Invincible Iron Man # 1 Early Silver Age Key ~wow~

Invincible Iron Man # 1    Early Silver Age Key  ~wow~

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Invincible Iron Man # 1 Early Silver Age Key ~wow~:

#1 In low cost Marvel Comics From 1961 to 1975 RARE! WOWZIE

NICE COLLECTIBLE BOOK! ____________________________ The Invincible IRON MAN #1 Grade: VG++ Nice early Silver Age collection of books. AWESOME SILVER AGE MARVEL for your collection!!! This is your chance to get an early run of Silver Age Marvels!! Somebody is going to take this book home. There is No Minimum, ! All books from an original collection Information on the book:Scan shows clearly the condition of book. Bright colors and very solid interior. Very solid and attractive book. Nice, bright glossy colors and supple interior pages. Near FN grade No hard stress or wear. Ink initials on front cover. Tiny stress at top right corner. Clena an white/ off white back cover. Nice KEEPER book. Spine has just tiny stress from being read once or twice. Attractive Super KEY book to own. Don't let this one get away! Nice straight edges and square corners. Interior is nice and clean and complete. Grade given is typical of overall condition of comic book. This is a book you'll be proud to grow in value in your collection. WE GUARANTEE THIS GRADE!

This is a FANTASTIC looking book with the story to match!

We give this SAMCO1 grade of: VG++ or VG/FN Grade

Retail value is $199 .00

Now, if there is an obvious error like no scan, no price, incomplete information, contradictory description, etc. Please, I mean PLEASE contact me so I can correct the problem prior to offerding as changes cannot be made after a offer is place, and I end up just having to cancel the sale. We reserve the right to cancel the sale or not sell book after sale ending if there is an error. So please let us know before offers take place so we can fix the sale.

Even though this sale page is lengthy, please read it once through and we will have a much more enjoyable transaction together. And just think, you only have to read it once. These books came from my personal collection where we put them in archival mylars and have not seen the light of day in over 20 years! NICE Issue! Don't let this item get away. We examined the staples and centerfold and whiteness of interior pages and cover. Bigger than life scan shows any exterior cover defects. Any interior defects affecting grade are noted above. This book is bagged and boarded. See scan for additional details. We often hear how we have under-graded these books. Check our response. We unconditionally guarantee our comics, see detail below. Scan is high rez and is set atlarger than lifesize so any defects you see are really smaller than actual size.

I don't mean to sound redundant, but If no scan appears within 24 hours of the sale starting or if the scan is of the incorrect issue, please email us.If the incorrect scan or there is NO SCAN at allin place at sale ending, assume the item is NOT for sale as we cannot honor sales without proper scan, so please notify us if there is no scan. 95% of the time if there is an obvious error, somebody has already offer on the sale. So I send them an email asking why they offer on this instead of contacting me, and every time they say, "Oh, I didn't read the descripion, I just offer on it" (duh!)

Don't wait until the last minute to offer! You know how gets locked up or your computer can go down! No Minimum, ! Don't wait to offer on this item and since there is , so somebody is going to take this home! What a deal. We have a great 'no hassle', 'no questions asked' return policy. However, we do reserve the right that if 's system fouls up before sale ending to not honor final offers if offerding is not available.

VERY IMPORTANT: Regarding USA SHIPMENTS: Discount Shipping Costs We can take Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express and Paypal or you can mail in your payment. Shipping and handling is $5.49 for first book and then $1.79 for each book afterwards.Called, faxed, emailedCredit cards can be used, but if you do not have a response rating over 15, and not using Paypal, then you must fax us a letter with credit card info, amount and signature authorizing charge. You can save at least $2.00 on shipping costs and up to $22.00 on large sale winnings by mailing in your payment, see the information below. You may combine other sales and save. All credit cards will be billed through Affordable Travel, our parent company. We have a 7 day return policy (except shipping related charges) on everything we sell, except CGC items. Although we package VERY securely, All sale winning totals over $200.00 will have a small fee added for insurance as we will not take the risk of mailing damage or claims of loss this is for your protection. Remember that international shipments can be delayed by customs, so while we don't mind at all if you check on the status of an order, but don't blame us if it takes a long time. All items MUST be paid for within 5 days of sale ending regardless, unless you have made other arrangements with us. NOTE: After 10 days without payment, will send you an alert; your item will be relisted at 14 days and the sale will be canceled. only allows us 32 days to file for a credit which means the transaction has to be completed during that time so we have to allow time to receive payment, mail out item, you receive it and finish the tranasaction, so that time allotment is very minimal. Certain Items Require Mandatory Insurance If you win a single item or a few combined, expensive items and CGC items (over $150 each), we will add insurance to your shipping costs. This protects both of us. STOP.................................

