Important Chinese Famille Rose Signed Qianlong Beijing Imperial Kiln Dish

Important Chinese Famille Rose Signed Qianlong Beijing Imperial Kiln Dish

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Important Chinese Famille Rose Signed Qianlong Beijing Imperial Kiln Dish:



Hi, thank you for having a look at my sales. Listed this week is a very fine quality estate collection ofChinese porcelain. As my sales have run for over 10 years selling online all the items will be sold to the highest buyer with absolutely s. I ask that you only offer on the items if you are very serious about purchasing them. If you have any questions in regards to the items or payment please do not hesitate to email me. I do wish everyone the very best of luck winning the sales! Mark Your Calendars, this sale ends the evening of Sunday June 16th

Up for sale is a Truly Superb Chinese Famille Rose Beijing Imperial Kiln Porcelain Dish. The Dish is By Far the Finest and Most Intricately Hand Painted Chinese Porcelain example I have personally ever seen. I have not seen another example remotely like this, I am sure being a Very Rare find. The Dish has a Finely Hand Painted Blue Enamel Qianlong Four Character imperial mark to the base. If it is in fact of the period, I am sure this Dish would be worth an Astonishing amount. But I know there were also later 19th to earlier 20thc examples made with this mark, so to be safe I will let you decide its exact age for yourself and offer accordingly. I know even the later examples of this Amazing Quality have been achieving some Very substantial amounts.

It is Well Worth looking into this piece. I know Sotheby’s sold a small vase with the same mark that had a very similar if not identical dragon border that they sold as “period” for many millions of dollars (Oct. 2010, lot 2123). If there is a chance this is a period piece then you could live very well for the rest of your life off it. If the dish were mine I would be taking it to one of the high end sales for sale. However that is not the case, and the collector is no longer with use. So as per the Estate Lawyers I am to sell the whole collection to the highest buyer with Absolutely s. The Dish has Beautiful and Vibrant Enamel Colors throughout including a Rich Vibrant Imperial Yellow Ground. The Dish is Superbly and Very Thinly Potted of a Pure White Translucent Porcelain, along with a Superbly Carved and Formed Footrim. The Dish has a Rich Cobalt Blue Glazed bottom side, and the Enamel Work is Perfectly Flawless throughout. The Dish is in very fine original condition showing some very light wear to the gold gilt outer rim, and no chips, cracks, or restoration. The Dish measures 5 ¾ inches wide, and sits ½ inch high. If I had the money this is one piece I would personally be keeping! The Dish is a Truly Exceptional, Ingenious, and Breathtaking piece. Provenance: The collector of the dish and many of the other pieces listed was from a very prominent Chinese family. The family were large land owners in Hong Kong and extremely wealthy. I was told the collector was avidly collecting in the 1950-70’s period and frequented many high end shops and sales on his travels in Hong Kong, New York, and London. Some of the pieces were also inherited to him by his father and have been in the family for at least 100 years, if not earlier. The collector was not scared to spend large sums of money on pieces he liked, within the estate there is still a number of amazing pieces including large marble statues, furniture, and other important porcelain pieces which in many cases were into six figures when purchased. I am sure the opportunity to purchase pieces like this directly from an important estate collection does not arise very often. I do wish everyone the very best of luck with the sales.

PLEASE REVIEW PAYMENT AND RETURN POLICIES PRIOR TO offerDING. BEST OF LUCK WITH THE sales! Mark your calendars this sale ends theEvening of Sunday June 16th.


We happily combine items when shipping, saving you costs.You will be happy to know we never charge a handling fee or extra for shipping supplies and professional packaging.

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 We make great effort to honestly and accurately describe each item listed. If I am not positive on an items age I will not say, or I will state that it is being sold as a later piece, and you are to make up your own mind in regards to its age and value and offer accordingly. Items are not returnable if it is not of the age or value you were hoping it to be, with No Exceptions. Please ask all questions and have any second opinions or appraisals done on items you may like Prior to offerding and or winning an item. If a date is put, and we do not state it as being sold as a Later example we completely guarantee it to be of that period, or earlier. Our sales include many detailed photos, please read descriptions and view photos carefully prior to offerding, items are not returnable for condition issues commented on or shown in the pictures. Many of the items listed are old antique pieces and in many cases over a hundred, or hundreds of years old. Items are not returnable or eligible for partial refunds because we failed to mention wear or small flaws consistent with the items age. Any Item or Lot Sold "AsIs" is not elligible for Return or Partial Refund, no exceptions.If it is determined an item is eligible for return all items must be shipped back within48 Hoursof receiving. Thx!


We accept Paypal. Please contact us after the sale has ended to let us know when payment will be made. Payments must be received within4 days of the sale ending, at which point they will be offered to back buyers. We are very easy to work with so if this may be a problem please email us Prior to offerding with any concerns or questions regarding payment.



As a special Courtesy to our wonderful customers we are nowoffering Layaways. If you are interested in many items or an item of high value but can not afford to pay for it all at once, as long as 50% of your total combined invoice is paid within4 days of the sale ending, you do not have to pay the balance owing for up to 60 days. Invoices must be paid in full before Any items purchased are shipped, as per the estate.

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Important Chinese Famille Rose Signed Qianlong Beijing Imperial Kiln Dish:

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