Impact #1, Ec Comics 1955. *w/ Bonus Of Aces High #2 And Valor #1 / Master Race*

Impact #1, Ec Comics 1955. *w/ Bonus Of Aces High #2 And Valor #1 / Master Race*

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Impact #1, Ec Comics 1955. *w/ Bonus Of Aces High #2 And Valor #1 / Master Race*:

IMPACT #1. EC Comics, 1955. Bonus comics: Aces High #2, and Valor #1. Impact #1 has Bernie Krigstein's great "Master Race" story and is a rare "white title" version of the issue.

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ABOUT THIS COMIC: This sale lot is for Impact #1 with low-grade copies of the EC comics Aces High #2 and Valor #1 included as a bonus. This is the white-lettered version of Impact #1 from its early, limited print run before publisher William Gaines selected a different printing company and the title lettering changed to yellow.

Impact's full title is "Tales Designed to Carry an... IMPACT" and it definitely lives up to the name. This issue contains what has been hailed as one of the finest achievements in comic storytelling and artistry, "Master Race," a tale of the Holocaust delivered in a highly stylized and haunting style by the artist Bernie Krigstein. "Master Race" paved the way for "MAUS" and other comics that deal with serious subject matter.

ABOUT VALOR #1: Valor is a great title for this EC comic which combines stories of swordsmen, swashbucklers, gladiators and other historical heroes and fighters.

ABOUT ACES HIGH #2: Aces High deals with everything aeronautic, especially fighter planes and wars. A typical issue will contain everything from WWI-era biplanes to the flashiest jet planes of the Korean War era. These comics really highlight the artistry of George Evans, who researches and illustrates exceptionally accurate images of each plane, right down the last rivet. This is some of the finest art you'll find in any EC comic.

ITEM VALUE: The 2013 Overstreet guidebook values this issue in GD, VG, FN and VF at $$$: ((( 23, 46, 69, 184 ))). The Valor and the Aces High comic are valued at 28/56/84/224 and 24/48/72/192, respectively.

CONDITION/GRADE: I judge the Impact #1 comic to be in GD+ condition based on standard grading guidelines. Grading is an inexact science but I try to be strict and use a "buyer's mindset," inspecting comics carefully for flaws. Please look over the photos and see the details below:

CONDITION OVERVIEW: ORIGINAL (no restoration detected) and COMPLETE (all pages included, with no cut-outs or anything noticeably missing). Staples tight at cover and centerfold. Cover displays pretty well. Spine good with a couple of nicks. Interior page quality is excellent and off-white. Main problem is tanning to cover and back cover.


VALOR #1 = FAIR/GOOD. Spine is weak/worn and top staple detached. Cover has toned in a way that suggests spine could split apart with handling. The cover displays well and the interior is in very good condition.ACES HIGH #2 = GD+. Generally nice shape with staples well attached to cover and centerfold, good cover gloss and so on, BUT the cover and back cover have noticeable tanning (see photos). There is a small nick/tear in the middle of the spine. Email me with any additional questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Impact #1, Ec Comics 1955. *w/ Bonus Of Aces High #2 And Valor #1 / Master Race*:

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