Whoa! You Must READ This!

We are a reasonable seller. We are easy to deal with. We offer these books at a No Minimum, price, starting at 1 cent, soTHIS item WILL SELL to the highest buyer. That being said, and since our shipping & handling costs are what they are, please be aware that is you win a lot of sales, your shipping costs may appear high. (see the exception below about saving up to $22.00 on shipping costs if you mail in your payment.) Otherwise, our shipping costs areNON-NEGOTICIABLE. If you win 40 of our sales and your S&H is about 50 bucks, so be it. This just means you GOT A REALLY GOOD DEAL on the books you won. And if You just bought 40 books, likely about 10 to 20cents on the dollar so what is the big deal for you pay another $1.25 for the shipping? You already got a KILLER deal.If I am willing to sell, let's say,a $50.00 book for the highest offer of $9.00 because of no minimum, , starting at a penny, and you win a bunch of my sales, just cough up the shipping & handling costs and remember how you got a great deal. When submitting response, we still expectYOU to give us 5 stars, even on shipping costs, because we are willing to sell this item at a greatly reduced price, and since we out-source our S&H, we can't afford to lose money there too. If you don't give us 5 stars, we lose our 20% discount on fees and that will force us to to put a reserve price on our books and that will not be good for either of us. We have had 50,000 sales. We are not here to give anyone the shaft, but we expect you to hold up your end on the deal too, by paying for your sales and not trying to renegotiate shipping costs. & paypal fees account for about 12% of the sale. We can only sell these books this cheap if you give us 5 stars. In other words, if you can't give us 5 stars, please either do not offer on our items in the first place, or return your items for a full refund and we can both walk away.

Please note: REMEMBER If you notice any errors like wrong scans or incorrect issues numbers; please email me so I can fix it prior to any offers. Scans normally appear within 24 hours after sale begins. Thanks. You only need to read this once, but it will save both of us a big head ache is you read this now, not after the sale ends. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY WITH YOUR sale, SO PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Why do we say this? On the average, each month, we receive about 40-60 emails asking us if (1) we will hold their sale items, which is OK but they did not note this with their payment. (2) renegotiate shipping costs because they won a lot of sales. (3) Tell us there is no scan or there is an obvious error in the listing, but they have already offer on it anyway, which means we now we can't fix the sale and have to cancel it & start over.

So What happens if you win one of SAMCO1's sales? COMBINED SHIPPING INFORMATION We will send you an invoice the night the sale ends. Shipping costs may appear high, but please keep in mind that we often include free silver age marvel titles similar to what you win for FREE if you are a repeat winner or make a request. The free stuff we send offsets the shipping costs. If you win some of our sales, you do not have to wait for an email from us. You can calculate the total and make payment. If you win more that one item use this as a basis for figuring your total for USA (First Class/Priority Mail with delivery confirmation) shipping: 1 comic is $5.49; each additional comic is $1.79 Please Note: We encourage you to pay for your item after the sale ends even if it is prior to us sending you an invoice but please remember to include sufficient shipping. Canadian shipping is $8.99 for first comic and then $1.79 each after that. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We ship anywhere in the world. Up to 6 comics can be safely shipped via AIRMAIL POST or Global Priority (in a Global Priority Envelope) with strong side boards for $13.99 plus $1.79 per comic (up to 6 comics) plus insurance. If you win more than 6 comics, the shipping costs start over again. If you purchase over 6 comics and wish to have them insured, we will send them registered mail/insured, which costs about $16.00 for up to six books, insured for $200.00 Additional insurance is not much more on registered mail. We send out books Mondays through Thursday each week. PAYMENTS

PAYPAL USERS: We think Paypal is great, and if you are using PAYPAL, we just need a Confirmed Shipping Address or you must email us your name, phone number and address. After you've logged into Paypal, you must type in Paypal's message box the comic book name and issue number and not just the item number or your item WILL be delayed. Please send along a copy of the sale ending page or its general information. Now, if you have special shipping requests, you must include it in the message box of Paypal and do not just send an email telling us some special request as this will not be cross-referenced. Mailing Payments (SAVE $2.00-$22.00) on Shipping If you mail in your payment, postmarked by the same or next business day, you can deduct $2.00 from your total. If your total is over $100.00 you may also deduct an additional$1.00 for each $100.00 in winnings you have up to $20.00 in savings making a total of $22.00 in savings. It is Great to mail in your payment, we accept virtually any payment type, whether you phone it in or mail it to us. Please Do not mail a payment and then send an email telling us to hold on to the comic until our next batch of sales ends, as we will not notice it. You need to include this information on your paypal payment or include an item list and your name/address if mailing payment. This is the same address if you have a return to make. Please send all correspondence to:






Have You Ever Said...


