George. The skirt has an elastic waist. The sides are vented. The skirt is new without tags.

Multiple Purchase Discount
If two or more items of clothing are purchased together so we can combine the shipping, then every item after the first will get $2.00 off. The more you buy, the more you save! The discount will be applied as a partial refund after purchase is complete and ONLY if all items are paid on the same bill (so please ensure your shopping is complete before you pay). If any items are returned, then the full discount will be applied towards the refund and return postage reimbursements.

Other Categories You Will Like
We have many more Plus sized clothing, check them all out! We also carry accessories and shoes, as well asclothing for newborn and toddlers, children, other women's sizesand men.

Our Goal
Our goal is total customer satisfaction. To achieve that goal, we have taken the following actions:

Developed a Grading Standard: We created a standard to keep our listings consistent and to help you shop with confidence on the quality. You can read it below.

Provide detailed Item Specifics: We take the time to measure the key dimensions so you will know if it will fit BEFORE your buy it.

Quickly Respond to Questions: We make every effort to answer questions within 12 hours and usually respond much faster.

Offer Fast Shipping: We almost always ship within 1 business day (and sometimes the same day) so you can get it as soon as possible.

Created a No Questions Asked Return Policy: Our return policy exceeds 's standards so you have a no worry shopping experience. You can read more about it below.

Give Post Sale Customer Support: We want satisfied customers, so if you have any issue with the purchase after you get it, please let us know and we will work with you to the best of our ability. response is wonderful, but we really hope you will be happy enough to shop with us again and to tell your friends about us as well.

Our Grading System
In order to help customers make an informed decision we are providing our grading system. The list is not meant to be all inclusive but should still give a buyer an idea of what to expect.For any grade less than Superior, we will identify the imperfections we see. Please note the emphasis we put on the overall appearance of the item: someone writing their name on thecare tag has little impact on our grading scale because the tag is normally not visible when worn.

New with or Without Tags: The item has never been worn and we either it has the tags or we could verify its history at the time we purchased it for resale.

Like New: The item looks like it came right off the store shelf, but because we do not know the history we cannot list it as new.

Superior: The item has been lightly worn and well cared for. Typically, the colors have lost their newness but are still strong and bright. There may or may not be very fine fuzz.

Excellent: The item has clearly been worn but is still a high quality. Typically there is light fading, especially at the seams and collar. There may be minor or hard to see imperfections. If there is a decoration on the item (such as beads or sequins), it is intact or nearly intact. The amount of fuzz can vary by material (denim will not have any fuzz, acrylic will have substantial, most will have light to medium). There will usually be no pilling, but very light pilling may be allowed if the garment is otherwise a good quality.

Very Good: The item is beginning to show wear but still has a long life left to it. Typically, more pronounced fading exists. Holes or stains may be in obvious places but are small or faint. A noticeable amount of decoration is missing but the design is still clearly defined.Pilling may be present but usuallylimited tohigh friction areas. We may list these items at a lower price than similar but more highly graded items, depending on the degree of the imperfections.

Fair: The item has one significant defect, such as a rip, hole,stain,a distracting amount of decoration loss or significant pilling. It typically also has a significant fading of color. We only sell this gradeif we feel there is still a redeeming feature to the item and we always discount the price.

Poor and Worse: The item is only good for getting dirty in or for rags. We do not sell these grades.

Return Policy
We have a no questions asked policy on returns. We will give you a full refund on your purchase and reimburse you for return shipping upon receipt of the returned item. We will limit the shipping reimbursement to the first class/parcel post rate (whichever is lower). Note that the entire combined shipping discount will be applied to the returned items, but you will still get return shipping reimbursement.

Hanger and package pictures are public domain, obtained through Microsoft Power Point clip art.

Item Specifics

Content: 70% rayon 30% polyester
Tag Size: Plus 22W/24W
Waist: 38 inches unstretched with elastic waist
Hips: 56 inches
Length: 17 inches

Shipping Policy

Unless posted otherwise, we will ship items within 3 days of payment. We almost always get shipments out the first business day after payment and sometimes ship the same day payment is received. We offer the following shipping prices:

U.S. First Class/Parcel Post: Free
U.S. Priority: $4.00
U.S. Express: $31.00
International: varies, contact us for a quote

I1 Ladies Red Skirt By George, Elastic Waist, Plus 22w/24w, New Without Tags

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I1 Ladies Red Skirt By George, Elastic Waist, Plus 22w/24w, New Without Tags:

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