I am very fortunate that over 99.8% are so wonderful to deal with. But the tiny .2%, make life miserable for reputable sellers. If you have not received your item in a timely fashion, this is what you do:

1. DON'T PANIC We did mail out your item in a timely fashion, but international orders can be delayed at customs for up to 6 weeks, sometimes longer; it's not our fault if this happens. Don't worry, we will protect you, just don't get 'all huffy' thinking we took your money and didn't send you the item you won. We guarantee that you will get it, just be patient. If you are gioing to worry about this either pay for express mail with tracking or Don't offer on our items.

2. DON'T FILE A DIPSUTE Some people carry a large chip on their shoulder because they think that if an item is delivered when they think it should be or it doesn't meet their expectation, rather than call me or wait for an email response from us,they file a dispute. Just because you can file a dispute doesn't mean you need to. Do you realise that we will 'bend over backwards' for you to please you, but it you have a question or concern, do not file a dispute as if you think that this will make things happen more quickly. IT WILL NOT. This will drag on for an additional month or more. Actually, I will personally guarantee you this: You file a dispute, you will NEVER offer on our items again, period. If you do not have the courage to call me if you need an answer more quickly than our email, that DON't offer on our sales. We seek to give you the best deal possible, but did you realize when you file a dispute that cancels our 'top seller discount and we lose 15% of our monthly fee crerdit for up to 3 months and that means we lose about $1000.00 over a $20 book, because you thoughtit was only worth $15. We try to keep our phandling rices low but a few numbskulls, who should never be allowed to offer on , want to see how big of a jerk they can be. And I can guarantee you that every person that files a dispute has not read this paragrapgh.


Referring to the above numbskulls, this is what they almost almost do: They receive an item, maybe they changed their mind, thought a VG they paid forshould be a NM, or maybe have a legitimate issue with a book, butREGARDLESS when their item arrives and they open their mail, let's say Thursday night at 7:00pm at 8:00 pm they send me an email about the making a return, then Friday they send another email as a second request. Finally, after worrying all day about this book, they can't sleep and so at 1:00am on Saturday they file a dispute with ! Yep, 3 days went by al right, of course it was only about 30 hours, but to them it was Thur-Sat and so they had within their right to file a dispute. As you read our soapbox below, you'll see that we are only online about once a week and so wehaven't yet seenthe quickly sent emails, but now we have to deal with the filed dispute. And if they only read the soapbox below they would know that we would have taken care of them 125% if they had only been patient with us. Sadly, the person who files a dispute has never read this. If you cannot wait for us to answer an email, or be willing to call me, Please save both of us a headache, by NOT PARTICIPATING IN OUR sales. I am SO EASY to work with and will help you any way I can to make this a very positive transaction, but I am gone 4 days a week buying comc collections and sometimes cannot respond to emails for a week. But if you have a problem, I GUARANTEE I will fix it to your satisfaction, just be patient with me.

We have lowest prices on Golden & Silver Age Comics!

See our response and Buy with Confidence!

We want to EARN 5 OUT OF 5 STARS! SAMCO1 works very hard to earn those Stars from if there's ANY reason you feel we HAVE NOT earned 5 Stars in the DSR Categories of 'Item as Described', 'Communication', 'Shipping Time' and 'S&H Charges', please email us or call me personally at 509-521-2912 and allow us the opportunity to earn those Stars from you. According to , miscommunication and the lack of good communication are the number one reason Sellers and Buyers have problems. Let's all make sure that doesn't happen. Thanks.

We're here to make a Customer for life, not for just one sale.

Non U.S. Buyers: SAMCO1 shipping is open Monday through Wednesday and all payment clearing our banks or PayPal will be mailed that day. But, it may take up to 30 DAYS for your item(s) to arrive to you through your county’s Customs and post systems, however. Although this rarely happens, we can only start a claim AFTER 30 DAYS and would greatly appreciate your patience for shipping issues that are beyond our control. Please remember, we ship within 24 hours of your payment clearing on our workdays so that you normally will get your item within a week to 10 days but it it takes longer and although frustrating for everyone, we can't be responsible for delays caused by your country's Customs and mailing systems. Please keep this in mind when leaving your response and DSRs. Thank you for your understanding and your purchase! – SAMCO1
Returns / Exchanges

We offer a 100% satisfaction on all our items. Buyer is responsible for ALL return postage but we will allow you to take a future sale credit on any shipping money you spent. Refunds (if available and at our discretion) are paid minus S&H charges. If you have further questions, please email us. If we haven’t responded in a timely fashion it is because I am out of the office at a comic show or buying a collection. If so please call me at 509-521-2912. Please don’t be a jerk and leave a negative response because you sent me 20 emails in a relatively short time and you think I am avoiding you. That is NOT THE CASE. If you have any concerns, CALL ME. This means you pick up a phone and call my number and talk to me.

Do you have Buyer’s Phobia?

Please do not feel intimidated to talk to me. I am not an ogre and do not carry the plague. I am friendly and easy to deal with but sometimes I am difficult to reach by email. If you have Anthropophobia (fear of people), it would be best not to offer on my items. Or if you have Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotton or ignored, and you feel compelled to leave negative responses after sending 6 emails in 2 days, please BUY FROM OTHER PEOPLE, NOT FROM ME. Apparently, the goofballs that have left me negative response must have phonophobia (fear of talking on the phone) as NOT ONE of them has ever called me to discuss a matter, one cornball left me 5 negative responses because he returned 4 items out of 5, which I had refunded his money immediately and somehow he didn’t realize that he had his money back in his paypal account because he spent it and so without contacting me, he left me all those wonderful responses (and won’t do anything about it). Every single negative response we received, the buyer regretted doing so but with ’s new policies, you cannot change it unless it is threatening or ethnic derogatory. So please, if you feel compelled to leave a negative because you have not truly communicated with me and don’t want me to fix your problem, at least threaten me with my life so I can get the response removed.

Thank you.

Have you read our NEW SAMCO1's SOAPBOX?


If you win an sale from SAMCO1 and you later have second thoughts or your item does not meet up to your expectations, what should you do? Can you return an item? When should you file a dispute? How do I get a refundback? First of all, let me say that I have been on about 14 years, since July, 1998 and we are here for the long haul. We only seek to have satisfied customers and as you can see from our response most people have bought from us an average of 4-5 times our unique response number. The reason why so many people come back and buy from us again and again is that we always take care of our customers. If you experience a problem, we always make up for it 110-130%! If we goof something up and you are nice about it and bring it to our attention through a nice email, we'll not only fix the problem, we may give you free future credit, free valuable silver age marvel comics, etc., etc. You can't lose. We do not intend on giving anyone the shaft or displeasing anyone with their sale purchase. We sell many 1000's of silver age marvels on . Now, I guess I should restate what I said earlier about 'you can't lose'. Actually you can lose. You see let’s say if it were to occur that, on the slim chance that we missed a notable defect or sent an incorrect item or there is a delay in shipping, please DO NOT send emails that whine and complain, threaten us, deride or abuse and make sordid demands on us. Please do not go into a plethora of details about what is wrong with a comic. This is the wrong way to get us to fix a problem. You see, if you win something from us, and you are nice about it, we will bend over backwards to make you happy and make you a repeat buyer. But if you are the type that carries a big chip on the shoulder and if we make a small goof, you get bent out of shape and take personal offense that we were trying to purposely give you the shaft, and you want to threaten us, leave negative response or file a dispute without even communicating with us first, we would prefer that you do not offer on our sales at all. It almost seems funny and absurd that, on the rare occurrence, rather than the sale winner to try to be a nice person and give us an opportunity to fix any sort of problem by either refunding, or giving some instant or future credit or free silver age marvel comics so that the buyer comes out 'smelling like a rose' on the transaction, there seems to be a few people out there that must be paranoid delusional because they simply cannot prevent themselves from 'blowing up' or having a coronary in their emails, being nasty and threatening, thinking that we purposely sent them an inadequate and defective item, then making demands on us that we refund the item and refund shipping costs both ways or they'll leave neg response. Well, if that is what you want, we may do that, but you are still the loser because you could have taken advantage of personal guarantee and got a bunch of free stuff or discounts. In short, if we goof something up, it is actually to your benefit, because we try so hard to make it right for you by giving free comics, credit and discounts, or a combination of them, that will more than make up for any problem. But if you are just naturally a mean and nasty person with a demanding, unreasonable temper, and you send caustic emails, you'll find that although we will still be accommodating and fix the problem, you will also find that you'll never offer on our sales again as we will put you on our no-buyer's list, because we only want to deal with nice friendly people. I guarantee to give you a positive sale experience, and the only thing that depends on you is to be a nice person AND Not be mean, bitter, a jerk, etc.


No problem with returning any item within 7 days of receipt or within 18 days of sale ending, which ever comes first. This means you need to act promptly and if you are an international buyer you need to make payment immediately to fit in the time frame. We will refund your sale ending price, no questions asked (and we prefer none)and if we made a serious error in grading judgment, we'll also give you future sale credit towardto offset shipping both ways you would have paid (what a deal). But, Insurance is NOT refundable, no matter what, because... duh.. that is why you are paying for it, to cover your butt.For example, If you wrecked your car, insurance covers the replacement of the car or its value, you don't get your insurance premiums back too. This is OUR POLICY, live with it or do not offer. Of course, we prefer you offer because we have nice silver age marvel comics. Returns received 35 days after sale ending with lose 5% of value and 15% after 45 days since we lose our final value fee credit. Your refund will be the same form of payment you made or if you are willing to take your refund as a credit toward our future sales then we will increase the amount your refund (what a deal!).


This is somewhat of an ugly subject because although we fully back 's policies, we find an inherent problem when a buyer files a paypal/ dispute. Besides the issues discussed above, you see, let's say you won 10 books from us and you wanted to return one of them because your great grandma bought you the same thing and you want to return the one you bought from us and you emailed us on Friday and we didn't return your email on Monday and you panicked because you thought you might get stuck with two of the same things so you initiated a DISPUTE. Well, this is a problem because once a dispute is made there is only 2 possible outcomes: Either the dispute is ended or a FULL refund is made. Well, if you only deserve a partial refund, then we have a problem. Also, I feel that filing a dispute means you don't trust me and I have never given anyone the shaft on !As ferverously stated above, I want this to be a positive transaction and am willing to always make things right for the buyer. I take it as a personal offense that a person filing a dispute feels I am cheating them. If you have a problem that needs resolved, just call me on the phone at 509-521-2912. That being said, if you feel that you are inadequately qualified to call but would rather be the type to initiate a dispute, DO NOT offer ON MY ITEMS. Either communicate or don't offer. Just because I have not responded back to you yet does not mean you have communicated. I am gone to comic shows most weeks and have traveling to do too so I get behind on emails but I NEVER cheat anyone. If I haven't responded to you there is a reason why. It doesn't matter how many emails you send, if I am out of town, sick or whatever, I can only get back with you when I am able, please be patient or if you can't wait CALL ME ON MY PHONE, do not threaten me with negative responses or if you file a dispute you will likely be put on my NO buyers LIST and what is REALLY stupid is that if you follow my directions, you will get NICE,FREE Silver Age Comics Free--- did you hear that? FREE! I will take care of you if you are patient and friendly, please don't become a jerk. There isNEVER a reason to file a dispute; I can personally guarantee you that we will take care of you to your satisfaction by offering a refund, refund and credit, partial refund or credit and you keep the book. Sometimes we even give you future credit too in addition to everything else as you get. We want you to be happy with your transaction. But as noted above, if you file a dipute, you'll never reap any of these benefits and you will never offer on our items again.

And one other thing that can be REALLY irritating is that since I do not live my life on the computer, (as some seem to think that I personally sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day just waiting for you to email us), if you have a question, please do not send 20 emails in a row. If we haven't responded to your first email, it is because we are not online and sending a whole bunch of emails within a short time is not going to speed up the matter. It seems the more emails a person sends, the more unpleasant they become. The best and fastest way to get a response is to send nice and friendly emails, so please re-read what you write before you send it.


I almost forgot, Let's say I goofed up and sent you an obvious wrong comic, like you won a $10.00 Fantastic Four #113 in VF-, and I accidentally sent you FANTASTIC FOUR #48 in VF grade. Sure, the first thing you think of is, "hot dog, he screwed up and I'm not going to say anything and I just got a killer deal". OK, that may be true, but ask anyone one of the (somewhat few) very honest people that we had mistakenly miss-sent a book, and for their extreme HONESTY (and my piece of mind, because I had been searching everywhere for that FF #48), these very God-send honest people know that I make it worth it to them to return an obvious erroneous book back to me. Yes, I remember those wonderful people and I send them lots of free stuff that is commensurate of the good deed that they did for me. So, please keep in mind that if I make a goof and you help me fix it, I will more than make it up to you over time. Which I should disclose the point that with our internal tracking system, we can generally determine who was sent an erroneous book and if you think you are going to get away with it, well, we just automatically put that buyer on our no-buyer's list. Yes, you know who I am talking about, you scum ball that mistakenly has my ASM #129, and I know who you are too, just try to offer on my sales now. Don't waste money on the downward stock market spiral, buy silver age Marvel Comics that never go down in price, only increase in value!

Please make your payment as soon as possible, either Paypal or if you prefer to mail it to us.


Invincible Iron Man # 1 Early Silver Age Key ~wow~:

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